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Proposals and Removals


  1. Thackery Binx: Although he couldn't save his sister, he managed to save other children (especially Dani) (Approved)
  2. Sophie (2016): It was thanks to her that Fleshlumpeater and the other eight evil giants never went back to eating children and never bullied The BFG again. (Approved)
  3. Prince Phillip (Maleficent): Like Aurora, Philip was an important character in the films and helped others to end the war between humans and Moors. (Approved)
  4. Barley Lightfoot: Unlike Ian, Barley was very brave and was never willing to give up until he got what they wanted. (Approved)
  5. Manolo Sánchez: He was one of the only characters to know that the idea of killing a bull was animal cruelty, plus he was willing to sacrifice himself for his city. (Approved)
  6. La Muerte: She was friendly with mortals and knew that Manolo and María were made for each other, she even gave him help to reincarnate when she found out that Xibalba was responsible for his death. (Approved)
  7. Thunder (The House of Magic): He saved the house of magic when Daniel tried to destroy it, plus he never felt angry at Jack for trying to get rid of him. (Rejected)
  8. 7723: Although his creator created him to recreate the concept of human emotions and memories and defeat Ares, he did more than that. (Approved)
  9. Ron (Ron's Gone Wrong): Unlike other B-Bots, he had a personality of his own and it was thanks to him that Barney realized what the kids needed. (Rejected)
  10. Ki: Unlike the other female martians, Que is kind and even had the idea that they should take care of martian babies on their own instead of using robots for it. (Approved)
  11. Frank Wishbone: He is the only Wishbone without corrupting qualities and has also proven to be very friendly to others, including strangers. (Approved)
  12. Snow White (Mirror Mirror): She cares about her people and wanted to help them regain their happiness. (Approved)
  13. Moses (Ten Commandments): He is very friendly to the people he cares about and has served God by putting an end to slavery. (Rejected)
  14. Maddie the Inland Taipan: Despite people seeing her as a dangerous animal, she is actually kind and sees her friends as family (she was still kind to Pretty Boy despite the latter being self-centered). (Approved)
  15. Ozzy (Ozzy): Unlike the other captive dogs, Ozzy did not allow the villains to force him to forget his owners and it was thanks to him that Nathaniel Robins was arrested for all the dogs he stole and mistreated. (Approved)
  16. Justin (Justin and the Knights of Valour): Despite the law, he became a knight because that was his dream and prevented a war from happening without nearly killing anyone. (Approved)
  17. Winnie Portley-Rind: Although she may seem arrogant, she was actually just trying to be heroic. (Approved)
  18. Linda Mitchell: She cares not only for her family but also Eric and Deborahbot 5000 despite being robots, she also helped her family to save the world from the PAL uprising. (Rejected)
  19. Paddington (film series): He is friendly with others, including strangers and people who are not friendly, he has even redeemed a lot of prisoners. (Approved)
  20. Papa Smurf (live-action version): He cares about all smurfs and is willing to put his own life on the line to protect them. (Rejected)
  21. Aladdin (2019): Unlike Jafar, he didn't allow his past to make him as cruel as he was and even stopped him from forcing two allied kingdoms to go to war. (Rejected)
  22. Despereaux Tilling: He is a brave gentleman and he saw that both humans and rats had a bright side. (Approved)
  23. Fa Mulan (Reflection): Although her original version is already Pure Good, this version is even braver as she was willing to lose her freedom if she failed.
  24. Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros. Movie): Despite Mario and Luigi being the main characters, she proved to be just as admirable as they were, as well as having no corrupt qualities unlike them.
  25. Cheyenne: TBA
  26. Maki: TBA
  27. EVE (PS2): TBA
  28. Johnny (Sing): TBA

Approved 16: Thackery Binx, Sophie (2016), Prince Phillip (Maleficent), Barley Lightfoot, Manolo Sánchez, La Muerte, 7723, Ki, Frank Wishbone, Snow White (Mirror Mirror), Maddie the Inland Taipan, Ozzy (Ozzy), Justin (Justin and the Knights of Valour), Winnie Portley-Rind, Paddington (film series), Despereaux Tilling

Rejected 6: Thunder (The House of Magic), Ron (Ron's Gone Wrong), Moses (Ten Commandments), Linda Mitchell, Papa Smurf (film series), Aladdin (2019)


  1. Mirian (The Prince of Egypt): She fails the standard for Moses and God. (Rejected)
  2. Olaf (Frozen): He fails the admirable standard for Anna, Elsa and Mattias. (Rejected)

Rejected 2: Miriam (The Prince of Egypt), Olaf (Frozen)

My Favourite Characters

The Incredibles - Violet Parr

Dumbo - Rongo the Strongo

Tangled - Queen Arianna

Frozen - Mattias

Spirit - Kate Flores

Sing - Johnny and Mike (Sing)

Onward - Barley Lightfoot

Cruella - Artie

Luca - Massimo Marcovaldo

The Mighty Ducks - Fulton Reed (in films) and Logan LaRue (in TV Series)

Ron's Gone Wrong - Marc Weidell and Rich Belcher

Encanto - Isabela Madrigal and Bruno Madrigal

Animator vs Animation - Endie

Turning Red - Priya Mangal