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If you want to survive you will do exactly as I say.
~ Tyler Rake.

Tyler Rake is the main protagonist of the 2020 Netflix action film Extraction and its 2023 sequel. He was a black market mercenary and former Australian Special Agent who was hired to save the incarcerated Indian drug lord's kidnapped son, Ovi.

He is played by Chris Hemsworth, who is well known for portraying Thor Odinson in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent H in Men in Black: International, and voiced Party Thor in What If...?

Tyler Rake was created by Ande Parks, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and Fernando Leon Gonzalez, from the comic Ciudad by the former.



Tyler Rake grew up in Australia and is a former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) operator. He was married to Mia and had a child. While he was away on one of his tours in the military, Rake lost his son to lymphoma. The loss caused a schism between him and Mia, which eventually led to their divorce. After his son's death and his divorce, Rake left the military and became a freelance mercenary and contract killer who worked with the black market and specialized in extraction operations and assassinations.

Rake was informed by his partner Nik Khan that the Indian drug lord's son, Ovi, was kidnapped for ransom by Bangladeshi crime boss, Amir Asif. Tyler travelled to Bangladesh, killed Ovi's captors and rescued Ovi. Rake and Ovi escaped in Rake's van while being chased by Asif's men led by Farhad, a young criminal determined to impress Asif. They head out to the extraction point where Khan will arrive in a helicopter to pick up Ovi and hide out in a house belonging to Rake's retired squad-mate friend, Gaspar. While putting Ovi to sleep, Rake tells him that he once had a son who died of lymphoma and that he wasn't there when he died. Gaspar tells Rake that Asif placed a $ 10 million bounty on Ovi's head and wants to kill him to claim the bounty and save Rake. Rake refuses and fights Gaspar, but Ovi shows up and shoots Gaspar to death.

Rake brings Ovi to his protector and former Indian Special Agent, Suju Rav. Rake draws attention away from Suju and Ovi so they can make it to the bridge checkpoint. Suju is killed by Asif's sniper who is then killed by Khan and Rake fights off the remaining henchman while Ovi manages to reach Khan and the helicopter to carry him to safety. Rake is then wounded by Farhad and falls into the river where Tyler uses his skills and holds his breath and is submerged in water faking his death, much to Ovi's horror. Eight months later, Khan kills Asif in a public bathroom and avenges Rake, Rake is later seen in Ovi's School.

Extraction 2[]

Rake's body is seen washed up along a river before he is found by a rescue team, and transported to Dubai for medical attention. Rake is in a comatose state, and Yaz suggests to Nik that it is not fair to prolong is suffering, and to pull the plug on Rake, to which Nik retorts that she would not give up on Rake. Eventually, Rake awakes from his coma and undergoes physical rehabilitation, much to his chagrin. Rake thanks Nik sarcastically for keeping him alive, but Yaz tells Rake it is hard to let go of someone you care about.

Yaz and Nik take Rake to Gmunden, Austria, and show Rake a cabin, insisting that he retire from mercenary work. Nik sees off Rake and tells him to broaden his horizons and to do something with his life. Rake then spends nine months living an ordinary life, before being approached by Alcott. Alcott offers Rake a job prospect and explains that Rake's ex-wife's sister, Ketevan, was locked up in a Georgian prison, along with her kids, by her husband, Davit Radiani. Alcott explains that Davit and Zurab Radiani formed a gang called the Nagazi after escaping the Georgian civil war. He tells Rake that they are being held in Tkachiri prison and expresses his doubts about Rake's ability to operate, however, dismisses this due to his employer's wishes.

Rake calls Nik and offers the job, and Yaz reluctantly accepts, stating that she is supposed to give him jobs. Rake, Yaz, and Nik travel to Tkachiri prison, where Rake infiltrates the prison. A bribed prison guard shuts off the prison's power and informs Rake that Ketevan and her family are being held in cell 207 and that Rake has 5 minutes before the power comes back on. Rake follows the arrows drawn by the guard and eventually finds Ketevan. Ketevan wakes her son, Sandro, and her daughter, Nina. Sandro attempts to call Davit but is interrupted by Rake, who orders Ketevan to keep Sandro quiet. Nina drops her toy, waking several prisoners, including Davit, before the prison's power returns. Rake breaches a room full of prisoners and threatens them with his weapon, prompting them to attempt to overpower Rake. A fight ensues, and Rake draws his sidearm, firing several warning shots and places an explosive charge on the door. The prisoners realise their advantage over Rake and move to subdue him. However, the explosive charge activates, stunning the prisoners and allowing Rake and Ketevan's family to escape. Nik then tells Rake the only viable escape route is through a coal chute. Rake helps Ketevan's children climb the coal chute, but before Rake can help Ketevan, Davit ambushes Rake, hitting him with a shovel. Rake engages in a brawl with Davit and, ultimately gaining the upper hand, scalds Davit's skin on a furnace, then breaks his arm, before splitting Davit's hand in half. Rake then stabs Davit in the neck and Ketevan hits him with a shovel, killing him. Prisoners rush Rake and Ketevan before they can make it up the chute, forcing Rake to move further into the prison. Rake and Ketevan move the common yard, where a huge riot is taking place. Rake is told that he must move through the riot in order to escape, much to Ketevan's disapproval. Rake and Ketevan fight their way through several prisoners, but are pinned down by prison guards. Rake instructs Ketevan to pull the pin on his grenade and throws it, stunning all combatants. Rake suffers a minor concussion when a brick is smashed against his head, however, fights his way through the common yard, and rendezvous with Yaz and Nik.

Sandro finds out Rake killed his father and gets angry, even after Rake explains that it was to save Ketevan whom Davit tried to kill. Sandro calls Zurab and reveals their location, causing Zurab to attack them in a helicopter. Rake saves Nik from falling to her death after she got knocked out and was slipping off the ledge, leaving him dangling while holding her. Zurab walks up to kill them both, but Nik wakes up and shoots the glass under Zurab's feet trapping him too and allowing Rake to pull both himself and her to safety. They manage to escape in Yaz's helicopter, but Yaz dies of the wounds he sustained during the attack. They regroup in Rake's cabin where Rake reunites with Mia and apologizes for leaving her and missing their son's death. However, he gets a call from Zurab who kidnapped Sandro. Rake goes to save Sandro and finds that Zurab strapped him to an explosive vest. Zurab gives Sandro a gun and orders him to kill Rake to avenge his father, but Sandro refuses having realized how horrible his father and uncle were. Rake overpowers Zurab and stabs him repeatedly; despite being severally wounded, Zurab insists he will never stop attacking, causing Rake, realizing that Mia, Ketevan and her children will never be safe as long as Zurab lives, to shoot Zurab in the head, killing him and finally ending his reign of terror.

In the aftermath, Rake and Nik are imprisoned, and Mia informs Rake that Ketevan and her children will be under protective custody, but their assets are frozen. Rake tells her to give them $1 million cash, which he had hidden under the third floorboard back in his cabin. Mia assures Rake their son died with good memories of him and says goodbye. Rake is then transported out of prison and meets Alcott again, who offers him another job. Rake won't accept without Nik, but Alcott already brought her along, knowing Rake wouldn't accept without her.


  • Rake is Australian just like actor Chris Hemsworth in real life. This is also one of the very few roles where Hemsworth plays a character with a similar nationality.
  • Chris Hemsworth reunited with the Russo brothers, the MCU directors/producers who wrote the original comic (along with Parks and Gonzalez) and produced the film adaptation.