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Umetarou Nozaki is the titular main male character in the anime and manga series Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. He's a student at Roman High School, and also a professional manga artist, working under the pen name Yumemo Sakiko. He has many fans of his Shoujo manga, and one of which is a classmate of his, Chiyo Sakura, whom finds out that they're classmates, and thus attempts to confess her feelings to him, but she gets way too flustered and screws up, and he remains completely oblivious to her feelings.  Later on, in an attempt to get closer to him, Chiyo becomes his assistant, filling in the betas of his manga, and the two hang out at his house all the time, along with their other friends.

He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version of the anime, and Ty Mahany in the English version of the anime.


Umetarou Nozaki is a tall man, with short, black hair, black eyes, and pale skin. He wears a white undershirt, covered by a gray jacket open at the center, a red tie strung down the front of him attached to his shirt, black pants, a brown belt, and brown shoes on his feet.


As an author, Nozaki (pen name Yumeno Sakiko) is a talented manga artist, but he can only draw with a "shoujo" art style. He has a lot of passion for his two main characters, Saburou Suzuki and Mamiko. He is so passionate about manga that his life seems to revolve solely around doing research for it. For example, he loves Valentine's Day because the great variety of chocolates and pretty packaging make great references. He is easily offended with harsh comments about his work, unless they are said by Chiyo.

Despite making a romance-oriented manga praised for its sensitivity to girls' feelings, he has no personal experience in love and is rather blunt towards girls. His story ideas are often ridiculous and far-fetched, even himself has advised to not take all shoujo manga too seriously and discourages misinformation, which tends to be hypocritical. He is rather unromantic in real life. He appreciates Chiyo's drawing ability but is apparently oblivious to her feelings. Despite him being oblivious to Chiyo's crush on him, he enjoys her presence and is often seen both around and outside of school with her.


  • The name Umetarou means "plum" (ume) and "eldest son" (tarou).
    • His birthday is on Plum Day.
  • Umetarou's surname Nozaki means "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "cape" or "peninsula" (崎) (zaki).
  • Nozaki's family is a father, mother and two younger siblings in middle school (Mayu Nozaki and Yumeko Nozaki).
  • Nozaki's hobby is working on his manga and browsing the internet.
  • Nozaki doesn't hide that he's drawing manga but people just don't believe him or dismiss it.
  • Nozaki's female classmates see him as large and being in the way while he gets along with all of his male classmates.
  • Nozaki's tends to call Chiyo Sakura or Mikoto Mikoshiba over when he makes too much food.
  • Nozaki spends his holidays working and shopping.
  • Nozaki is a self-proclaimed expert at love consultation.
  • Nozaki is not good at dealing with anything related to Mitsuya Maeno.
  • Nozaki tends to wear dark colored clothing.
  • Nozaki's best subjects are Modern and Classic Literature, Japanese History and Home Economics.
    • His worst subjects are World History and English.
    • His elective subject is Art with his gym elective being judo.
  • Nozaki's favorite food is rice while his least favorite foods are foreign sounding ones. This is mainly because he's afraid of what's in them rather than how they taste, hence, he's fine when he eats it once.
  • Nozaki's type of girl is 'a girl who has determination'.
  • In the character popularity poll conducted in the fanbook, Nozaki ranked 6th.
  • Nozaki was part of the 18th graduating class in middle school.
  • Nozaki unconsciously based Mamiko's design after Chiyo.
  • Nozaki doesn't have a blog or Twitter.
  • According to his profile in Chapter 40.5, there may come a time when Nozaki will actually pay his assistants as it will 'eventually be covered in the manga'.
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