Fran Madaraki - One of if not my favorite manga protagonist who is a morally questionable doctor and scientist. She will gladly help anyone achieve what thy want but often has dark results and ultimately she will do anything to preserve the life even if in agony due to believing it better than death.

Veronica Madaraki - A cool assassin who could be comedic and extremely violent but even then while she loves her sister finds some of her acts messed up.

Elias Ainsworth - An entertaining immortal that wants to prevent his future bride from dying due to her magic overloading her body.

Chise Hatori - A interesting young lady who due to her magic heritage would normally die at a young age due to the magical energy overloading her body.

Silver Lady - A mystical spirit who while she doesn't talk much but wants to ensure Chise is protected and taken care of.

Ruth - As Chise's familiar he is protective of her and a brother figure who goes to any length to ensure she is safe.

Sōma Yukihira - A passionate cook that is competitive and wants to help others if he sees them being mistreated.

Shun Ibusaki - A calm cook who rarely showed his emotions but often helped his friends where he could.

Ryōko Sakaki - A caring young woman who encourages her friends and their cooking whenever she can.

Megumi Tadokoro - A shy young lady who over time grows more confident and improves her cooking skills.

Erina Nakiri - An egotistical cook who has problems making genuine friends due to her attitude.

Alice Nakiri - A humorous cook who while less arrogant than her cousin tends to think rather highly of herself.

Ryō Kurokiba - Alice's friend and assistant who can go from stoic and laid back to rather aggressive and strives to prove his superiority over others.

No-Face (Spirited Away) - A spirit that redeemed himself after befriending the hero.

Chihiro Ogino - A young kid who will do anything to save her family after they are turned into pigs.

Church - A comedic individual that was a blast to watch especially when around his ex. His basic reincarnation as Epsilon was a fun way to bring him back after being killed by an E.M.P. to defeat the Meta.

Tex - I enjoyed her overall ruthless personality when it came to completing her missions.

Delta (Red vs Blue) - An A.I. that was fun to watch especially when being sarcastic.

Lavernius Tucker - A sarcastic and somewhat lazy soldier that is rather perverted at times.

Sarge - A humorously abusive leader that seems to come up with rather strange ideas.

Dexter Grif - A lazy and sarcastic soldier that seems to enjoy insulting his fellow soldiers whenever possible.

Dick Simmons - A nerdy soldier who I found likable often especially when he was interacting/bickering with Grif.

Lopez the Heavy - A helpful but rather sarcastic robot that speaks Spanish which none of his teammates can understand.

Sheila - An A.I. that was fun to see interact with her teammates and how she'd remain calm and even polite most the time.

Michael J. Caboose - A fun soldier who seems to be not all there when it comes to how he thinks.

Washington - A soldier that is highly trained and seems concerned more with his own well-being at first.

Carolina - A competitive Freelancer that seeks to get rid of those corrupt in power.

York - A laid back Freelancer that seemed to enjoy the little things with the dreams of starting a new life with the woman he fell in love with.

RWBY - A fun group of young ladies that work together rather well.

  • Ruby Rose - A fun, energetic and adorable protagonist. Her weapon being a scythe and gun does add to the cool factor in my book.
  • Weiss Schnee - A young lady that grew up in a rich family but decided she wanted to change the world for it to be better for everyone.
  • Yang Xiao Long - A fun and carefree young lady that is caring towards her friends and family but also enjoys going on adventures.

Qrow Branwen - A man that is blunt and is described as a functioning alcoholic. He also shows a caring and friendly side to his friends and family.

Raven Branwen - Seems like an interesting leader of a tribe that is known to be thieves and murderers.

Winter Schnee - A young woman that despite coming from a wealthy family joined the military to protect her kingdom at any cost.

Taiyang Xiao Long - A cool overprotective father who jokes around with his kids and only wants to help them in anyway he can.

Ghira Belladonna - A peaceful revolutionist that avoids violence whenever possible and is shown to be very protective of his family.

Kali Belladonna - A loving and seemingly sociable mother who will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

JNPR - A great team of young men and women that work together well and seem to get along just as well outside of their missions.

  • Jaune Arc - A young man that wants to be a great hero by following in his family's footsteps.
  • Nora Valkyrie - An energetic and talkative young lady I found overall entertaining and the fact her weapon is a giant hammer that can turn into a grenade launcher definitely helps.
  • Pyrrha Nikos - A friendly character that is more than willing to stand up against her enemies and protect her friends no matter what.
  • Lie Ren - A young man who often tries to keep peace within his group and is also rather calm under most circumstances.

Penny Polendina - A cool robotic girl who will selflessly put herself in danger for the safety of others.

Professor Ozpin - A cool teacher that merely wants the best for his students and is more than willing to support them in any way he can. To be honest though I find him a bit suspicious over the years and wouldn't be all that surprised if he's far worse than originally presented.

Glynda Goodwitch - A woman who is often serious and expects students be both mature and prepared for whatever challenges they must face.

Bartholomew Oobleck - An energetic and enjoyable teacher who while strict will do whatever he can to support his students.

