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Pre buff up.

Buffed up un-man

Post buff up

I can't find my baby.
~ Uni-Man in his first appearince
~ Uni-Man after wishing to be super strong

Uni-Man is a scientist from Uni-Smart World and the father of Uni-Baby. He wanted to be a crime fighter so he and Uni-Baby went to earth His horn is capable of granting wishes. Orignally pretty scrawny he wished to be super smart and strong during a confrontation with Doctor Stinky Head. He's currently working in a lab on Earth, inventing new weapons for the team.


Uni-Man was a normal man on Smart World before he, and everything else on Uni-Smart World, became too smart and grew a unicorn horn. He went to Earth to be a super-hero, only to have his daughter Uni-Baby stolen by aliens from Evil, Evil, EVIL PLANET TINKO! and brought to Evil King Fatsozon.

Uni-Man joined up with Axe Cop and Flute Cop's Avocado Soldier form where he helped him fight Bad Santa and The Evil Flying Book. With help from The Wrestler, Uni-Man was able to destroy the Evil Flying Book.

Afterwards, Axe Cop helped Uni-Man defeat Evil King Fatsozon.

When he used the second unicorn horn to grow unicorn horns all over his body during the fight with Doctor Stinkyhead, he became Super Uni-Man where he can shoot his unicorn horns at his opponents and has super-strength.

Super Uni-Man later regressed to Uni-Man and moved his lab to Earth. When it came to the threat of the zombies, Uni-Man used his wish-granting powers to turn Flute Cop's Ghost Cop form into Drag-Tri-Ghostacops Rex.

Powers and Abilities

Uni-Man has a very strong intellect. Using the power of his unicorn horn, Uni-Man can grant any wish that he or his allies ask for.


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