An alphabetical listing of heroes by type.



  • Pacifists: Heroes who make a conscious choice to avoid using violence to fight evil.
  • Paragon: A Hero who is considered the champion of truth, justice and honor.
  • Paranormal: Heroes not of the natural world, but difficult to class into traditional roles.
  • Parents: Heroes who nurture and take good care of their children and protect them with their lives.
  • Partners in Training: A duo or trio of heroes, who work together for good.
  • Passionate Learners: A Hero who loves to learn in at least one field, either academic or otherwise.
  • Patriots: A Hero who has a deep love for their mother country.
  • Pawn of the Villain: A Hero who is manipulated by the villain.
  • Pessimists: Heroes who anticipate undesirable outcomes, or "the worse".
  • Philanthropists: Rich heroes, who generously donate large amounts of their money to worthwhile causes.
  • Pirates: Heroes who engage in piracy, although anti-heroic they stop themselves crossing the line and becoming evil.
  • Possessed Objects: Heroes who are living objects.
  • Possessed/Brainwashed: Heroes who are brainwashed or controlled by the villain.
  • Power Hungry: A Hero who has the desire to rule, often their ambition will be their fatal flaw.
  • Predecessor: Heroes who got replaced by another hero.
  • Presumed Deceased: A Hero who appears to have died but it is not confirmed.
  • Priests: Heroes who are priests in any religion in whatever media they're in.
  • Princess Warriors: Princess heroes who are NOT damsels, and are capable of standing up for themselves while helping other people.
  • Protectors: Heroes who work to defend people from various threats.
  • Protector of Innocence: A Hero who protects the innocence, hope and goodness of another.
  • Provoker: A Hero whose actions (unintentionally or otherwise) created the villain.
  • Pure Good: Heroes, or lesser known as Complete Angels, are the best type of all heroes: heroes who are above petty and selfish behaviors, will always do the right thing and are motivated solely by their conscious. Beings of pure good or complete angels who lack even the slightest of corrupting influence; but if the hero is somewhat to incredibly admirable, they can still be classified as that in their type of hero section.


  • Reality Warper: A Hero who possesses the power to manipulate reality.
  • Redeemed Villains: Characters who started off as villains, but changed sides along the way and became good guys.
  • Related to Villain: A hero who is part of the same family as the villain.
  • Reluctant Heroes: A Hero, who initally didn't want to be the hero.
  • Rescuers: A Hero who risk life and limp, to save others who are in danger.
  • Retired: A Hero who has retired from active heroism.
  • Right-Hand: A Hero who is second in command of their team.
  • Rivals: A Hero that engages in a rivalry with either a hero or the villain.
  • Rogues: Heroes who prefer to work alone.
  • Role Models: Heroes who others look up to, and are inspired by them.


  • Samurais: Heroes who are warriors/soldiers of Japan that hold the leadership of a clan of ninjas.
  • Satan: A being who is the devil king Satan who is portrayed as being good or close to good and sometimes being cast as a Promethean figure trying to unshackle humanity from the tyranny of an unjust God or starts redeeming himself.
  • Scapegoat: Heroes who unfairly suffer in the most severe of circumstances.
  • Scientists: Geniuses who uses scientific field and skills to benefit themselves or others.
  • Secret Agents: Heroes who work in espionage, and often to keep their homelands safe.
  • Seductresses: Female heroines who use the benign power of their sexuality in order to ensnare the hapless villain into danger.
  • Self-Aware: A hero who is aware that they are fictional.
  • Self Hating: Heroes who suffer from self-loathing issues, most often as their main flaw.
  • Selfless: A Hero who cares for others more than they care for their own life.
  • Servant of a Villain: Heroes who work for the villain, most of often either unwillingly or unknowingly.
  • Shonen Jump Heroes: Heroes from manga and anime series published from the Shonen Jump Magazine owned by Shueisha.
  • Siblings: Heroes who are brothers or sisters of other characters.
  • Sidekicks: A Hero who is the partner or companion of the main hero.
  • Sophisticated: Heroes who are very cultivated and refined in the pursuit of confronting problems or overcoming evil.
  • Skeletons: Heroes who are or possess the body of a skeleton.
  • Soul Searchers: Heroes who are largely on a journey of self discovery.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Heroes who are humble, modest and nice to just about everybody, despite being grow up in a rich or aristocratic background and having everything they could possibly want.
  • Spouses: Heroes who are married to each other.
  • Stalkers: Heroes who keep an eye on others or another person, either out of obsession, concern, searching, or spying.
  • Stock Characters: A type of hero who appears in multiple different forms of media.
  • Successful: A Hero who succeeds in their goals.
  • Successors: A Hero who has succeeded another hero.
  • Suicidal: A Hero who has attempted or commited suicide.
  • Summoners: Heroes who are capable of bringing forth any entity or person from anywhere else and have them assist the summoner whether it be for battle, doing errands, distractions, or trying to solve mysteries and gain knowledge.
  • Superheroes: A hero who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers and is dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains.
  • Superorganism: A heroic species that possesses a hive mind, or rather, work together.
  • Supporters: A Hero who helps an important protagonist complete their quest(s).
  • Supreme Beings: Heroes who are the most powerful beings in all existence.
  • Symbolic: A Hero who represents something else all together.
  • Sympathetic: Heroes who show sympathy to others, even the villain in many instances.


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