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United Heroez is an organisation in new york who takes care of US. This team is the deuteragoniatic faction of Miraculous New York. They are the miraculous holders in America. Their goal was to stop Mike Rochip who was akumatized into Techno-Pirate from harassing New York.

The current members in the team are Majestia, Eagle, Knightowl, Uncanny Valley and more.



Main article: Majestia Olympia Hill prominently known with her superhero identity as Majestia is the leader of United Heroez. She is the mother of Aeon.


Main Article: Knightowl Barbara Keynes also known as Knightowl, is the best friend of Majestia. She is the mother of Jessica.


Main article: Eagle (Miraculous Ladybug) Jessica Keynes also known as Sparrow or Eagle is the daughter of Barbara Keynes. She is also Aeon's best friend.

Uncanny Valley

Main Article: Uncanny Valley Aeon also known as Uncanny Valley is the daughter of Majestia and Jessica's best friend.


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