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Casshern (キャシャーン Kyashān) was a robot created by Braiking Boss' top scientist Ohji in order to pro-create robotic life. His purpose was a failure, so he was utilized as a perfect killing machine for Braiking Boss. He was originally partnered with his twins Dio and Leda but stayed offwards and was chosen to be the strongest amongst his siblings. Because Casshern was so powerful he was tasked with eliminating Braiking Boss' most illustrious enemy Luna.

Casshern assassinated Luna and mixed his blood of death with hers of life, causing the entire world to spin into a cataclysmic state known as the "Ruin." This also caused Casshern to lose his memory which led him to wander the planet known as Casshern, the Man Who Slayed the Sun that was Named Moon.

While wandering the planet, Casshern met several enemies and companions who helped him learn of his past and ways to atone for his sins. Casshern would soon find that Luna was reborn as a goddess of false life, and that Casshern's new purpose was to bring true life to the world by showing them the reality of death.

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Casshern was built in a humanoid shape, identical to Dio in features such as their height, weight and structure. He is also completely unaffected by the Ruin, making him look unstained and perfect. He is constantly referred to as "beautiful" due to this. He has a clear appearance that would match that of a human; large fluffy brown hair and soulful blue eyes. He is quite tall with long, muscular limbs all covered by his full body white, skin tight suit. The suit is designed with black lines and a unique "C" on his chest.

The suit also sports a large collar and two jet boosters on the hips. Casshern also has a battle helmet that matches his suit along with earpieces that are similar to his jets. The final pieces of the helmet include the forehead horns that were symmetrical until Dio shattered one of them in battle, and also the helmet's retractable mask.

A cybernetic warrior known as Casshern is responcible for this, because he murdered Luna, the Sun named Moon. A rumor spreads that if Casshern is devoured by a robot, the Ruin will end and the robotic race will once again gain eternal life. A group of large robots known as bandits are set on devouring Casshern in order to fufil their desires of eternal but are easily dispatched by the warrior's incredible strength. Casshern decides to spare his final victim and asks why it is that they are hunting him. The robot responds by telling him that the Ruin decays a robots body until they finnaly succum to their unescapable death, so they must devour Casshern in order to live, because they will die whether he spare them or not. The exclaims that he must try something to avoid the ruin and trys his hand once again at killing Casshern, to no avail he is easily killed.

Casshern is quickly confronted by a humanoid robot who shares little words before dissappears, leaving Casshern alone in a self made graveyard of Robots. It would normally seem that Casshern is a coldhearted killing machine but infact he is a confused soul who has no memory of his past including his actions towards causing the Ruin. He is watched by two other humaniod bots named Ohji and Ringo who decide to keep moving rather then confronting Casshern, showing they have no interest in trying to devour him. Instead they are confronted by a third Robot who comments on how Ohji will have more robots to fix, thanks to the Ruin, then leaves.

Casshern meets Ringo Even someone who has killed the world itself can experience friendship Casshern arrives at a cold spring interested in it as most of the world is without water, he meets a young robot who had already seen him not long before, Ringo. Ring comments he comments that Casshern is beautiful, due to the fact that he is completley unscaved by the Ruin, even mistaking him for a human even though Casshern himself is quite unsure of what he is. Casshern then asks what a human is but Ringo doesn't quite know either though she does know that they are "pretty" like Casshern. Casshern and Ringo spend time together as he learns that Ringo had begun to Ruin but was fixed by Ohji with new parts. Before Ringo departs, Casshern tells her that she is beautiful and not corroded like she thinks, Ringo returns his compliment by giving him a pretty shell for good luck, then leaves.

Casshern Saves Ringo Those who experience the beauty of friendship may never let it go Ringo is attacked by a Bandit who mistakes her for a human, Ringo tells him that she is a robot but is attacked anyway for being a "brat". Before she is crushed, Ringo is saved by Casshern who is then confronted by the bandit about the Ruin. The Bandit states that he doesn't believe in the Rumor but can see how others can due to Casshern's perfectly conditioned body. The Bandit attacks Casshern who easily overpowers him and looses control, killing the bandit even after he begs for mercy. Both Ringo and Casshern are surpised by Casshern's actions, Ringo going as far as to fear Casshern until Ohji arrives and takes her away. Casshern is quickly confronted by the humanoid from before who insults him for being the worst thing to happen to this world, Casshern begs for her to tell Casshern more about himself. The girl tells him that he is the one who killed the Sun called Moon and started the Ruin.

Casshern as lost all regression of these memories and is traveling the world with no aim, no hopes and no solitude. A female humanoid tells Casshern that it is his fault for bringing Ruin apon the world. Casshern pleads for her to tell him about his past but she is so shocked to learn that Casshern does not remember the events she leaves after telling him that his death would serve no purpouse at a point when he didn't understand his own atrocities because it would be "saving" him.

Robots love too In a world where everything dies, even a machine can appreciate love Two robots lay in wait for the Ruin to come for their lives, these robots are named Wrench and Root and they are Robots who wish to accept the human idea of love. Both of them wish for the Ruin to take them, so they can die alongside eachother as lovers in oeace. Overhearing them, several Bandits attack as punishment for acting as if they were indeed humans. They are both saved by Wrench's mechanical canine Friender and Casshern who was simply passing by. Casshern's identity is unknown to them so they oppenly welcome him into their community of robots who believe that accepting death is the best way to live in times of Ruin. Casshern talks with an unnamed Robot called Doctor, he reveals himself to be the leader of the community and teaches Casshern that Robots were once thought eternal but gained a level of humanity when they realised they could die, something that Casshern is unable to relate to and why he does not belong because he has more life in him then all of the community combined. Before leaving Wrench asks Casshern to take care of Friender because he too does not rust or ruin, she also states they are very alike, they are always tense and do not quite understand themselves. Before Casshern decides, Root comes and drags her off to pay their respects to their ruined friend Drew who had just died.

Community turns on Casshern Desperation for eternal life brings those who believed in death to an early demise Later on a Bandit seeking to devour Casshern roams into the community and nearly eats a young robot named Nita until Doctor convinces him that she is not Casshern. After also mistaking Root for Casshern, the Bandit is attacked by the real Casshern who saves Root and admits his identity to the community. Casshern easily destroys the bandit but saves the community in vein as Root followed by many other members change their hearts and switch their ideals to devouring Casshern in order to stop the Ruin. Pushing him into a corner, Casshern is forced into a blind rage which leads him to slaughter every member of the group except Wrench and her dog Friender. Devistated, Wrench states that her desires of dieing with Root may have come true if not for Cassherns revival then she too succums to the Ruin though not my Casshern's hand. Alone once again, Casshern is left to ponder his transgressions.

the killing machine known as Casshern walks the desolate planet alone again. Close by there is a man named Akoz, escaping from pursuing Bandits, who greets Casshern as a friendly stranger. Still pondering his past actions, Casshern tells him to stay away for his own safety, Akoz chooses to ignore finding a friendly interest in Casshern. Akoz states that he is not afraid of death as he feels he has already died and chooses to walk alongside Casshern. Casshern paces too quickly for Akoz taste causing Akoz to reveal that he is human, offering Casshern some of his water to replenish his energy. Casshern is surprised to find that Akoz is a human but Akoz tells him that their are more humans then he might think in the world, Akoz just being one of them.