James Ironwood - A military leader who while stubborn does truly want to help everyone he can.

Oscar Pine - A entertaining young man forced into the middle of a secret and ancient war between to immortals.

CFVY - A cool second year team that has learned from their past missions and how to comfort each other.

  • Coco Adel - A confident young lady who regularly kills monsters known as Grimm with a minigun and always tries to improve her leadership skills.
  • Fox Alistair - A sarcastic young man who has no problem joking about his own blindness and can blunt to his allies but gets serious when he needs to be.
  • Velvet Scarlatina - A shy young lady that can copy anyone's power for a very short time by taking pictures with her special camera.
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi - A strong young man with a protective nature and a bit self-conscious about his strength, size and Semblance due to issues they have caused him.

Sun Wukong (RWBY) - A mischievous young man that ultimately wants to help his friends.

Nomad of Nowhere - An entity who just wants to make friends and help when he can.

Skout - A compassionate young woman who just wants to do what she feels is right.

Toth - A woman who will stop at nothing to help her people.

Cameron "Cammie" MacCloud - A sarcastic and foul mouthed character that's been a blast to watch.

Rufus Weller - A brilliant scientist who encourages his group and just wants to help humanity reach it's full potential.

Julian Chase - A young soldier who lost nearly everything in a mission yet still does whatever he can to rebuild his life.

Valentina Romanyszyn - A skilled but cynical individual who joined gen:LOCK simply to be part of a scientific break through.

Kazu Iida - A fearless individual who seems both reckless and friendly overall when he's not fighting.

Tomoko Kuroki - An entertaining protagonist who seeks to become more popular with her peers.

Jacuzzi Splot - A likable and shy young man who when needed can be exceptionally brave not to mention a badass.

Nice Holystone - A enjoyable young woman who is caring and loves explosions despite accidentally being caught in one as a child.

Claire Stanfield - An honorable assassin that is able to defeat nearly any opponent with very little effort and delivers his own form of justice.

Chane Laforet - A silent woman who gave up her voice to protect the secrets of that her father allowed her to learn including the secrets of immortality.

Rachel - A young woman who helps gather information for her employers but does what she can to keep some passengers safe when the train is taken over by dangerous criminals.

Czeslaw Meyer - An immortal child who due to being tormented for years long ago will do nearly anything to ensure his own survival.

Firo Prochainezo - A gangster who is often friendly and despite his young non-intimidating appearance is a rather capable fighter who became immortal through the course of the story.

Ennis - A former servant of her evil creator who ultimately brings out information needed to finally put an end to his crimes.

Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent - A humorous group of thieves that believe they are helping people and eventually become immortal but don't realize it for several decades.

Shiro Fujimoto - A loving and religious father who will do anything to protect his adopted children.

Rin Okumura - A cool and entertaining half-demon who wants to stop his father from merging the demonic realm with the mortal realm and avenge his adoptive fathers death.

Yukio Okumura - A young and interesting exorcist and teacher.

Mephisto Pheles - A fun exorcist and demon who was eccentric.

Yuri Egin - A gentle and loving woman who in the anime feel in love with Satan but due to her father was killed though she was able to give birth to her sons just before her passing.

Tokaku Azuma - A powerful assassin who decides to protect Haru so that she may live a full life.

Haru Ichinose - A tragic young woman who wants to live and even tried to befriend her attempted assassins.

Satoru Fujinuma - A young man who has the power to go back in time with the goal of changing the past to save both kids from his past along with possibly his mother.

Sachiko Fujinuma - A loving mother and dedicated reporter who wants to uncover a killer before it is too late.

Airi Katagiri - An optimistic young lady who wants to help clear her friend’s name.

Sawada - A reporter who after his friend dies tries to help her son avenge her.

Kayo Hinazuki - A tragic young lady who was cynical due to her abusive parents but while in one timeline killed as a child is revived in another due to being saved.

Kenya Kobayashi - A mature young man that would offer his friends advice and comfort.

Night Raid - A group of revolutionist who seek to bring about a change in a corrupted empire.

  • Tatsumi - A young man who originally came to the empire to earn money for his village that ultimately joins the group to improve the empire and his village at the same time.
  • Akame - An entertaining and often stoic heroine that seeks to overthrow a corrupt empire.
  • Leone - A cool heroine who seems to enjoy teasing people when she can. Despite her laid back attitude she is rather brutal to her enemies.
  • Bulat - A cool warrior who seeks to overthrow an empire he once served due to realizing how terrible it has become.
  • Sheele - A clumsy and entertaining heroine that can remain calm and focused even under some of the most brutal events.
  • Najenda - A cool leader of a group of revolutionary.
  • Lubbock - A fun hero who often tries to flirt with attractive females with little to no success.
  • Susanoo - A powerful and ancient living weapon that will do what ever is asked of him.
  • Mine - A young woman who is confident in her abilities and seeks to end the prejudice she suffered when she was younger.
  • Chelsea - A master of disguise that often teases and criticizes her allies.

