Ultimate Nullifier Superhero

Ultimate Nullifier

Can someone pull the trigger on the end of the world?! Yeee-haaa!
~ Ultimate Nullifier

The Ultimate Nullfier is the leader of the Teen Brigade superhero team and a superhero in the Marvel comics.


Ultimate Nullifier is the leader of Teen Brigade who is first seen clubing with Stacy-X and the Sugar Kane.

The three eventually had a sexual encounter via Stacy X's mutant pheromone emitting abilities before Stacy was scolded by Magneto for portraying mutants in a poor light in their time of extinction.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Nullfier is a powerful superhero and he is skilled in guns. His two ray-guns that emit a nullifying temporal effect on others powers.



  • He is named after the Ultimate Nullifier, one of the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel universe.