Casshern meets a human When you nearly nothing of a world, there is always someone new to be found Akoz decides to teach Casshern on human anatomy during their travels, or atleast Akoz' blunt view on it, feeling that humanity are limited by their bodies need to feed, drink and rest. Akoz tries to give Casshern an example of human by trying to eat a wild lizard, after failing to due so Akoz is asked by Casshern to try his hand at capturing it, Casshern does so allowing Akoz to eat. After settling down Akoz decides to share his view on human benefits and explains how it is important to enjoy the benefit of life rather than brooding of ones sins, suddenly referring to Casshern's depressing attitude. After continuing on their campaign to an unknown destination (even to them), Akoz tells Casshern his opinions on the beauty of the world and why he wanted to go the commune of Robots who accepted the ruin, to see the faces of Robots who were thought to be eternal, who had now accepted death. He also tries one final time to cheer up Casshern's attitude by sharing sins that Akoz himself has committed and how running from your problems is no way to live. Inspired by Akoz words, Casshern decides to confront Friender in an attempt to atone and accept his sins rather then run from them, by giving his life to Friendor. Friendor decides to allow Casshern to live, in his own way forgiving Casshern for causing the death of his owner.

Friender forgives Casshern Even someone who has killed the world itself, can be forgiven Casshern takes this a sign to keep living and find a way to keep moving forward, before departing Akoz decides to go his separate ways with Casshern telling him that he still wishes to see the commune. Casshern tries to warn him but Akoz ignores and shares his final goodbye to Casshern. Akoz does not head to the commune but instead succumbs to an unknown disease that caused him to collapse, Akoz had let all his regrets out into the open with Casshern and felt he was finally brave enough to do one final thing besides run, to die alone.

In a world full of pain, desperation and death, there is a woman who finds happiness in the destruction of the planet. Sophita, a lover of death and conflict, she adores fighting and plans to live out her days through battle. Robots run at the sound of her name, in a much different time and place she would have become a famous warrior but she is only known as the feared marauder, the Angel of Ruin. During her travels in search of a fight, Sophita runs into the bringer of Ruin himself, surpirised by his perfect condition she wishes to fight him, only to be ignored.

Casshern refuses For a man with no regressions, no convictions and no memory, violence serves no purpouse She pursues Casshern in hopes of a fight but is interrupted by Bandits who hope to capture parts from Casshern and Sophita's bodies, Sophita tells Casshern to keep moving while she easily dispatches the Bandits with little help from Casshern. Infatuated with Casshern's abilities, Sophita trails Casshern while he travels alone hoping to avoid the planets inescapable violence. Casshern warns her once again that he is completley against violence, going as far as to admit he'd give up his body just to avoid conflict. Sophita is devistated by Casshern's words because he is unable to understand her feelings and she unable to understand his.

Sophita Lova In a world where everything dies, ones feelings are all they have Sophita returns to her normal battle grounds and confronts a robotic friend of hers who formally guarded the infamous Braiking Boss. The two battle as Sophita underestimates her opponent and may have been killed if not had Casshern shown up to save her. Casshern warns him that violence will not be tolerated in Casshern's eyes, the robot decides to avoid battling Casshern and moves on. Casshern and Sophita share a conversation involving her love for violence, Sophita admits that she fights to rush towards Ruin though she only wants to be doing what she loves when she does die. While Casshern is resting she proclaims her love for him by attacking him, forcing him to battle her, the only way she knows how to share her feelings. Casshern easily bests Sophita in combat yet she persists in trying to kill Casshern, even stabbing him with her long blade. Casshern remains calm and does not go into his normal rage, discouraging Sophita allowing the violence to cease between them. In the mist of Casshern's injury, Sophita learns that she felt no love in battling Casshern and instead admits her feelings through a passionate coversation, no longer wishing to fight.

A man who killed the world is destined to live with his pain...immortally Casshern walks the planet alongisde Friender, even after finding a friendship and passion he still doesn't understand and all that he can understand, is suffering. Brought to the brink of tears Cashern wallows in his depression until he is once again confronted with the humanoid robot from before, Lyuze. She feels no sympathy for Casshern and once again blames him for destroying the world, this time sharing the fact that Casshern injured Lyuze's sister then killed Luna. Lyuze's sister was then the first one to succum to the Ruin, feeling guilty and without hope, Casshern looks to atone by allowing Lyuze to take his life. Lyuze is almost unable to do so, she tries but Casshern goes into a rage and easily defeats her, nearly taking her life Casshern returns to a calm state and realizes suicide is pointless, just like everything else in the world.

Cassherns lack of Control It seems all that can come from a dying world, is more death Nearby there are a convoy of Robots led by Ohji and Ringo who end up at a place with many new parts for them. Bandits catch wind of their efforts and attack the camp in order to steal the parts. The robots kill almost everyone in the camp and hope to enslave Ohji as their repair man by taking Ringo as their bribing token. They threaten to ruin her but she is saved the bringer of Ruin himself, Casshern. After the Bandits kill another hostage, Casshern looses it and goes into a rage which leads him to slaughter nearly everyone in his path until he is forced to come to his senses by Ohji and Ringo, who are the only ones left. Shocked by his actions, Casshern relizes that he does not possess the will power to stop, when he fights he cannot stop till everything around him is destroyed. In the mist of all the chaos, a man appears, a man who looks almost identical to Casshern.

Casshern stands alongside Ringo and Ohji in awe of a man who looks nearly identical to Casshern himself, a man named Dio. Dio claims that Casshern is one who cannot contain himself in battle and cannot feel peace until he has destroyed everything, because its just what he is, someone completley different from Robots and Humans. Dio explains how he is built from the same genetic frame as Casshern which is how he knows everything about him and ends their conversation with a threat to his life before they are interrupted by marauding Bandits looking to devour Casshern. Dio refuses to allow them near Casshern and he easily dispatches them, fighting identically to Casshern. Dio explains how he and Casshern also have the same strength, though Dio understands how to control his power and thats how he plans to defeat Casshern in order to find whats inside him that keeps him from being ruined.

