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Our rage is beyond your control.
~ Udyr's quote when selected.
Through us, nature's will is done.
~ Udyr

Udyr, also known as The Spirit Walker, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

He is a shaman with the ability to harness the powers of the animalistic spirit gods of the Freljord to channel into fighting stances. After surviving an attack by Lissandra's forces, he was left with nowhere to go until he met a monk named Lee Sin, who took him to Ionia to find peace within himself. Thanks to him, Udyr returned to the Freljord with regained control over the spirits, protecting the land from cataclysmic threats.

Udyr was the 40th champion added to the game on December 2nd, 2009, and is often played as a jungler. He will receive a full rework on 2022.

He is voiced by J.S. Gilbert, whom also voiced Gragas in the same game.


Udyr was born with the gift of spiritual magic, being able to understand nature around him before he could even speak. Being able to harness the animal spirits of the Freljord, he was taken in by the Winter's Claw to unlock his potential. However, he was not ready to control them yet, so he was overwhelmed by the spirits' voices in his head and wished that they would stop.

Udyr's wish came true in the worst way, when Lissandra sent her Frostguard followers to his village to destroy all practitioners of magic within. During the attack, Udyr's mentors sacrificed their lives to save him. The screams from the townspeople caused him to lose control and release a blast of spiritual energy that released an avalanche, causing the Frostguard to flee.

Due to the destruction wrought by his powers, Udyr was abandoned by the Winter's Claw out of fear and everyone was afraid of him, save for one sympathetic Iceborn whom he cherished the little time they had together. Afterward, Udyr wandered alone again, until he met a monk from a foreign land. Udyr lunged at the monk repeatedly in the hopes of him teaching him how to master his own skills, but he dodged every attack. When they both fell exhausted, the monk introduced himself as Lee Sin, offering to take Udyr to his homeland of Ionia. There, he learned how to find inner peace and gained control over the spirits.

One day, Noxian invaders came to conquer the temple they were staying in. Udyr and Lee Sin fought them off, with the latter using the dragon's power in desperation. They had defeated the Noxians, but Lee Sin had burned his eyes out and was left permanently blind. Udyr was offered to stay with the monks of Hirana, but he felt like returning to the Freljord. Bidding farewell to Ionia and his new friend, Udyr went back to his homeland and prepared to rejoin the Winter's Claw, knowing not how he would be received.


Udyr's gameplay is unique from other champions, as all of his abilities are mainly focused on enhancing his basic attacks. Instead of having an ultimate ability, his abilities are stances which he must wait a short time before changing (on top of their usual cooldown) and can be levelled up to 6 ranks. All of his abilities share a common mechanic of enhancing his basic attack after he attacks three times, and instantly becomes enhanced when he changes his stance.

  • Udyr's passive ability, Monkey's Agility, gives him increased attack and movement speed whenever he uses an ability.
  • His Q ability, Tiger Stance, increases his attack speed for a while when used, and his enhanced attack strikes multiple times.
  • His W ability, Turtle Stance, gives him a shield when used, and his enhanced attack heals himself.
  • His E ability, Bear Stance, gives him increased movement speed while passing through units, and his enhanced attack has slightly increased range and stuns the target (but has a cooldown which prevents him from stunning the same target again).
  • His R ability, Phoenix Stance, causes him to release pulses of fire, and his enhanced attack releases a cone of fire in front of him. Both of them have their damage increased using his ability power.



  • Udyr's VGU was the result of him winning a poll over which champion would be reworked after Dr. Mundo, where he was a candidate alongside Nocturne, Quinn, Shyvana and Skarner. However, Udyr's rework had to be delayed to 2022 due to Riot having to work harder on Mundo's rework and the other champions coming after Viego's release.
  • Udyr was initially a lesser-seen champion in both prominence and in-game play since his release, but got a huge surge in popularity in Season 11 after being selected by DRX in the LCK 2021 spring playoffs, as well as taking advantage of some of the new items introduced in the shop overhaul. This sudden rise in popularity was one of the reasons contributing to Udyr winning the poll.


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