aka FluffyMightyena16

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on June 1
  • I am Female

I would rather be referred to by my username, FluffyMightyena16 (Fluffy if you like) as my true name will be kept a mystery to all, so please don't bother asking. I am very reserved, quiet, and a bit timid at times, but I eventually open up to people in my own pace and time and have no trouble commenting on blogs (especially proposals) and I am fun loving and sociable when I am at my best mood. I am the kind of person who prefers to self-teach most of the time when I want to try something new, and I only ask for help when I really need it. I really enjoy reading, web surfing, playing games, shopping, watching funny videos and contributing to FANDOM sites.

My Favorite Heroes

Traits that I Favor in a Hero

  • First and foremost, a hero that actually does an act of heroism and a strong sense of justice; this is a must.
  • Any hero who is assertive and will fight when duty calls, which makes them very competent.
  • I like heroes who are naïve and have some fanboy or fangirl traits, which I find them very interesting.
  • Lovable dimwits whose antics involve being literal minded, and oblivious to dangerous circumstances. They must have hilarious moments that doesn't involve getting too weird and stimulating discomfort.
  • Heroes who make awesome comebacks to insults that actually catches them off-guard.
  • I like the kind of heroes who can be arrogant in the way they can at times make them look like they're lying, and jerks when they are loyal, in a sense that they will back you up, as long it does not go up to the level of a bully.
  • Vengeful heroes are just one of my favorites; in the way that they will exact revenge on those who horribly wrong them (especially when some of them are irredeemable monsters, where vengeance is as sweet as sugar).
  • Heroes with the mindset of a child (the good kind of immaturity), such as those who love to have fun and will try to get someone to lighten up as long as they are not forceful.
    • Similarly, wealthy heroes who are actually considerate towards others and go against the stereotypical "spoiled brat" and will befriend those who don't share the same status as them, in spite of having everything they want.
  • Aside from vengeance, I have a level of respect for heroes who are pacifists and merciful, even to villains, when they know what they're doing and will resort to a fight if it fails (Po).
  • Heroes that are strategic who have backup plans if their originals fail.
  • Certain cowards who suddenly unleash their potential and save the day, they are liable for my upmost respect. (Tantor from Tarzan and Pumbaa from The Lion King).
  • Even through I am female, say what you will, but I don't mind damsels at all, regardless of gender, as I find their role in a story intriguing and prominent when they have a clear likable personality. I like it even more when they eventually go through character development and become capable of defending themselves. That goes for those who are constant damsels who make the most of their time in captivity to leak vital enemy information to their hero or send helpful items from afar (Princess Peach).

Traits that I Dislike in a Hero

  • Any hero who is passive (how they handle tough and extreme situations), to the point where they think they are "good" when they don't fight back or blindly follow the law (when laws are oppressive, degrading, and disregard the safety of others) and let other people exploit them whenever they please. This also counts for those who just watch and do nothing about it. I don't find that truly heroic at all and it's pretty much contributing to evil. This is incompetence at its absolute worst. The ONLY exception when I do is when they learn to stand up for others and themselves.
  • More to come...

Pure Good Proposals

Here is a list of the heroes that I proposed so far.

Image Name Status
Masked Ravio
USUM Lillie

Pure Good Removal Proposals

Here is a list of the heroes that I proposed for removal so far

Image Name Status
Harold Hutchins
Harold Hutchins
The Trolls (Frozen)
Trolls (Frozen)
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