Dio and Casshern If a man has a troubled past, despite any recollection of it, there will always be someone who else who remembers for him Because Dio is backed by the basic morals of saving the robotic race by killing Casshern, Casshern is completley for sacrificing himself and asks Dio to do it. Insisting, Dio brutally attacks Casshern and even with the help of Friender, Casshern is unwilling and simply unable to defend himself. When Casshern begs for Dio to end the battle, Dio insists on delivering the final blow to save the planet, only to be halted by Casshern's uncontrolable rage. Forbiding him from dying, Casshern's will gives into his rage and he battles Dio on equal terms of strength. Even with his immense power of rage, Casshern is still bested by Dio who literraly beats him to his normal senses.

Casshern defeated Is punishment for someone who's murdered everything, death or something far Unwilling to allow Casshern to die, Lyuze strikes Dio to save Casshern from death, forcing Dio to retreat alonhside a strange woman. Even given the opportunity to kill him, Lyuze refuses and demands a fair fight for the event when she kills Casshern, she forbids him from dieing and leaves while Casshern passes out from his wounds. Awakened from his induced slumber, Casshern finds himself frustrated with the fact he is unable to save the world by just dying. Ohji takes Ringo and leaves, but not before assuring Casshern that he may be immortal because he murdered Luna, who was also immortal.

Brought to the lowest of their time, Robots are reduced to gambling in a small section of the world, overshadowed by a mysterious tower. Casshern passes by Robots who demand he play until a sound echos from the tower, a sound that can only be described by the Robots as the witches song, causing them to flee in terror. The witch decends from the tower, not a witch at all just a humbling humanoid named Lizbell. Like many people Casshern encounters, Lizbell is infatuated with Casshern's condition as someone living in Ruin. She explains to Casshern that before the Ruin, she worked with other Robots in order to manufacture parts, the others have either left, were reduced to gambling or even death but Lizbell is not content with sitting by waiting for death. Instead Lizbell plans to create a Bell at the top of the tower to signify that something beautiful still exists in a world of sorrow and death.

Casshern and Lizbell Can a man who knows only of destruction, understand something as simple as beauty Lizbell re-expresses her great interest in Casshern's body, feeling as if he is the beauty of the world himself. She convinces him that he can help to create the bell, Casshern agrees as he is interested in creating something new in the world. Lizbell fools Casshern into the base of the tower where she is able to force him into unconciousness with the auroma of mysterious candels. She plans to mold his body into the bell due to his immense "beauty", but Casshern is forced to awaken by his rage and he destroys the machine that nearly killed him, but is able to regain control of himself and confront Lizbell. Casshern admits it would be better to become the symbol of beauty in the bell, but also reveals his new drive and desire to find about more about himself before his death. Casshern leaves after lecturing Lizbell about killing innocent Robots who also had desires, in order to create the tower. Casshern and Lizbell 2 anyone with a heart and soul, even a machine...can understand beauty

Lizbell is able to makeshift a bell with other materials and ring it at the top of her tower. She rings it, unsatified with its sound, she is not the only one as the gambling Robots come to end their irritation with the witch. Lizbell is attacked and her Bell destroyed, devistating all she's ever hoped for in the Ruined world. Casshern returns, attracted by the sound of the Bell, he comforts Lizbell about how it was a beatiful sound that was the first thing to ever resonate in Casshern's heart. Lizbell is inspired to keep living with hopes of a better world and thanks Casshern before he leaves to fufil his desires, the desires to learn who he truely is. Lizbell returns to the tower met by two humanoids she doesn't know, Ohji and Ringo. Somewhat fantasising about her dream, she pretends to ring the bell to signify the beauty of the world, that even Ringo can see from the tall tower.

The shield and the spear A beautiful woman is on the run from bandits seeking to end hope, even being heavily guarded she is compromised and nearly killed, but this Hope is saved by someone who's killed almost last trace of belief; Casshern. This woman is Janice, a human with incredible singing ability, she tells Casshern that she was born to sing and thats why she does, even going as far as going to compare Casshern to being born to kill. She ends her "teasing" by thanking Casshern for saving her and continuing on her way. On their way, Janice tells Casshern that this has been her journey of a life time in order to spread hope the only way she knows how, with her voice. Casshern asks if he can accompany her on her journey, inspired by her life, her passion and her destiny. Janice figures out the Casshern is frightened and afraid of his own ignorance, involving the Ruin. Janice assures his that its not his fault, atleast not anymore. After Casshern defends her from marauding Bandits, Janice figures out that Casshern is actually "the" Casshern and also that many others are heading to their destination, in search of hope. Janice is devistated by the news that follows, groups of Bandits are hunting for all these people as their victims, Janice asks that Casshern protects hope, Casshern agrees and the two continue to their destination.

Casshern protects A strong warrior becomes even more powerful when they find something they wish to protect They finnaly arrive at the destination, the Vosten Music Hall, Janice heard someone one sing before the Ruin and she wishes to sing there aswell. Many people, human and robot were waiting there for her and Casshern, before she has the chance to sing an army of Bandits arrive. Casshern moves to confront the army, in order to protect hope, as Janice sings. Many watch Janice's preformance as she spreads hope in their hearts with her song, though Lyuze watches over Casshern as he faces in army, finnaly finding something to fight for, something to protect. Casshern successfuly dispatches the entire army with minimal help from Lyuze, able to protect Janice and her people, he bids them farewell as he walks along his own path, his own passion and his own destiny.

There is a young humanoid girl lost in the happiness of a beautiful place, in a planet dying of Ruin. Meanwhile, Bandits fooled into following Dio in a new Robotic Army are slaughtered by Casshern, some driven by the possibility that Luna may actually be alive and some driven by the rumor of devouring Casshern. They crash into an unknown place, only leaving Casshern, Friendor and the leader of the group that attacked them, Bolton. Bolton, who remains very damaged is greeted by the strange pink haired girl named Niko who offers to help he and Casshern heal by doing mundane things such as wrapping them. Casshern remains confused by why she does what she does until Ohji arrives to explain that her brain circutry is fried beyong repare, leaving her stuck in a state of fantasy much like a human baby.

Ringo and Niko Even in place created by death, beauty and innocence can thrive to the surface of reality Ohji explains that the area they are in is nicknamed the valley of Ruin, a graveyard for Robots far before the Ruin began. Even so life continues to bloom at the top of the valley watched over by the ever so odd Niko. She continues to worry about both Bolton and even a Robot who has already consumed by the Ruin, Ohji explains how she has done this for years, with dolls and dead robots as her only company. Ringo makes friends with Niko, compatable due to their youth as humanoid robots. Lyuze arrives in the valley and realizes she knows Niko from her time as a care taker to Luna and once again Lyuze blaims Casshern for killing Luna, which directly caused Niko to end up in the Valley of Ruin.

