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NOTE: This is the Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Miles Morales' universe in the film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. If you want to see the alternative Peter Parker/Spider-Man from the main universe in the same film, click this page.

Alright, let's do this one last time. My name is Peter Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for ten years, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure you know the rest. I saved a bunch of people, fell in love, saved the city. And then I saved the city again, and again and again, and again. And I did, uh– I did this. We don't really talk about this. Look, I'm a comic book, I'm a cereal, did a Christmas album. I have an excellent theme song. And a– a so-so popsicle. I mean, I've looked worse. But after everything, I still love being Spider-Man. I mean, who wouldn't? So no matter how many hits I take, I always find a way to come back. Because the only thing standing between this city and oblivion is me. There's only one Spider-Man, and you're looking at him.
~ Peter Parker.

Peter Parker is the overarching protagonist of the 2018 animated superhero movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

He was the first Spider-Man in Miles Morales' dimension, but was tragically killed in battle against the Kingpin.

Peter was voiced by Chris Pine, who also played the James T. Kirk of the Kelvin Timeline, Steve Trevor in the DC Extended Universe, and Dr. Alexander Murry in A Wrinkle in Time.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Bitten by a radioactive spider at age 15, Peter Parker became the costumed superhero Spider-Man following the death of his Uncle Ben. Operating as Spider-Man for 5 years (with assistance from his Aunt May) Peter met and fell in love with Mary Jane Watson. He also came into conflict with numerous supervillains, such as Green Goblin, Scorpion, Tombstone, Doctor Octopus, Prowler, and the crime boss Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin.

However, things would change when Kingpin eventually had a machine called the Super-Collider commissioned from the scientific corporation Alchemax, designed and constructed by Dr. Olivia Octavius, intending to open a portal to another dimension to find counterparts of his deceased wife and son. However, Spider-Man found out about this and attempted to stop his plans. He engaged Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, somewhere in the bunker the Collider was located. Attempting to reason with the Goblin about the danger the Collider posed, he discovered and rescued a young boy named Miles Morales, who had stumbled upon the battle, and discovered Miles had similar powers through their shared spider-sense. He instructed Miles to keep out of harm's way, and even offered to teach him about his powers, but was ambushed by the Prowler, whom he fought across the Collider's chamber.

Eventually, the Goblin attacked again as the Collider activated and created a dimensional rift. Goblin attempted to kill Spider-Man by placing him in the colliding energy beams, and through his unique dimensional signature, ended up causing a powerful dimensional disruption that ended up drawing in inter-dimensional counterparts of him into his universe, namely two older versions of himself, alongside Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker, and Peter Porker. The resulting explosion heavily damaged the Collider, killing Osborn under it's wreckage and badly injuring Spider-Man. Miles found Peter's wounded form, to which the dying hero gave him a flashdrive with software to disable and destroy the Collider, instructing Miles to do so and keep safe from the Kingpin, falsely assuring the boy he'd be safe.

He is confronted by Fisk, and weakly banters with him, but also attempts to reason with his nemesis, telling him that trying to bring back Vanessa and Richard was not worth potentially destroying New York. Unfortunately, the mention of them enrages Kingpin into dealing a fatal blow to Peter, murdering him. He orders Prowler and Tombstone to dispose of the hero's body, and upon spotting an obscured Miles, also orders his death. Peter's death is later discovered and is reported throughout New York, shocking the citizens with their beloved hero's tragic demise. A speech is later held by his distraught wife Mary Jane, who states that Peter humbly believed anyone could be Spider-Man, merely saying he was just the boy who was bitten by the spider.

Immensely guilty and bound by his promise to destroy the Collider and stop Fisk's scheme, Miles purchased a cheap Spider-Man Halloween costume in an effort to carry on Peter's place as Spider-Man. It also turns his being placed in the beam, ended up drawing in inter-dimensional counterparts of him into his universe: namely two older versions of himself, alongside Peni Parker, Gwen Stacy and Peter Porker. All his counterparts saw his funeral and were shocked to discover his fate. While working with him, Miles refused to let Peter B. Parker meet the same fate as a his counterpart, something that left the older Peter touched. Miles later avenged Peter's death and completed his mission by taking down Kingpin. After the villain was defeated, Miles took up the role of this dimension's Spider-Man as the other counterparts returned to their own.


Peter Parker was a brave, selfless and friendly young man with a powerful sense of justice and responsibility to helping others, and due to his heroics and protecting the people of New York, was renowned as the champion hero of the city, adored and respected by all. Peter was a man who loved being Spider-Man. Despite being injured and knocked down constantly, he declared that he loved helping people as Spider-Man, as mentioned by his Aunt May, he believed he was the only person who could protect the city from villains. Upon meeting Miles, he was astonished to. According to his wife at his funeral, Peter was also very humbled and once told Mary Jane that anyone could be Spider-Man.


  • He had a Spider-Lair/Hideout where he hid all of his Spider-Man equipment, and a crime lab, including the Spider Buggy, and other Spider Suits he accumulated over the years, including the PS4 Spidey suit with the white spider symbol, the Mark 1 Silver Spider-Man suit, and the classic Red and Gold Iron Spider Armor.
  • This Peter is most likely based on the Ultimate Spider-Man from the Ultimate Marvel comic series, due to the fact that when the Collider is mapping the worlds, we see that Miles' current world is designated Earth 1610, which is the Ultimate Universe. Though he also shares a similar history with other Spider-Men, such as stopping a train, and dancing similar to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, a similar hair style, though different color to the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, and he web holds to buses as Tom Holland's Spider-Man did to hold the two halves of the boat in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • It implied he saw his counterparts while he was in the dark matter beam of the Collider and his entanglement pulling them into his dimension, explaining why he didn't lose hope despite imminent death, knowing his world would be protected with their arrival. It also implied he trust Miles with his responsibilities despite not knowing him.


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