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I always believed the innocent are the ones that keep the world from becoming immoral. That’s why I rescued my pets.
~ Jaeden Autumsnow in The Kingdom Wars
I can beat you anytime!
~ Uthgerd Lionhart in The Kingdom Wars

About Myself

Hello! My full name is Daniel Nemitz (if you didn’t know by the user name) and I am a part time writer and author.

On my spare time, I write episodes for my stop motions and help write episodes for some web series, particularly Erenaroonie!.

Sometimes, I voice act in projects, including Game of Thrones Season 1-5 Parody (Ygritte), Erenaroonie! (Myself), Sonic Boom Stop-Motion (Orbot, Cubot, Tails), and some others.

I like to draw on my spare time, and usually draw some of my favorite fictional characters, or sketch out some characters from my original stories.

My Created Heroes

As you might already know, I am a writer and have written some small and large pieces, some fan fiction, and some original. Here are a list of my created heroes and their alignments. As soon as my books are published, they shall be added to the wiki!

The Kingdom Wars

  • Tellos Augustus (Neutral)
  • Crex (Lawful Neutral)
  • Solianna Adanies (Chaotic Good)
  • Nellie Wanda (Lawful Neutral)
  • Wan Fennec (Lawful Good)
  • Fennix (Lawful Neutral)
  • Uthgerd Lionhart (Chaotic Neutral)
  • Jaeden Autumsnow (Chaotic Good)
  • Sofyia Fennec (Lawful Good)

The Dead Sanity

  • Ryan Mason (Neutral)
  • Zoe Militoy (Lawful Good)
  • Cooper Anderson (Lawful Good)
  • Max Roth (Lawful Neutral)
  • Miranda Jessie Arden (Lawful Good)
  • Lunette Turner (Chaotic Good)

Mud Pipe

  • Tomas (Neutral Good)
  • Hayley (Lawful Neutral)
  • Emily (Lawful Good)

Sonic the Hedgehog OC’s

  • Janet the Echidna (Chaotic Good)

Favorite Heroes (Excluding my Characters)

Some of my favorite fictional heroes from all media, including characters from tv shows, video games, YouTube, movies, and books! These are also considered my personal favorites!

Pages I’ve Created/Written

These are all pages I have written and contributed a lot to.