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I'm Fower42 and my profile name means absolutely nothing. Welcome to my page.

My heroic idols (in no particular order)

Anime & Manga


Comic Books

Movies (animated)

Movies (live-action)

TV Shows (animated)

TV Shows (live-action)

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My most hated heroes (in no particular order)

Pure Good Proposals

Image Name Status
Atticus Finch.png Atticus Finch Approved.png
File:Optimusprimeg1.jpg Optimus Prime Approved.png
Avatar Aang.png Aang Approved.png
Phineas and Ferb render.png Phineas and Ferb Rejected.png
Charlie Brown (current).png Charlie Brown Approved.png
Linus.png Linus van Pelt Approved.png
Bob Newby.jpg Bob Newby Approved.png
Greg and his pet frog.png Greg Approved.png
Paper Mario-80.png Paper Mario Approved.png
Ssbu young link.png Young Link Approved.png
703px-WW Link HD 1.png Toon Link Approved.png

Pure Good Removal Proposals

Image Name Status
AntMan-EndgameProfile.jpg Ant-Man Approved.png
DarkShirtBoy(NoShading) By TheOffColors Edit by Kaydenmario8.png Steven Universe Rejected.png

(another user had him removed from the category)

Groot AIW Profile.jpg Groot Approved.png
NewGarnet.png Garnet Approved.png
Iroh (Avatar- The Last Airbender).png Iroh Rejected.png

(and rightfully so)