• I live in Chappaqua And In The Untied States Of America
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Middle schooler, Scratcher, ETC
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hello Guys
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Andy in childs play
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Screw You
~ DyaboytheSBSPfanboy when he is blocked

Hello Newcomer, I’m The Fantastic DyaboytheSBSPfanboy, My Favorite Character Is SpongeBob SquarePants, hence my username

Also I don’t think Conker The Squirrel is an antihero, he is just hyperactive, and is somewhat misunderstood, however, Robin From TTG is more of an antihero, Acting Bossy all the time.

I Spend most of my time watching Spongebob, I am also a Super Smash Bros character, Well, In my dreams!


Benjamin is a young boy who wears a shirt, slacks, and wears shoes most of the most of the time.


Benjamin is usually shown as a kind, good-hearted, cheerful, fun-loving and intelligent young boy who makes articles and helps others, he is usually very serious and determined to help, however, he can get very angry and reckless, even violent and hasty when he is blocked, an example is seen on the it’s pony wiki, overall, he edits here most of the time and rarely is mad, sometimes, he is pissed by the antics of others, especially from Chao’s obnoxious antics, but he cares about him, he seems to care about his mom deeply, his favorite color was always green, but he also likes red and other colors, Benjamin was bullied by others on scratch, which makes him somewhat shy and timid.

Benjamin has a childlike and optimistic persontaily most of the time, but he also hates being called Ben all the time, it annoys him deeply, however, Benjamin can be nice and friendly when interacting with others that are nice to him. However, agitating him enough causes him to become erratically angry, and begin shouting at and attacking other people, because of this, he is somewhat insane at times, but nevertheless is kind, he enjoys watching spongebob, his favorite show, He also likes talking to others most of the time.

Benjamin (mostly on spongebob wiki) has a tendency to swear on wikis, because of this, he is considered extremely unpopular by many users.

In Super Smash Bros, Benjamin is somewhat cocky and overconfident at times, but he is kind and noble to others, especially Mario, he loves fighting others in the game, which implies he is somewhat reckless and careless at times.

Nicknames for users

The Smartass That Bothers Me!

The Cutest Sweetest Cat

The Awesome Yoshi Fanboy

The Child-like Animal

The Amazing Alex

The Inactive User

Favorite Heroes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Robotic Operating Buddy


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