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I'm CiscoTheSoto. I'm a student in college, and I spend some of my free time either watching anime or exploring the fandom sites. I'm a somewhat active user on this wiki, but one of my main things I do on this wiki is creating PG Proposals for some important characters.

Here's a list of the proposals I've made so far.

Pure Good Proposals

Image Name Status Notes
Shigeo kageyama.png Shigeo Kageyama Approved.png
Goku Broly.png Goku (Dragon Ball) Rejected.png
Van Hohenheim.png Van Hohenheim Approved.png
All Might Hero Form Full Body.png All Might Approved.png
Might guy render by xuzumaki-d49bixs.png Might Guy Approved.png
Musashi Goda.webp Musashi Goda Approved.png
George Joestar (Anime).png George Joestar I Rejected.png
Uns gen 1st hokage by xuzumaki-d4gjyhc.png Hashirama Senju Approved.png
Naruto uzumaki by xuzumaki-dn.png Naruto Uzumaki Approved.png
Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki 2.png Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki Approved.png
Falco Anime Appearance (1).png Falco Grice Approved.png
Koichi Haimawari Manga Profile.png Koichi Haimawari Approved.png
Horton The Elphant (2008).png Horton the Elephant Approved.png
Robin lego batman movie.png Robin (The Lego Batman Movie) Approved.png
Artur Braus.webp Artur Braus Approved.png
Armin Arlert.jpg Armin Arlert Closed.png
Queen Otohime.webp Otohime Approved.png
Shanks.png Shanks Approved.png
Peeta-75th.jpg Peeta Mellark Approved.png
Speedwagon jojoeoh.png Robert E. O. Speedwagon Approved.png
Shirahoshi.png Shirahoshi Approved.png
Marta Cabrera.webp Marta Cabrera Approved.png
Falcon TF&TWS Profile.png Falcon (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Approved.png
Rickert.jpg Rickert Approved.png
Berserk judeau by dragonwarrior h-da99223.png Judeau Approved.png

Pure Good Removals

Image Name Status Notes
Gon-2011.png Gon Freecss Approved.png