Tyra Elson is one of the two player characters from Metal Slug Advance. She is part of what appeared to be a physical exercise.

She later cameos in Metal Slug Defense, with her appearance being based on her in-game sprites rather than her official art.


Her desire to fight evil made her enlist in the Peregrine Falcons. After receiving the highest grade on the written tests given to the cadets when they enlist, she does not hesitate to participate in the final physical training. She then discovered the rebel attack on the island, and became excited to know she'd finally thwart the forces of evil, like she always wanted. She met Walter after graduating and became good friends with him. Despite being cold-looking and merciless from the outside, she cares about the ones she knows and loves, especially her dog, Angelica.


  • Although she is not the only female in the series, she is the only one that is part of the Peregrine Falcons.
  • On the Official Web Site, Tyra is referred to as "Tyler Elson", and for some reason the site gives the same description as Macba.
  • One of the cards you can get in Metal Slug Advance is Angelica. The card describes her as "One Friendly Pug".
  • She uses an editted sprite of Nadia.
    • She also resembles her in many ways.
  • Though she appears in Metal Slug Defense, along with Walter, she doesn't appear as either an unlockable or purchasable unit along with many other characters.



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