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Proposals I plan on making:

I plan on making PG proposals for:

  • Some incarnations of the Doctor when I watch them.(possibly)
  • Some versions of Link and Zelda.
  • Soma Cruz if I play the sorrow games
  • Jinora
  • Hornet from Hollow Knight once Silksong comes out.
  • Lex Luthor form Injustice

I plan making PG removal proposals for:

  • Elrond, Galadriel, Arwen, Eru Illuvatar from LOTR.
  • Dr. Ashley Kafka from Spider-man: The animated series
  • Frou-Frou from the Aristocats
  • Ginger from Chicken Run, (possibly)
  • Hutch
  • Ian Lightfoot
  • Kaepora Gaebora
  • Lady Tottington

Pages I've created:

Pages I've heavily altered: