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Url is a minor character from Disney's 2000 CGI film Dinosaur. He is Eema's pet Ankylosaur, who is trying to get to the Nesting Grounds.


Url has a very doglike personality. When he and Aladar first met, he quickly warmed up to him, which surprised Eema as Url didn't normally warm up to strangers so fast.

Role in the film

Url is first seen when Aladar and his family run into the herd. He is accompanied by his master, a Styracosaurus named Eema and a Brachiosaurus named Baylene. When Kron, the herd's leader, finds a place for them to sleep for the night, Aladar and his family meet Url and his company. Url immediately warmed up to Aladar, while his behavior surprised Eema as she mentions that he doesn't warm up to strangers so fast. Throughout the rest of the film, Url subserviently follows Eema, Baylene, Aladar and the lemurs as they travel to the Nesting Grounds.


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