An alphabetical listing of heroes by type.


  • Game Changer: A hero who is notably darker and more ruthless than most other heroes in the story.
  • Gangsters: Heroes who are involved in organized crime, quite often more anti-heroic people.
  • Genies: Heroes who are mystical beings who grant wishes.
  • Genius: A hero who possesses an incredibly high intelligence.
  • Gentle Giants: A hero who is of giant stature, but a kind and friendly individual.
  • Guardians: Heroes whose duty or job it is to protect something in particulars.


  • Harbingers: Heroes that serve as messengers or heralds, either for a greater hero or for a force of nature.
  • Harmonizers: Heroes who bring peace, order and stability within their world.
  • Healers: A hero who has the power to heal.
  • Heroes by Proxy: Heroes who became heroes unwillingly.
  • Heroes from the Past: Heroes who have come from the past.
  • Heroic Creation: A hero who is an artifical creation.
  • Heroic Creator: A hero who creates others beings for good.
  • Honorable: Heroes who is categorized by their strong sense of honor and fair play.
  • Hope Bringer: A type of hero who brings hope to the world and its inhabitants in its darkest hour. They also represent being the determinator in many fictional stories as heroes who will bring hope to the world and not look into the despair of their current dilemma.
  • Humanoid: A hero who resembles a human, but is not at least completely human.
  • Hybrids: A hero who is the combination of more than one thing.


  • Immortals: A hero who can or will live forever.
  • Incompetent: A hero who is not very good at being a hero.
  • Inconclusive: A hero whose story never reaches its end.
  • In Love: A hero who is in love with another one.
  • Insecure: A hero who lacks self-esteem or confidence and have a bad habit of saying things about themselves that they don't actually believe. Usually, all these characters need are a friend or loved one.
  • Inventors: A hero with a skill with technology, who has a career inventing things.


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