An alphabetical listing of heroes by type.


  • Damsels: A hero (usually a female) who is often placed in danger.
  • Deceased: Heroes that have died and have remained dead.
  • Defectors: Heroes who originally worked for evil, but left when they realized they were on the wrong side.
  • Deities: A hero who is a or considered a god.
  • Demons: A infernal creature, normally a force for evil, some however chose to be a force for good.
  • Determinators: Heroes who don't give up regardless of how hard the sit gets.
  • Dimwits: A hero who not often (or never) uses their heads. They are also called "idiots".
  • Disciplinarians: A hero or heroes who instill discipline to those who act out or to those that are immature.
  • Dissociative: Heroes who have or at least appear to have more than one personality.
  • Doctors: A hero, who is trained in medicine and uses their skills to help people.
  • Dragons: A fantasy monster who breathes fire and also portrayed as heroes in cartoons, movies, and video games.
  • Dreaded: Heroes who are the most feared characters and also recognized as well as feared for their great skills and for their legendary achievements in their lives.


  • Egalitarian: A hero who believes in (and often fights for) equality and freedom for all.
  • Egomaniacs: Heroes who are completely obsessed with themselves.
  • Elderly: Heroes over the age of sixty, who continue to do good.
  • Elementals: A hero who can manipulate the elements.
  • Elves: A hero who is an elf.
  • Exorcists: A Hero who actively combats otherworldly evil trying to gain an anchor in the physical world.
  • Extremists: Anti-heroes who take extreme measures to accomplish their goals. Their goals are compared to the Knight Templar.


  • Failure-Intolerant: A hero who will not expect a single loss to evil.
  • Fairies: A hero who belongs to the class of magical beings called fairies.
  • Fallen: A hero who has lost their way and potentially been corrupted.
  • False Antagonist: A hero who initially appears to be antagonistic but turns out to be good.
  • Falsely Accused: A hero who is accused of a crime they did not commit.
  • Female: Heroes who are women.
  • Feminists: A hero who loves and respects women, and strongly believes in their rights.
  • Ferals: A hero who lacks obvious intelligence, and acts animalistic.
  • Fictional Fictional Heroes: A hero who is fictional in the world they are in.
  • Fictionalized versions of true events: A fictionalized version of a real life person depicted in literature & entertainment as a hero.
  • Fighters: A hero skilled in hand to hand combat who uses their skills to fight evil.
  • Foods: A hero who is composed of food.
  • Force of Nature: A hero that embodies nature itself.
  • Fortune Hunters: Heroes who possess the vice of greed, often as a main flaw.
  • Fragmental: A hero who is the embodiment or fraction of other characters.
  • Freedom Fighters: A hero who fights against oppression and for freedom.
  • Friend of a Villain: A hero who is or was a friend of the villain, confrontations with the villain can be particularly hard because of this, but its also possible there friendship can sometimes redeem the villain.


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