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Ultra Lord is a TV show super hero, which Sheen is obsessed with. In the show, Robo-Fiend is Ultra Lord's arch-nemesis, but Sheen often says that he fought other enemies like the Predatrous Plants, the Zeebot or Megalon. Jimmy and Sheen helped Ultra Lord fight Robo-Fiend in his video game Ultra-Lord vs Robo-Fiend in the episode "Ultra Sheen". In the franchise, Ultra Lord has been seen wearing blue, black, red and purple suits, although he usually wears a purple or blue suit. He was also voiced by Jim Cummings who does a lot of heroic characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Cat, and Darkwing Duck.


  • His outfit is a reference to a classic car of the 40's, 50's or 60's called an "Impala".
  • In the episode (Trouble With Clones) where Evil Jimmy cloned the Earth, Evil Sheen loved Robo-Fiend and hated Ultra Lord. Ironically, Evil Sheen was still wearing an Ultra Lord shirt instead of a Robo-Fiend shirt. This is probably because it would've taken too long for the producers to model one.
  • Despite Sheen's obsession with Ultra Lord, he actually cares about Libby and his father more than him. 
  • Sometimes, it is hinted that Libby might like Ultra Lord as well. 
  • In The Incredible Shrinking Town, Sheen kicks Ultra Lord when he starts dancing with Ultra Lady.
  • Ultra Lord makes a special guest appearance in the Planet Sheen episode, Cutting the Ultra-Cord during Sheen's daydream. In this episode, Sheen permanently loses his obsession with Ultra Lord, since he's pretty much a superhero on Zeenu. 
  • There was going to be an Ultra Lord spin-off TV series, but for some reason, it was cancelled and that spin-off became Planet Sheen.
  • Sheen owns an incredibly large collection of Ultra Lord action figures and other merchandise.
  • Ultra Lord's theme song has a similar tune as the Spider-Man theme. 
  • Ultra Lord was born on Planet Mektar in Vector 8 of the Nebulon Galaxy.
  • Ultra Lord's favorite mid morning snack is a Nitrogen Bar and a Decafe Latte.
  • When Ultra Lord blasted Robo-Fiend with his Ion Ray the phrase Robo Fiend said was "Ow-ya!"
  • This was all revealed in Sheen's Brain. 

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