An alphabetical listing of heroes by type.


  • Teenagers: Heroes who are between 13 and 19.
  • Telekinetics: Heroes who have the power to move objects with their mind.
  • The Chosen One: A Hero destined to perform a deed of great heroism.
  • The Hero: The specific main hero and often protagonist of the story, resolving to defeat the main villain.
  • The Icon: The hero, who is considered the principle of heroism in universe.
  • The Messiah: Similiar to the chosen one, this type of hero is destined to save all mankind. They exist to bring redemption to all, even sometimes the villain.
  • Thieves: Heroes who are thieves.
  • Thrill-Seekers: Heroes who not only embrace the dangers but enjoy them to.
  • Titular: Heroes who are mentioned in the title.
  • Tragic: Heroes who are doomed to misery due to a fatal flaw they possess, or alternatively simply heroes whose lives are tragic.
  • Traitor: Heroes who have betrayed others, normally an evil organization they once pledged allegiance to before realizing who they were.
  • Tricksters: Heroes who use trickery and deception to overcome opponents.
  • Twins: Heroes who have a sibling who is a twin, be they identical, non-identical or fraternal.


  • Undead: Heroes who are caught in between life and death.
  • Unwanted: A Hero who is despised and unwanted by the society they try and save. Often due to misunderstanding and paranoia.


  • Vampires: Heroes who despite being bloodsucking creatures, fight for good.
  • Vengeful: Heroes who are driven to gain vengeance for wrongs committed against them.
  • Victims: A hero who is the victim of the villain(s).
  • Vigilante: Heroes who take the law into there own hands, and try and do good outside the law.
  • Virtually Resourceful: A hero who it is necessary for them to continue existing.


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