Casshern and Niko The death of innocence can bring the brightest of lights to a dim fate After overhearing Lyuze, Bolton explains a story about how Luna could give life to Robots and Humans alike, and how she still alive. He explains how it drove most of his comrads to join Dio's army, in order to search for Luna as a way out of dying from the Ruin. Enjoying themselves, Ringo and Luna are surprised to find that Bandits have infultrated the valley, Casshern, Friender and Lyuze rush to their side to fend off the marauders. A single Bandit is able to break through their lines and makes it to Niko who begs for them to stop, only to be injured and nearly killed, if not for Bolton's efforts to protect her. Niko is fatally injured by the assualt and before she passes on she wishes to help Casshern one last time by tending to his already healed injury. Bolton promises to watch over Niko's grave until Casshern returns, Casshern returns the promise with his word, a promise that he will find Luna and bring her back to the Vallery of Ruin.

Once again, peace alludes Casshern's journey to find Luna, he is once again confronted with Bandits who insist on using violence rather then reason. During his battle, Casshern accidently ends up trapped under a large prism like construction due to the crossfire of his battle destroying the constructions balance beams. Friender is left to look for help to free his master and nearby there are a conboy of both robots and humans lead by the famous Jin. During one of the groups rests, Friender is found and welcomed by Jin and his people because like Jin, Friender does not experience Ruin. Jin talks with Friender as his new friend and tells him that he and his group are looking for Luna to heal them. Jin and Friender Two beings that cannot relate to their species, yet follow their convictions to the nail and can relate to eachother Bandits run across the groups camp and gain wind of the humans in their group, Jin along with his main men Dai and Tetsu confront them along with Friender. They recognize Jin as a famous man who faught on the side of humanity rather then alongisde Braiking Boss. The Bandits decide to back down rather then fight with Jin, they also mentioned that they noticed Friender with Casshern before they left. Friender leads Jin and his men to the prism where Casshern is trapped, Dai and Tetsu successfully free him by using explosives. A man named Gido who had previously given up and left the group, returns with Bandits in hopes of devouring Casshern in order to save himself from the Ruin.

Casshern enters his battle rage and easily destroys all of the bandits, moving on to his next targerts, Casshern attacks Jin only to be fended off as Jin does not wish to battle him. Casshern is eventually stopped by Friender and is surrounded by Jin's group who beg for Jin to devour Casshern to save their lives. Jin refuses to take Casshern's life due to his strict morals of doing what is just, Jin also expresses his beliefs in a world where Humans and Robots can live side by side, a world on Luna can create.

Casshern vs Jin The Man of Destruction meets the Hero of Humanity under circumstances they hate most...conflict Everyone decides to follow Jin's impressive leadership, Dai and Tetsu even go as far as inferring that it may be convictions that keep the Ruin away from Jin and Friender. Jin nearly invites Casshern to join him, but does not due to his fear of killing him one day which would ruin his friendship with Friender. Jin bids his goodbye to the two and moves on to find Luna. Casshern and Friender watch as a man with something to believe in moves on to his destination, a true hero of their dying planet.

Before the world began to die, there was a city that repaints its history, its history was decided by the ruler so when they changed the history changed aswell. There are few who remain there but before the Ruin, the goddess of healing, Luna once ruled as the queen. Casshern learned of this and traveled to this lost city in search for a lead to Luna, only to find lost souls in Robots who are idoly waiting for death or those who are also searching for Luna. But Casshern is able to find one person who is trying to do neither instead, a boy named Margo, an artist who is enfatuated with Casshern. Margo no longer worries about his future but instead wishes to leave his own mark in history by painting the city his own color. Casshern meets Margo There are still people on the dying planet who believe their is beauty to be found anywhere and everywhere Margo wishes for Casshern to tag along with him so he can show him all the beauties left in the city that are expressed through art. Margo believes that the key to life is by living in the now and not fretting about what the future may hold. To prove that he can leave a mark on history through art, Margo shows Casshern the many emperors who have ruled the city through the color that they painted the city, including Lord Braiking Boss and after his rule, the city was left without an emperor. Afterwards Margo excuses himself to return to painting the city, leaving Casshern to bask in the beauty of Art.

Margo death Even the beauty of art can be expressed through death, aslong as you've lived life to its last Casshern continues to watch Margo repaint what he calls "the road to the sun" having finnaly completed his dream of repainting history. Casshern is inspired by Margo's convictions and his belief in Luna becomes stronger., swearing to find Luna and end the Ruin. Casshern leaves Margo after their conversation, allowing Margo to appreciate his art until he is interrupted by Robots who envy his optimism and go as far as to attacking him until Casshern arrives to stop the violence. Casshern apoligizes for the actions of those Robots, but Margo assures him that it is fine and that history will always be painted over, so he can just paint it again. Although, Margo unsuspectedly shows increased signs of decay and desides to remain in his art and embrace his death with his final wish to Casshern, asking him to remember Margo for who he was allowing him to leave his own color for history to judge.

he Rumors of Luna's healing has spread far across the reaches of the planet, those who seek her are turning to desperate measures and some are on the brink of insanity. They search for them to save themselves from death, from the ruin, but there is one who searches for her for different reasons, Casshern. Although he has finally found a reason to keep living, Lyuze still stands in his way, her vengence takes an emotional toll as she verbally abuses Casshern by telling him that Luna is a rumor because Luna is dead. Casshern takes no offense to this and rebuddles by asking Lyuze if she would rather Luna be alive, but in that Lyuze would loose all her convictions and her reasons for living. Casshern passess her by, swearing to find Luna and then they'll see what happens afterwards.

Casshern meets Braiking Boss When evils collide who is worse, the man who destroyed the world, or the man who made him destroy it On the planet there are still others who do not believe in Luna at all, instead they believe in another being who can stop the Ruin, Dio. Dio himself also believes that Luna is just another rumor and that he and Leda are the only ones capable of stopping the Ruin by defeating Casshern. But it seems even those who do not believe in Luna are curious, Lyuze decides to follow Casshern on his journey to find Luna, finnaly having a change of heart about her life. Casshern and Lyuze meet up with Ohji and Ringo in the rain and decide to take shelter to avoid rusting. There Casshern realized his worry and care for Ringo but was ultimatley interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious robot looking to shield himself from the Rain. Lyuze finds this man suspicious and questions him to where he reveals he knows the truth about how Casshern killed Luna and caused the Ruin, revealing that this man is non other then Braiking Boss. He believes that it is possible that Luna may be alive but wants to see for himself up close. Braiking boss also reveals the truth about Ohji, the man who was Braiking Boss' main proffessor and also the creator of Casshern, Dio and Leda. With this Braiking Boss explained the similarities of Robots and Humans including the fact that both races had obtained enernal life, even so humans had one advantage, the ability to pro create. This was the reason that Casshern, Dio and Leda were created, but ultimatley failed to accept the function of reproduction only leaving them to use their abnormally powerful bodies to become killing machines. Braiking Boss himself took the chance to turn Casshern into what he was meant to be, a murder and gave him the order to kill Luna.

