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Ugly Bob is a Canadian who makes his debut appearance in the episode "Terrance and Phillip in Not without my Anus". He later reappeared well over a decade later in "Royal Pudding" which revealed he had moved to America because there nobody sees him as ugly, just as another Canadian. He still wears a paper bag over his head and now also has a jacket on. He runs into Ike on his way to the Canadian call to arms. They join with the other Canadians to confront Scott the Dick who is now a giant, but find out he did not kidnap the Princess. He and Ike join Scott after the real culprits, a group of Eskimos, but they quickly discover Scott is incorrect. Luckily, the Eskimos lead them to the true and final culprit -Tooth Decay. Bob is instrumental in his defeat, as Ike exposing Bob's face to the creature freezes and kills it. He is given a Canadian Medal of Honor by the Princess.

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