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The United States of America - often called the United States, USA, or US for short - was the pre-war Federal Republic located in North America and had one of the last surviving economies from the Global Energy crisis during the 21st century in the Fallout universe. The US is a massive global superpower and rival of the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. From 2066 to 2077, the US and China would be locked in a massive war known as the Sino-American War over the Alaskan oil supply, however the US was to be the victor when the Great War/World War III began on October 23rd, 2077 and lasted for two hours as both sides launched their nuclear arsenals at each other, leaving both America and China and the world in radioactive ruins that would be later called "The Wasteland".


the United States follows the same history like in our world up until the 1960s where the US and the USSR open up diplomatic relations with each other instead of China, thus leaving the USSR surviving deep into the 21st century. Also, due to the transistor not being invented in 1947, at the start of the Cold War, nuclear and atomic power, along with fossil fuels, became the primary fuel source for cars and power supplies, causing the United States to enter an "atompunk" golden age. The United States also decided to reform the 50 states into 13 Commonwealth territories, which also meant revising the Stars and Stripes to accommodate this, replacing the 50 stars with 12 encircling a larger 13th one to represent the District of Colombia and the country as a whole. Around the 2050s, oil resources had begun to run low and the US and China had a race against time to acquire the world's last remaining oil resources in Alaska after the United Nations disbanded in 2052, unable to maintain peace after war broke out between the European Commonwealths and the Middle East, leaving the Middle East oil fields depleted as a result of the Resource Wars and both Europe and the Middle East decimated by a restricted nuclear exchange with each other. American spies sabotaged an oil rig from China, allowing the US to claim the oil, however, Alaska was soon invaded around 2066 by military forces from China, including the People's Liberation Army, forcing the American military to head up to Alaska to reclaim their territory from Chinese control.

Battle of Anchorage and Annexation of Canada

In 2051, the US had invaded and annexed Mexico, however, it is unknown what happened, but presumably is was a success due to the US military being far superior to the Mexican army and possibly took over some Mexican territories. In 2067, the US Army was advancing deep into the city of Anchorage when the PLA set up massive artillery cannons on the cliff sides of the city's outskirts, forcing more US troops to be deployed into the state through Canada, but the Canadian government had been very agitated with the US for using Canada as a tool to get to Alaska and stopped it, but in response during that same year, the United States military invaded Canada and by January of 2076, American troops had just fully annexed Canada into the US, making it the fourteenth Commonwealth, thus updating Old Glory again to accommodate the new territory, with 13 stars circling the larger one instead of the original 12.

Meanwhile, during the annexation, American forces were locked in a brutal firefight between them and the People's Liberation Army led by General Jingwei. In 2073, after Xin was elected President of China, biological weapons were used against the US Forces in Alaska in hopes of slowing them down and keeping the Alaskan oil supply in Chinese hands. The outcome is unknown, but it is most likely that the US Forces continued to advance and managed to get past the biological strikes despite possible heavy casualties. In 2074, power armor units soon invaded mainland China to distract the PLA, and despite being bogged down, the US forces held their ground and invaded fully in 2076 as the United States celebrated its tricentennial on the Fourth of July, and in January of 2077, Anchorage was retaken and Alaska liberated. However, the United States decided to keep on pressing across the Chinese mainland to capture Beijing and topple the Communist Party of China, but the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army still had one ace left up their sleeve to try and save their besieged Motherland from the American war machine, and with the U.N. disbanded and unable to intervene, there was nothing and no one to stop them from carrying out their genocidal intent.

What we do have coming in is confirmed reports, I repeat, confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania. My God...(goes off air)
(Civil Defense Sirens blare)
Residents of Sanctuary Hills. If you are registered, evacuate to Vault 111 immediately!
Vault participants, this way!
If you're in the Vault program, head towards the gate!
If you're in the program, step forward. Otherwise, return home!
We're gonna die out here!
Good luck, ma'am, and God help us all...
~ Armageddon comes for the USA

On October 23rd, 2077, the Great War began, as NORAD radar detected People's Liberation Air Force nuclear bombers approaching the United States, People's Liberation Navy submarines armed with SLBMs approaching the West and East Coasts, and at least four launches of land-based ICBMs from the Chinese mainland. The U.S. President authorized countermeasure MX-CN91 with the nuclear football to have the United States' entire nuclear arsenal launched in retaliation, and at 9:42 AM EST, NYC and Philadelphia were the first American cities razed by nuclear warheads, before at 9:47 AM EST, total nuclear Armageddon was unleashed and lasted for two hours, leaving the entire world in ruins from nuclear fire.

Anyone who survived now had to adapt to living and surviving in a world that had been permanently altered by the nuclear fallout, essentially being regressed technologically to something similar to the days of the cavemen in the crumbling infrastructure of a world gone forever thanks to nuclear war. Chief among them being those Americans who had managed to take refuge in the underground Vaults provided by Vault-Tec and survived there until given the all-clear to come out when the radiation levels outside receded to safe levels. Vault 76, built to celebrate the United States' tricentennial, opened 25 years after the nuclear holocaust in 2102, with the residents instructed to recolonize the Appalachian Wasteland. As they did, they soon learned of what happened to those survivors who did not make it to the Vaults and survived the Great War and resulting fallout outside as Appalachia had been infested with all manner of creatures created from the fallout, or from the Enclave's scientific research to try and eliminate the surviving members of the Chinese Communist Party and PLA, if any still were alive after the nuclear exchange. After the residents are able to deal with the threat of the Scorchbeasts, the Enclave's ultimate means to use Appalachia's nuclear silos to finish off China, they are able to return to rebuilding the region until 2103, when word of their efforts result in many people returning to Appalachia for safety, security, and rumors of treasure in the mountains. The residents are able to reunite with the Vault 76 Overseer to help protect the new factions from the threat of the Scorchbeasts, as they still were a threat to the region, before turning their attention to the rumors of treasure, revealed to be Vault 79, home to the United States gold bullion depository after it was transferred there in the event of nuclear war from Fort Knox. After choosing who they would side with for raiding the Vault and rescuing the surviving members of the U.S. Secret Service trapped within, they split the gold they recovered with either the faction they raided the Vault with or both factions, so as to help restart the economy and further the hopes of rebuilding the United States from the ashes of the Great War/WWIII.

By 2104, rebuilding in Appalachia continues as the Vault 76 residents continue to support the New Appalachian Settlers and Raiders with building rep with them and also helping Paladin Rahmani with deciding her Brotherhood's future objective between protecting the people of Appalachia, or continue to secure the Old World technology so it is not lost forever and things like the Great War are repeated.


The US government in the Fallout world was a democratic republic with 2 main political parties and the President as the country's de facto leader. Around the time of the Resource Wars, riots had begun to break out and the US government began to be less democratic and more authoritarian. The US government soon became more power-hungry as it invaded Mexico and Canada and had US troops used during martial law.


The United States Armed Forces was the pre-war military force and was made up of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and National Guard like in our world. As in our world, the Fallout US military is the most powerful and technologically advanced army in the entire world and made it to Beijing when the Great War started.


  • General Constantine Chase
  • General Martin Retslaf (deceased)
  • Gunnery Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery
  • Private Elliott Tercorien (field medic)
  • Doctor Adrienn Adami
  • Private Beckett (Field Medic)
  • Sergeant Daniels (Field Medic)
  • Private Lawrence Mears (Field Medic) (deceased)
  • Private McKinney (deceased)
  • Patrick (deceased)
  • Anchorage Quartermaster
  • Corporal Rheems (Field Medic) (deceased)
  • Corporal Spurlock (Field Medic) (deceased)
  • Lieutenant Thomas Morgan
  • Dontrelle Haines (Medic, formerly)
  • Sergeant Fred Radcliff
  • Private Joe Creigh
  • Sergeant John Reise (deceased)
  • Private Lucky
  • Private Miller (deceased)
  • Captain Oliver Fields
  • Sergeant Thompson


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