Casshern attempts suicide When guilt catches up from a past you never knew, the only escape you know is death Casshern is devistated by the revalation of his past, learning that he was built to be nothing but a monster. Ringo tries to come to his aid but his isnticts come alive as he nearly brings himself to kill Ringo. His will stops himself from doing so but his guilt brings him to try and use his purpouse in life to kill, in an attempt to physically try to take his own life.

Everyone in the world blames Casshern for his sins, the sin of murdering Luna and killing the world, all except Ringo who's innocents still tries to reassure Casshern at his lowest. Casshern runs away from his guilt by fleeing from Braiking Boss which causes Ringo to chase after him and get caught up in a convoy of Robots looking for Luna to heal their hearts. The Convoy reaches to a place where Luna in rumored to be, only to be ambushed by Dio's army who are looking to "impress" Dio.

Casshern vs Dio Once again, being one in the same battle due to their trivial differences Many Robots were killed by these bandits, Ringo would have joined the perish if not for Casshern. There is only one close enough to stop the massacre, but Casshern is wollowing in his own remorse, too busy to realize that his friend is in trouble. Even so Friender stands by his side which inspires him to continue on his journey until he once again face to face with his own evil, Braiking Boss. Surprisingly Braiking Boss is the one who helps to guide Casshern on his new path to help those people, aided by Lyuze's words of "encouragement" Casshern decides to act and help those Robots in need. He dispatches the attacking Robots and finds himself against their leader, Dio.

Once again he his battling someone who knows more about himself then anyone, Dio bluffs about ordering his army to attack to lead out Casshern. Dio believes his sole existance is defeat Casshern and because of that they are destined to battle. Casshern asks him if his desires are filled will he stop killing and even offers to give up his life if that is the case. Dio is unsulted by that suggestion and tells Casshern that he wishes to battle him at full strength and to the death. The two battle further, continuely and further wounding Dio who cannot heal as quickly as Casshern, in order to stop the army from viewing any signs of weakness Leda steps in and convices Casshern to help Lyuze who was injured while he was fighting. Casshern and Lyuze Those who seek revenge can forgive, and those who search for atonement can be forgiven Dio's army retreats, including Dio and Leda leaving Casshern to tend to Lyuze. Lyuze thanks him but assures him that he is not forgiven..yet, but if he commits to finding Luna and helping this world, then and only then can he atone for his sins. Lyuze decides to join alongside Casshern's journey to find Luna and heal the world.

Many robots across the planet suffer from the Ruin, they seek to escape this fate by searching for Luna but there is one who searches for her for a different reason, to serve her. This man is Dune, a fallen guardian angel searching to regain his past by finding Luna, the one he cares about more then any other. There is a group who looks for Luna for different reasons aswell, Casshern, Lyuze and Friender search for Lyuze for answers, to the past events that have litterally destroyed the world. The two forces cross paths, Cassherna and Lyuze and the two are inspired by the man's will to live. This even gave Lyuze an insight to further understand Casshern who explains that he has someone to protect much like this man (Dune). With that, Lyuze realises this man is infact, The Death God himself Dune. Lyuze explained to Casshern that Dune was Lun'a most powerful guardian with a feared reputation, he was also the one who loved Luna more then anyone else. Bandits interrupt Lyuze's reminesense and try to devour Casshern, openly announcing it allowing Dune to wake up and realize Casshern's identity as the man who killed Luna. Infact, Dune was present during her deatha and swiftly tried to kill Casshern in a blind rage for vengence, only resulting in Dune's discraceful first defeat by Casshern's hand, leaving him incapacitated alongside a lifeless Luna.

Casshern vs Dune Rage is fueled by emotion, emotions driven by memories or the lack of them Unlike Casshern, Dune is enraged by his memories and repeats his past mistake by attacking Casshern in an attempt at vengeance. Though, this time Dune is able to best Casshern in his sanity until Casshern also turns to rage to skillfully retalliate. Lyuze stands by only hoping the two will cease fighting as they seek the same goal. Casshern is able to defeat Dune without going as far as ending his life, even so Dune refuses to forgive Casshern for killing Luna. Before Dune tries once again to attack Casshern in vain, Lyuze tells him that Luna is alive, also stating her own confirmed belief in Luna.This news drives Dune to forget his vendetta and even reveal that he only wishes to be with Luna, and that this far outweighs his hate for Casshern, allowing Dune to move on towards his love, towards Luna.

The roaming existence of Robotic life walks the earth in search of the salvation known as the Sun Name Moon, Luna who can heal all. Death himself, Casshern alonside Lyuze and his Friender search for different reasons in order to seak the truth, after being convinced by Dune's passion from their previous encounter. There are those who still roam the world aimlessly trying to survive with every last breath, though well hidden in their demeanor, Ringo and Ohji fit this description but even people such as them have something to hope and believe in. Meanwhile their are those who believe in something completley different, and also search for Luna for opposite reasons, these are bandits of Dio's army who search to live and conquer the world. Even with this army by his side, Dio believes that he can only become all powerful by defeating Casshern himself. Baby Ringo The beauty of innocence has fuel hope, as a reason to believe Dio's conquest is once again interrupted by the news of an attack on his army, while searching for Luna is serveants were attacked, much to Dio's surpised. Followed by Leda, Dio searches for the assailants as a way to learn more about Luna. During Dio's confusion, Casshern shares the same feelings of distress as he and Lyuze meet with Ohji and Ringo, where he learns of their past where Ohji discovered Ringo crying as a baby as if she was human. Although Casshern is shocked, he is happy to learn of this truth while Dio searches, fueld by rage for his own truth.

Finnaly arriving at his destination, Dio and Leda discover the two assailants are non other then Vulcan and Mars, formerly the strongest Robots in Braiking Boss' empire. They bait Dio into dueling them and nearly take his life until Leda sacrifices her freedom in order to allow them to spare him. She leaves Dio, leaving him alone to remorese his defeat until he is interrupted by the arrival of his former commander, Braiking Boss. The tyrant reminds Dio that his rage is pointless and his obsession with Casshern has made him vulnerable to facing his own kind.

