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Yes, but my mom always told me that being human meant also at learning when to bend the rules!
~ Aeon

Aeon, also known by her alias Uncanny Valley, is an android superhero from the United States of America and a character from the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir special episode "Miraculous New York". She was built by Majestia, the leader of the American superhero team called the United Heroez, whom Aeon has a mother/daughter relationship with.

She is voiced by Kimberly Woods in the English version.


Aeon is a short girl with a slender build. She also has a dark skin complexion, has brown eyes and brown hair done in dreadlocks. She wears a blue and white Majestia top and a gray pleated skirt.

As Uncanny Valley, Aeon has a beige technological body with golden lines at the edges of her exterior plating. She also has three eyes with magenta irises with Light cerulean outlines and black sclerae.


Aeon is depicted as an informative and magnanimous person. She tends to give helpful advice to people to encourage them, like when she did with Jess to let Ladybug and Cat Noir aid them. Likewise, she has a very good relationship with her mother Majestia, taking her advice on board whenever she needs it. She is also quick to forgive people, like when Cat Noir accidentally used his Cataclysm on her, nearly deactivating her permanently.

Powers and abilities

Being an android, Uncanny Valley can fly by using small jets located in various parts of her body. She can also fire lasers with enough heat to weld metal back together. She can hack into nearby systems, such as a plane’s intercom or the lights in a museum. She also has scanning capabilities and is able to create visual projections. She can also alter her own memory and is able to delete any part of it she desires, promising Ladybug and Cat Noir to do so in order to keep their identities secret.


When Marinette, Adrien and their friends go to New York for to celebrate Franco-American Friendship Week. They were saved by superheroes including Knightowl to neutralize a terrible villainous Techno-Pirate who has just seized the reactor.

When Techclonizer goes to the New York museum to steal the blade, where he is seen by Uncanny Valley and Sparrow in their civilian forms, and they transform to fight him, with Marinette and Adrien assisting them as Ladybug and Cat Noir. Eventually, Techlonizer steals escapes to the roof of the museum after stealing Uncanny Valley's functions, where he is followed and confronted by all four superheroes, he grabs Cat Noir in a moment of distraction while his Cataclysm is active and throws him at Ladybug, but Uncanny Valley steps in front of her to protect her and is hit by Cataclysm instead and destroyed, much to Cat Noir and Ladybug's horror and grief. Ladybug uses her Miraculous Ladybug power to repair Uncanny Valley.

Later, Ladybug, Cat Noir, Sparrow and Uncanny Valley come up with a plan to trick Doorman, one of the American superheroes affected by Liberation, into creating a portal to the the top of the Statue of Liberty, where Miraclonizer is.


  • Because she is an artificial intelligence that possesses an electronic body, she is unable to perceive kwamis, as they cannot be captured by any form of technology.
  • Being an android, she is genderless, however she was built with a female body type and female programming. Thus, she is referred to as female.



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