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Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンタロウ Urutoraman Tarō), also known as Ultraman No.6 (ウルトラマンNo.6 Urutoraman Nanbā 6), and Master Taro by the Ultra Brothers, is the son of Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra and the father of Ultraman Taiga. He was trained ever since he was a young boy, in order to become the most powerful Ultraman. He currently resides as a teacher in the Land of Light, where he teaches young and adult warriors alike how to fight at the Ultra Coliseum.


Ultraman Tarō is the son of the Father and Mother of Ultra. He is the sixth of the iconic Ultra Brothers, who has trained as a warrior since he was a child. He merged with a young man named Kotaro, who was brought back to life by the Ultra Brothers when he was killed during the battle. Eventually, Ultraman Taro becomes the mentor, as he trains newer heroes in the Land of Light. He would later become the father of Ultraman Taiga in the Reiwa Era.



  • Taro Bracelet (タロウブレスレット Tarou Buresuretto): Taro's personal Ultra Bracelet. Converts into a lance and fires blue rings of light (Set Beam). Taro can chooses throwing it at monsters after shouts "TARO BRACELET", can destroy monsters in one shot.
    • Bracelet Beam (ブレスレットビーム Buresuretto Bīmu): Taro can fire a blue beam from his bracelet.
    • Red Beam (レッドビーム Reddo Bīmu): Taro can fire a red beam from his bracelet.
    • Taro Rings (タロウリング Tarou Ringu): Taro can fire blue rings from his both hands using his bracelet. Used to revive Pandora's son.
  • King Bracelet (キングブレスレット Kingu Buresuretto): An upgrade of the Taro Bracelet delivered by the Mother of Ultra. Converts into a muzzle, a plastic blue bucket filled with water for waking up drunken monster Veron, and a "magic hand."
    • Revival Ray: Taro can revive beings using his King Bracelet.
  • Taro Fire (タロウファイヤー Tarou Faiyā): Taro can use his King Bracelet and heat up a fire and burn the foe. Used against Mushra.
  • Ultra Thawing (ウルトラ解凍 Urutora Kaitō): While being frozen, Taro can use his King Bracelet to melt the ice by firing a red beam.



  • Storium Ray (ストリウム光線 Sutoriumu Kōsen): Taro's signature move involves Taro putting both arms over his head with his hands crossed then bringing them down to his side charging up energy throughout his entire body form, the body was shining in rainbow color when filling energy and firing the beam in a T-shaped pose, where his left fist rests on the bottom of his right arm, somewhat an inverse version of the usual Energy Rays of other Ultramen. Taro usually shouts "Storium Ray" before firing it. Can destroy monsters in one shot.
    • A non-charged variant can also be made where Taro uses the same as Storium Ray's T-shaped pose. Taro uses it to prevents some monsters. It is less powerful than the Storium Ray.
    • Neo Storium Ray (ネオストリウム光線 Neo Sutoriumu Kōsen): A plus-style variation of the Storium Ray, similar to the regular Specium Ray. Can destroy monsters in one shot. Used on Alien Temperor.
  • Twin Energy Stream (ツインエネルギーストリーム Tsuin Enerugī Sutorīmu): Ultraman Taro can fire two beams of blue energy from his hands. These beams, like his other beams, is capable of annihilating entire creatures in one shot.
  • Foot Beam (フット光線 Futto Kōsen): When needed, Ultraman Taro can fire a red beam from his foot, this beam can destroy entire monsters in one shot. He rarely uses this, however.
  • Blue Laser (ブルーレーザー Burū Rēzā): Bolts of lightning fired from his horns, the Taro Lightning combines into one bolt and is used to sever body parts from his opponents.
  • Arrow Ray (アロー光線 Arō Kōsen): Ultraman Taro can fire explosive energy arrows from the sides of his head.
  • Taro Cutter (タロウカッター Tarou Kattā): Ultraman Taro can fire a round cutter beam from his hands. While this beam is extremely small, it can cut entire kaiju in two.
  • Crescent Cutters (三日月状光弾 San Jitsugetsu-jō Hikaridama): A crescent shaped energy cutters from his hands. Used against Deathrem.
  • Shooting Beam (シューティングビーム Shūtingu Bīmu): A beam from both hands.
  • Hand Beam (ハンドビーム Hando Bīmu): A beam to concentrate energy from hands,emit light red bullets from hand.
  • Cross Ray (クロス光線 Kurosu Kōsen): A beam by crossing the hands and emit energy to the surroundings.
  • Ultra Slash: A small ring of light that can slice monsters in half. Used on Gorgosaurus.
  • Guts Needle (ガッツニードル Gattsu Nīdoru): A beam fired from Taro's fists, followed by an Ultra Funryū (a six-colored smoke screen).
  • Taro Shot (タロウショット Tarou Shotto): Taro can fire a 'L' style ray from his hands. Used when he was young.
  • Beam Shuriken (ビーム手裏剣 Bīmu Shuriken): A yellow shuriken-like disk projectile.
  • Fire Dash (ファイヤーダッシュ Faiyā Dasshu): Taro engulfs himself in flames and then launches all of said flames at the enemy. Can destroys monster in one shot.