Mars death Newfound believes can fuel the passion to begin a revalation within ones self Braiking Boss finishes by telling the fallen warrior that the reason he is considered weaker then Casshern is because of Casshern's former lack of emotion as a pure killing machine, but now he and the two assailants both have goals, instead of obsessions. Dio is inspired by Braiking Boss' words to prove that he will achieve his ultimate "goal" of defeating Casshern and sets off to reclaim Leda. Dio confronts his opponents once again and with a new passion, uses intelligence to divide the two and defeat them seperatley, killing Mars in the process. He leaves Vulcan alone to greave such as he it to Dio. As he loves to feed on the feeling of the weak, Braiking Boss reappears at Vulcan's side who attacks him after blaming him for abandoning his army, Braiking Boss decides to end Vulcan's suffering and kills him. Dio successfully learns from the error of his ways and gains strength from his true ambitions. Just as Casshern and his group do, once they stumble apon the former home of the Sun..Luna.

Once in the world, there was a hope that Robotic kind could create their own, much like the humans could. But like everything in this world, it was thrashed and decayed by reality, leaving only the bitter memories of it all. But other places, their are still prospering points. Casshern, who has murdered the world, is now thought to be a completely different person by his allies, finally forgiven by whom he's been trying to protect. Still searching for Luna, there are many who find a different path to her, through her origin.

Casshern vs Leda Even the memories of a happier time can torment someone to the point of no return Casshern and his group stumble upon Luna's past, three young Robots who were created by the same scientist who created The Sun, Hoti, Hoto and Holtor. But that scientist died long ago, leaving he and Luna's secrets with the three, who were the failed robots who were to become like Luna, the life of the world. Leda and Dio also find the three after infiltrating Luna's birthplace. Leda looks for a way to escape her fate, haunted by the memories of her past she tries to gain information from the Child who do not yield to her commands. Casshern arrives in time to stop Leda's interrogation, only looking to protect the creators legacy. The children plead, letting them know that the key to eternal life is love and happiness, but Leda's obsession with herself blinds her to their "truth".

Ohji Leaving In this world, the duty of all is to do what they can, to save a life Casshern stops her from extracting any information about Luna, Leda's envious thoughts of Casshern lead her attack again but this time Dio steps in to halt her. The two leave, leaving the triplets to reveal the truth to Casshern and the others, that Ringo has been chosen for Holtor's "True Vision". They give the group a prism containing the Luna's Nanocells, which may be to solution to ending the Ruin. Ohji remains behind to study its powers, while Casshern and Lyuze lead Ringo to the Sun.

There is a warrior that walks the ruined world, with mind, will, passion, sanity and strength still intact. But this warrior has been haunted by the vindictive memories of the fallen, Lyuze the warrior who walks a new path that strays from revenge and strays towards redemption. But these memories of her late sister remind her that the partner she has grown so close to, is still the man who murdered her loved one. Lyuze knows that revenge will solve nothing, but there is still something lurking in her heart, she lived on for many years after the ruin, searching for vengeance but when she is faced with oppurtunity, she cannot take it.

Lyuze can only wonder in the emotions she cannot understand, even asking if she were human, could she understand what she should do. But in the depths of Lyuze's mind, she knows her sins...she knows, she is in love with Casshern. In the last phases of remembering her past, her youth reminds Lyuze that she will never be discouraged. Lyuze is finally able to put her troubled decisions to rest, and bids goodbye to her beloved sister Liza.

The World continues to die ever so slowly, but a cure for the plauge known as the Ruin can be cured, at least thats what Casshern and his group believe. Casshern has developed a deep care for both Ringo and Lyuze, people his actions have effected but then everyone in the world has been effected by Casshern and its only a matter of time before another shows itself. Helene and Castor, maruading warriors attack, showcasing their superior abilities, Helene proves that Casshern's protective attitude towards Lyuze is the only thing that has gotten her this far. But Lyuze is more then capable of proving herself as well as Casshern, able to best and force the two to flee.

Lyuze Ruin Even in a place that symbolizes life, the Ruin is an inescapable reality They continue, protecting each other and Ringo, walking along to find a way to protect everyone from the Ruin. They stumble across a plain of flowers, that make it seem as if the Ruin never existed and this is simply how the world should be, continuing their solem vow to stop the Ruin. But even in a place as beautiful as that, the thoughts of recurring death can never escape the mind. Even someone as strong willed as Lyuze can be near twisted by the haunting thought of death, hurrying to move along when they clearly need rest. This never an has never effected Casshern, he is perfection, immortally and eternally beautiful but without Luna, not even he can protect those he cares about. Lyuze has proven herself time and time again but no matter what, the Ruin will keep coming an she is beggining to loose hope. The threat of Ruin is the eternal suffering of the world the eternal suffering of all but Casshern, nothing he can protect from. But Casshern too shares this suffering, the eternal suffering of watching the world die, with absolutley no way out. So all there is to do, is live on and find Luna, the salvation for everything and use whatever life you have and live it, no matter the cost or situation.

In a dying world, there is a well known ray of hope where anyone and everyone can be saved from death, Luna's Healing Grounds is such a place. It is a rumored field of rejoice where Robots and Humans alike can come to be healed by Luna's touch. Many seek for salvation at the hands of Luna but there is one who wishes to reach this place above all others, Dune. Formerly entrapped and driven to insanity by the memories of an unforgivable past, Dune is able to fuel them into his persistant drive to finnaly reunite with his love.

There are others who seem to mimic Dune's determination and reach Luna, those who wish to return the world to the way it once was. These are non other then Casshern, Lyuze and Ringo who have finnaly arrived to see Luna in order to uncover the truth of her healing. In a place where healing is supposed to be the salvation of the world, It does not appear that Luna has done any healing at all. Casshern and his group are puzzled by the silenced lack of life, until Ringo tells them that Luna heals by using her blood and because of this she can only heal a certain amount of people at a time explaining the absence of presence.

Before continuing to search the rumored land, they are surprised recognize someone who shares their ambition, they are surpised to see that Dune has made it to this land on his own, only drive to life by is indomidable and undying will. Dune appears different man who has escaped brink of insanity, rather seeming to be on the brink of depression, distancing himself from the others on the ground. Even so, Dune has always been known for this behavior, showing that he has returned to his old life. This confirms the groups suspicions, that this place is indeed a healing ground. They depart with Dune in order to seek out Luna, looking for both healing, and answers.

