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Tyler Locke is the deuteragonist of the first season of the Netflix show Locke & Key and returns as the quarternery character in its second season. Struggling from the guilt of a strained relationship with his father in the wake of his untimely demise, he is initially skeptical when in their new home inherited from their ancestors, his little brother introduces him to the mysterious keys there. He is eventually forced to witness their power by the evil thug that killed his father and the anti-heroine who has the guilt of unintentionally enabling it. He is played by Connor Jessup.




Young Tyler Locke, around the time he began playing hockey.

I would be on a French Club ski trip with Sarah Johnson.”
”You took Spanish.
~ Tyler and Kinsey

Little is known about Tyler's past, but he played hockey since he was nine years old, and he eventually fell in with a group of high-schoolers and grew close with a student named Sarah Johnson. He was also known to take Spanish. He had a strained relationship with his father, and hence was appalled when he told him to befriend Sam Lesser, emphasizing that he had never offered it as an option. He felt like his father always took time to criticize his tiniest mistakes and lecture him on the nature of morality. He also met Sam's father; the two got on well.

Season One

Welcome to Matheson

Where's Tyler?"
"Hanging out with his hockey bros."
"I'm glad he's making friends.
~ Nina and Kinsey

Eventually, Sam unexpectedly arrived at their house in advance of Tyler, locking the door and menacing Rendell with a gun. As Tyler struggled with the door lock, his friend murdered his father in cold blood while he watched helplessly. Although he cared about his friends, the family drama made them all fall by the wayside. Tyler was deathly silent; as they passed by Ohio he made his first comment in hours. School proved to be a glowing ember in the dark twist of events; he played hockey well despite wanting to play center, and was noticed by the popular kids, namely Javi, Brinker Martin, and Eden Hawkins, who invited him to their party. Arriving at Javi's residence, he was disappointed to see cheap vodka and Cheese Whiz among the refreshments. He found Jackie Veda and began flirting with her while she was using a Paintball app until Eden approached both of them. (more to come....)

Season Two

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It's almost like I have to act like their dad, and I suck at it.
~ Tyler

Tyler was described by Jackie Veda as a good brother, strong and kind, and had a good sense of who he was. Although Tyler doubted some of these things, he is loyal to his family with his heart in the right place, and while he can be pessimistic and worry the worst is going to happen to everyone, he often has good reason for thinking in such ways. Still, he possesses the great courage of his kin and does not hesitate to risk his well-being at any given time if it means those he cares for will be in better conditions. He is compassionate as shown by his relationship with Sam Lesser and his horror at watching him die, all in spite of Sam's attempts on his life and murdering Rendell.

Tyler's relationship with Rendell has been increasingly strained by his high school experience. He is haunted by his father's death since he believes he was responsible, and the revelation that the events were his own father's actions only brings himself to question his father's intentions further.

Powers and Abilities

  • Alchemy: Thanks to being trained by his uncle Duncan, Tyler is capable of using alchemy to create new keys. Tyler was able to create the Alpha Key which is capable of killing demons and separating them from their hosts, albeit at the cost of the host's life.


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