  • Ultra Dynamite (ウルトラダイナマイト Urutora Dainamaito): A dashing attack in which Taro is engulfed in flames. The impact causes a massive and powerful explosion, destroying enemies with ease. Taro then reforms back to normal. This ability also has a dangerous side-effect for Taro. Because it takes a lot of his energy to make, upon reforming, Taro is both physically and energetically exhausted. It was also applied in the movie Mega Galaxy Monsters Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie when Taro protecting the last light left of the plasma sparks deprived by Ultraman Belial. Taro usually shouts "Ultra Dynamite" before using it.
  • Swallow Kick (スワローキック Suwarō Kikku): From 600 meters up.
  • Atomic Punch (アトミックパンチ Atomikku Panchi): Propelled by his transformation momentum.
  • Ultra Chop (ウルトラチョップ Urutora Choppu): A series of rapid chop attacks.
  • Hand Knife (ハンドナイフ Hando Naifu): A chop attack of massive power. So much so that it can remove appendages of enemies like a knife through butter.
  • Taro Bomb Thrust (タロウ爆弾突き Tarou Bakudan Tsuki): An enormous punch that sends opponents flying.
  • Multiple Flips: Taro makes a jump and performs some backflips in mid air before delivering a powerful flying kick, usually at the start of a battle.
  • Rapid Punches: Taro can fire off consecutive punches to stun an enemy. Used on Dark Lugiel in Ultraman Ginga episode 11.


  • Fusion: When needed, Taro can fuse with the other Ultra Brothers to become Super Ultraman Taro (スーパーウルトラマンタロウ Sūpā Urutoraman Tarou). In this form, Taro's strength is exemplified and he can de-fuse at will to revert back. Taro and the Ultra Brothers first used this technique to scale the Royal Palace's tower to retrieve the Ultra Bell when the tower caught fire. Taro and the Ultra Brothers used this technique again when they were all close to death at the hands of Grand King and Juda. This was once again highly successful.
  • Teleportation (テレポーテーション Terepōtēshon): As a Spark Doll, Taro can teleport from one place to another.
  • Ultra Freezer (ウルトラフリーザー Urutora Furīzā): A stream of liquid Ultraman Taro fires from his hands, it is cold enough to freeze monsters solid. Taro shouts "Ultra Freezer" before firing it.
  • Twinkle Way (トゥインクルウェイ Tuinkuru Uei): A tunnel he creates to gain access to the Land of Light.
  • Ultra Psychokinesis: Much like Seven, Taro has access to Ultra Psychokinesis. He used it in his battle against Enmargo to trick the majin into thinking that he had been decapitated. Also used several times in Ultraman Ginga to assist Hikaru.
  • Taro Barrier (タロウバリアー Tarou Bariyā): A defensive shield to protect against attacks.
    • Ultra Shield (ウルトラシールド Urutora Shīrudo): A similar defense where Taro summons a shield to block attacks. First seen in Ultraman Ginga. It was destroyed by Dark Lugiel's combined attacks.
  • Light Transfer: Taro can transfer energy to allies, reviving them.
  • Energy Transfer: Taro can transferred his energy to allies, replenish their Color Timer.
  • Travel Sphere: Used by Taro to travel to earth.
  • Taro Split (タロウスプリット Tarou Supuritto): Taro uses his King Bracelet to create an illusory copy of himself to trick enemies. Used on Birdon to trick it into flying into an active volcano.
  • Ultra Scope (ウルトラスコープ Urutora Sukōpu): Taro imprisons the enemy in a dome.
  • Super Body (スーパーボディ Sūpā Bodi): Taro's body can easily remove materials that are stuck to his body.
  • Speed of Light Flight Ability (光速飛行能力 Kōsoku Hikō Nōryoku): Taro can summon a tunnel that takes him to speeds equal to that of light.
  • Ultra Mole (ウルトラモール Urutora Mōru): Taro spins so fast that he becomes a literal drill. It can suck any monsters into it and even destroy them. Taro usually shouts "Ultra Mole" before spins.
  • Ultra Sign (ウルトラサイン Urutora Sain): Like every other Ultra, Taro has his own personal distress signal.
  • Eye Beam (アイ・ビーム Ai Bīmu): Taro reveals invisible enemies and traps them in a sphere.
  • Revive Ray (リバイブ光線 Ribaibu Kōsen): A yellow ray that revives beings fully.
  • Anti-Gravity Ray (反重力光線 Han Jūryoku Kōsen): Several red arrows that telekinetically raise objects.
  • Push Return Ray (プッシュリターン光線 Pusshu Ritān Kōsen): A barrier of stars that reflects any projectile attack.
  • Ultra Water Flow (ウルトラ水流 Urutora Suiryū): A small jet of water.
    • Ultra Shower (ウルトラシャワー Urutora Shawā): A jet of high-pressure water fired from Taro's hands.
  • Growth Stop Ray (成長停止光線 Seichō Teishi Kōsen): A yellow ray that stops devolved enemies from evolving once more.
  • Ultra Lance (ウルトラランス Urutora Ransu): After removing Tyrant's mace hook, Taro empowers it to throw back at him.
  • Ultra Chain (ウルトラチェーン Urutora Chēn): Taro can create a chain to capture enemies.
  • Extinguishing Fog (消火フォッグ Shōka Foggu): A mist that easily puts out flames.
  • Growth Stop Ability (成長停止能力): A ray that hit a child crab born from Ganza's belly in episode 7. It disables them becoming bigger.
  • Wipe Laser (ワイプレーザー): A ray that Taro used when he got covered with bubbles in Ganza's bubble attack in episode 7. Taro wrapped his body with a band of rays and turned off the bubbles.