Casshern and Dune An area of salvation and healing, life is to be held close but death should never be forgotten The group is stopped only by the many others who seek Luna's healing, cut off by those who wait the groups must maintain patience until they can meet with Luna. Casshern reuintes with Dune in wait, Casshern is shocked view conflict between Robots, who Dune reveals fight simply because they no longer fear death. Casshern is curious to know if Luna knows that her healing is forcing those around her to forget the fear of death, Dune fends her honor by explaining that people choose to take her healing selfishly so it is not her who is to blame, even so Dune realises this in his own right but refuses to confront it. Before returning to Luna's side he reveals that he has not taken Luna's healing, making the healing grounds slowly become more and more suspicious. The city and even Luna are not what they had originally seemed, only those who present the prescent scent of life are chosen to represent life in eternity while others are rejected because they stink of death and will be outcasted. Luna simply wishes to erase the ideals of death as a whole and only those who she chooses will live forever to represent nothing but life. This truth is only evident to whom Luna holds closest, Dune, the man who once believed that all life meant something to Luna. Despite his suspicion Dune wishes to protect every aspect of Luna, especially her happiness. He destroys the life he once new to be beautiful, the flowers he once held close to his heart are now a conflicting force to him because eventually they die and anything that dies will make Luna unhappy.

Casshern figures out the truth through Dune's actions and fails to understand his loyalty, as Casshern still believes that all life is precious and must be held onto, not just those who have or will forget death. Before Casshern is able to convice Dune, they are interrupted by the arrival of Bandits looking for Luna for their own selfish gain. Even with his decaying body, Dune's undying loyalty leads him to prevent their selfish abuse of Luna's blood at all costs. Dune displays his love for Luna by fighting fearlessly against the army of seekers, but during the battle Dune finnaly realises that Luna is not the one he once loved, she is killing for someone who does not believe in death. Shocked by his realization Dune no longer defends himself, believing their is nothing left to protect leaving himself to be saved by Casshern. Dune's Death Everyone lives for a purpouse in life, even if it is unappealing to others, if someone lives to fufil that purpose then death is a reality that can be embraced Casshern protects the man who feels he no longer has something to protect, Casshern was indeed correct in believing that all life is precious, Dune also knew this but refused to accept it. Lyuze believes that Dune can still be healed by Luna, she is oblivious to the fact that Luna only heals those who do not fear death. But Dune still realizes the thick reality of death and apon Luna's arrival to the scene she picks up on this and refuses to heal Dune. Even though Duna gave up his entire life for her, Luna's overbearing hate for death leads her to abandon Dune. Dune accepts the reality that Luna is not who she once was, she is now someone who heals for her own desires and no one elses, although of course...he knew this all along. Casshern and Lyuze are highly upsettened by the news, but Dune finnaly chooses to accept the Sun for who it is, he peacfully passes on, having served his self made purpouse in a life he has to the fullest, all along...that is all he's ever wanted.

The Sun is not what all think it to be, the salvation given to those who ask for it is not richeous or impartial. Luna the Sun beleives that death should be erased from the earth and those who believe that it exists should be aloud to Ruin. Death himself doesn't even agree with Luna's thinking and even those who travled with him to find Salvation, refuse The Sun's twistedness. Even so, thousands search for Luna, including two robotic prodigies and their empire of bandits. Leda and Dio search for Casshern in Luna to answer their desires. Leaving Luna The Salvation offered by the Sun is one that upsets the tender balance of a world set in Ruin Casshern and his group leave the false paradise until Ringo's condition worsens to where they must travel into a place where those who have been freed from the Ruin go. Even though Casshern and his group despise the Ruin and wish to continue on living, they also despise this place, aswell as the way Luna uses her healing. Even so, they question their resolve to pass on, like Dune has shown. But without that resolve, those who desire to live may not be able to stay the same way they were after being "healed". Just before the group returns to meet Luna, Ohji returns from his study to tell Casshern and Lyuze about Luna's past.

In the past The Sun granted salvation to those with eternal life, by destroying them with her healing. Humans and Robots used to find protection under her healing by freeing them of their never ending lifespan, the original Luna believed that true life could only be experienced through death. The New Sun and the Luna of Old are truely different beings, or the same with different meanings. Although Luna can grant life, Casshern tells Ohji that Luna's healing is wrong and unnatural. Survival may no longer seem nesscerry but Casshern is once again pushed to the edge when Dio's army surpirsingly arrives to find Luna. Casshern Defeated 2 One can only begin to imagine the pain of someone who cannot die in a world of nothing but death Casshern learns for the first time that he should not talk for everyone, is the only one with the luxory of immortality. In order to show that he can compare he allows himself to be brutally beaten by the army, and even captured by Dio.

Death is slowly dissappearing from a world that is already dead, with a Sun that never sets and a hero who may never rise again. There are those who realize this, those who are oblivious to it and those who choose to ignore it for their own means. Leda wishes to control this world by forcing all to envy her beauty as she wishes to be the one to grant it to them, rather then Luna. Dio although only wishes to fufil his only desire of defeating Casshern who cannot even bring himself back to the world he destroyed. Leda makes her move and succesfully perswades the unnatural sun to only grant healing to her chosen few and finnaly accepts eternal life apon herself. Casshern in pain Can Death itself truely be the key to all the worlds true desires Even in this paradise of life, where the Ruin seems to be anything but a reality, it consumes the world even more as more robots seek for Luna's salvation unknowing of her true nature. Braiking Boss searches for Luna bringing many who seek for their life, finnaly accepting her as the worlds Sun. As the world accepts Life as their new reality, Dio refuses to accept anything but his desire for defeating Casshern which begins to stand in the way of Leda's renewed hopes of becoming Gods and creating life. But Dio's desire is not the only thing that stands in her way, as her new body seems to be even more effected by the Ruin after The Sun's blessing. Luna infact granted Leda's eternal life but in return her Beauty was stripped from her and her absolute perfection taken nullifying Leda's chances for true happiness in life. Foolishly Leda takes more of the Sun's salvation selfishly while the selfless Casshern whiters in pain only to be rediculed by his rival Dio. Casshern against Dio The feeling behind all your drive and passion cannot be replicated by the false reality of eternal life Casshern and Leda reach the surface of their reality, Casshern must fight against Dio's desires, as he is his responcibility that he twisted Dio through his Sins. Leda's selfish actions have caused her to be completley stripped of her beauty with the granted reality of eternal life, her happiness taken from her so long as death is eliminated from the planet. After a long wait, a time that Dio could have expanded into forever in order to fufil his desires, Casshern returns to his top shape and is ready to finnaly face him. Dio has been able to survive his own mortality through his single obsession and can now find joy, the one feeling he can never replicate by living forever, in defeating Casshern.

The World has accepted the unnatural sun as their unholy saviour, and all who haven't have perished in more ways then one. All believe that eternal life is the key to the end of their suffering, all but Dio who only has one desire that living forever could never fufil, defeating Casshern. He is finnaly getting his wish, he battles Casshern who seeks for his own reason to fight. Dio's entire being is for violence, he has strived for the chance to defeat Casshern, but in that very moment Casshern is no different.

