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The Contact (born February 23, 1943) is a senior agent working for United Liberty Paper in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Contact works for United Liberty Paper, which is a front for a government organization. He works as a senior agent and gives several missions to Niko. The Contact also mentions a past military career in the Army during the Vietnam war. He justifies his and the organizations actions by saying that that foreign terrorist groups and governments that conflict with America are ready to commit even more heinous actions that could bring harm to the American population (which Niko finds to be true while working against said terrorist groups), but he also doesn't deny that a lot of his actions are not for procuring public safety but rather to satisfy the government's sometimes greedy requests. In the first cutscene of his first mission, it is revealed that he speaks Serbian, the language of Niko's home country, as he says, "Just like the old country.", to which Niko replies, "Just like it".

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