If we split up, I'm going with you guys.
~ Udesky

Udesky is a major protagonist in Jurassic Park III. He was played by the late Michael Jeter.


Udesky was a mercenary hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to help search for their missing son Eric on Isla Sorna. A self-described "booking agent," Udesky is the man who set up the expedition. He originally didn't plan on going, but when another mercenary became sick and couldn't go, he went along in his place. He acted as team leader, and was co-pilot of the plane that brought them to the island.

Udesky survived the initial attack on the plane by the spinosaurus, and afterward told the Kirbys that it would be wisest to stick with Alan Grant and make for the coast and hope that they run into Eric along the way. He found and repaired Ben Hildebrand's video camera, whose footage proved Eric was alive.

When they were attacked by velociraptors and had to run through a herd of dinosaurs, Udesky was unable to keep up because he had stumbled. He was overcome by the raptors, one of whom sliced his legs and back, and left him there, hoping the others would come down for him. When they didn't, the raptors finished him off by snapping his neck.

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