Dio defeats Casshern No one can truely live in The Sun's light, life is only truely beautiful when one can reach its peak and then end in peace While desires are being fufilled on the battlefield, in the so called land of Salvation, hopes and dreams are crushed by eternal life. Leda's hopes of every being beautiful have been slaughtered by Luna's blessing, giving her a hideos appearance. Tossed out with the trash by Luna, Leda's only company is Ringo who may be the only one left who still believes in Leda's bueaty. This spark of hope leads Leda to return to her desires, to return to Luna. Hopes otherwise are fufilled as Dio's duel heats up, getting the better of Casshern Dio's feelings of completion reach their peak. Casshern cannot match Dio's desire, they have always been one in the same until Casshern became one step above that, but now everything has changed and Dio is truely the strongest.

Leda knows the reality of death, she knows that her desires can never be fufilled through eternal life and because of that The Sun is only willing to grant the once true salvation, death. Luna impales Leda to death feeling that death and decay are truely ugly in this world, even though Leda only wanted a new life. Death returns before the Sun can grant full death apon Leda but not before experiencing his one true defeat, at the hands of Dio. Before his death, Dio was able to live his life to its fullest, he was able to defeat Casshern so his fate was one that no longer mattered to him, and so the Ruin claimed it as it always does. Able to feel a great happiness in herself, Leda leaves knowing that her love was able to die peacefully so that she can now do the same. Casshern leaves Luna Death is truely the only one who can realize what true life if, but ironically it can never experience it Luna tries one final time to convince Casshern, that he can become the King of Luna's Legion and grant salvation apon the world, to finnaly atone for all the sins he's commited. Casshern refuses, believing that everyone who flocks to Luna is drinking from her overflowing life. Normally their would be nothing wrong with this, but Casshern knows the truth, all this time Casshern has met many robots and humans overflowing with a fire in their hearts, torches burning with true life. A life that burns out is one that is truely beautiful, something Casshern can never experience, because he cannot die, he can never truely live. He cannot find any meaning an all the violence in the world, he cannot find anything in himself or Luna either. The day that Casshern came to kill the sun, because he murdered Luna she was freed from Death and it was released througout the world and into Casshern. Though Luna is evil, he will not take her from the world, people still flock to her for hope and Casshern never wants to take life from anyone, ever again.

Years ago, the sun who granted true salvation was killed and now she's afforded a life that eternity could never match. The world now looks to Luna to grant them false life without the reality of death but there are some who know the truth, the reality of real life. And those are the very people who live peaceful among themselves, finally content with the world as is. Casshern, Lyuze, Ringo and Ohji can now live in peace, knowing their lives are truly beautiful, but at a cost: what makes their lives beatiful is what causes them to whither away. Despite his life's being at its end, Ohji has realized that Ringo is truly happy, nearly forgotten the ruin exists, Ohji feels that he has done all he can in this world and can pass on from its evils in peace. Ohji's life was based around Ringo and because she was happy, so was he and with that he could die with a smile. Ohji's Death Death is a reality that people should not be able to choose, but embrace in peace as their lives have already been lived to its fullest Outside such a peaceful place, Luna still decieves her takers with false blessings, being protected by her new guardian, Braiking Boss. Wishing the Ruin to be gone and death erased from the world, soon eternal life will reign anew. But the Ruin still exists and its next victim is Casshern's closest friend. Lyuze has survived for so long, believing in nothing but vengeance but upon that day, and all the days since they left Luna she has been able to be truly happy because she knows death as if it was absolutley natural. With that Lyuze has already live her life to the fullest and can die peacefully in Casshern's arms.

Just as Lyuze and Ohji did, everyone deserves to know death so there lives can be beautifully natural, and this may be the only true way to atone of Casshern's sins. He must let all know that death exists, he can no longer sit idoly by for the Sun to blind the world to its own true beauty. Casshern is coming, but not under anyone's orders and not for violence blinded by his rage, he has found something to fight for, the truth of life and something he can not experience but can share with the world in order to atone for what he's done. But he is alone against an army of those under Luna's ruse, but in this moment Casshern knows why he exists he knows who is he and like Dio knows he is the strongest and can win.

Braiking Boss Death The man who made the monster known has death, defeated by his creation..even he can die knowing that he has done his time and can accept a graceful end Casshern fights on until there is only one in his way, the man made him the monster he was and the man who plans to stop who he is, Braiking Boss. Too late to realize his wrong doings, his responcibility to those already tricked by Luna trumpts all allowing him to fight what he believes in. This passion allows him to get the best of Casshern, but no matter what Casshern knows that he cannot loose, no matter what. Casshern fights on and even in a moment where justice seems to weigh on the side of the Emperor, death triumpts. Braiking Boss is able to admit in his final moments that Luna needs to be stopped and the worlds eyes opened to death, Casshern continues to end things once and for all.

The Face of Death Life can only be realized after one has accepted death, and if they ever forget will return to remind them In her own mind, Luna believes that death is ugly and that she can grant the world beautiful life. But she has become a tyrant that has tried to take the world for her own with the lie of happiness under the false hope of eternal life. Someone like this can never stand in the way of death, just as Casshern failed all those years ago. The blood of life and death were mixed together on that day, and the world flipped apon itself and changed into the Ruin. Even though Luna is the opposite of who she once was, even though she has challenged death and transformed the world with false dreams, Casshern will not deny the people of the world what they desire, he will not kill Luna. However if Luna, or anyone ever forgets the face of death, Casshern will return to remind them of beautiful life. Casshern was never seen again, he is the face of death, embrowing it into all who will never know what it means to die. Ringo becomes a young woman and the first know live in a world where death is not an option, but a reality, that the world must always face in the future.

Personality Casshern was originally a merciless being without any sense of reason or morality. When he murdered Luna he quite literally passed this trait onto the world, murdering it and making it a world with no morals or reason. After his rebirth, Casshern became a calm, naive boy who had to learn about his past from enemies and allies alike. As he learned he was constantly ridiculed for who he once was, forcing Casshern into a depression.

Despite his darkness, Casshern still wished to atone for what he had once done and looked for people throughout the world who he had not completely destroyed. These people helped Casshern realize what the world once was and allowed him to strive to stop the Ruin due to their inspiration. Although Casshern had the will to do good, it was still in his nature to be a ruthless tyrant, and this rage would both keep Casshern from sacrificing himself and force him to murder and defend himself.

But when others such as Dio and Braiking Boss remind Casshern of who he was from their perspective, it commonly causes him to become suicidal due to the mental trauma of the surprising realization of his past.Although this suicide was only to help the world, Casshern found another way to do so by seeking out Luna.

By finding Luna, Casshern finally realized who he was; Death. Casshern remember everything he did was right he sacrificed his pride and whatever future he had to become the world's death so that everyone could truly live. This proved that Casshern really was a selfless man who had come from an astonishing change. He was glad that he was a hero who save the world from death.


Casshern is going to rest in peace.

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