Afro Samurai - A stoic and violent samurai who suffered most his life that wants to avenge his father's death.

Jonathan Joestar - A kind young man who has a strong sense of honor and gladly gave his life to save the woman he loved along with the world.

Captain Harlock - An immortal space pirate that wants to protect his galaxy and save humanity in the film when he fears they will go extinct by attempting to reset the universe.

Miime - A beautiful alien that loyally serves Harlock in his missions to preserve freedom.

Monkey D. Luffy - A pirate with some morals and a goal of becoming king of the pirates.

Roronoa Zoro - A skilled swordsman that wants to prove his skill to the entire world.

Nami - A greedy pirate who will when needed will step up to save her friends.

Shanks - A pirate that will do anything to protect his friends while also having fun.

Sanji - A passionate pirate and cook who will do anything to protect his friends and to enjoy his life when he can.

Kyouko Kirigiri - A stoic young lady who seeks to find out who the mastermind behind the school's killing game to bring them to justice.

Sakura Ogami - Despite her intimidating appearance she is a rather nice and caring person that's looking out for her friends.

Byakuya Togami - A rich student who overestimates his abilities and seeks to be free from the school so he can live his life.

Makoto Naegi - A caring young man who seeks to free not only himself but his friends while often bringing hope even when in the least likely scenarios.

Genocide Jill - Personally I really only enjoyed the "Genocide Jill" personality who I found funny.

Aoi Asahina - A caring young lady who just wants to make it out alive with her friends.

Hifumi Yamada - While not my favorite character I did find him to be entertaining especially since he reminds me of myself to a mild degree.

Vash the Stampede - An immortal who wants to protect everyone he can with the minimum amount of violence.

Milly Thompson - A tall young lady that is an optimist most of the time.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood - A cool priest that has no major issues with killing his enemies but has a good hart.

Spike Spiegel - A bounty hunter that is a bit lazy and doesn't seem to mind the idea of dying at times.

Jet Black - A cool bounty hunter who looks out for his friends and can be rather untrusting of local law enforcement.

Faye Valentine - A bounty hunter that is rather sarcastic and is primarily looking out for herself rather than those around her.

Gonard - An enjoyable young actor.

Mitsuki (Kappa Mikey) - A kind young actress that gave up the life of a spy to have friends and happiness.

The Vengeful One - An entity that while brutal wants to save the world even if not a fan of humanity.

Samurai Jack - A warrior sent to the future and seeks to return to his own time to prevent a demon from taking over the world.

The Scotsman - A strong and humorous warrior who has no problem insulting nearly any creature he comes across regardless of how powerful the entity might be.

Ashi - A skilled warrior later revealed to truly be the daughter of Aku and is crucial to bringing his destruction but ends up erased as a result.

Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) - A insecure teenager character that I found entertaining especially considering how serious he looks at the world when compared to his younger brother.

Gregory (Over the Garden Wall) - A energetic little kid that seems to enjoy the adventure more than his older brother.

Beatrice (Over the Garden Wall) - A cursed young lady who wishes to transform her family and herself back into humans after being turned into a bluebird due to throwing a rock at one.

Jess Aarons - An anti-social kid who after losing a friend due to a tragic accident struggles to open up again.

Leslie Burke - A young girl who befriends Jess and they create their own imaginary kingdom but ends up killed in an accident.

Nick Carraway - A likable man who after going to visit his cousin befriends a rich man who came into money through questionable means and tries to help him.

Jay Gatsby - A man who only wanted to earn a woman's love. I'd hate the fact he's going after a married woman but her husband is already cheating on her, presumably abusive towards her and is in the end not only rejected but pays the ultimate price.

Atticus Finch - A good lawyer who believes everyone deserves a fair trial, will do anything to protect his family and goes against a racist system.

George Milton - A man who while easily annoyed and at times can come across as harsh with Lennie he does truly care for him and wanted to help him.

Lennie Small - A mentally challenged and sweet man who is strong but accidently got himself in trouble.

Goofy - A funny and loving father who just wants what's best for those he loves.

Max Goof - A michevious character who while often embarassed by his father does open up more to him over time.

Pete (Disney) - While often a jerk he does tend to bring a laugh due to his overall greedy nature.

Peg Pete - A comedic wife and mother that often keeps her family in line.

P.J. - A loyal friend that has a strained relationship with his father due how he is treated.

Donald Duck - A short tempered but caring uncle.

Scrooge McDuck - A man who is a bit greedy but deeply cares for his family.

Lena De Spell - A cool teenager that redeemed herself to protect her best friend.

Webby Vanderquack - A bit naïve and caring individual with a desire for adventure.

Captain Jack Sparrow - A pirate who for the longest time wanted to become immortal yet still had enough standards to do the right thing or give up an opportunity despite often being selfish.

Axel - I enjoyed his personality especially how he was sarcastic. I thought he was either the coolest or at least one of the coolest characters. Of what I played he's probably my favorite character overall in the series.

Roxas - A likable Chosen One that wants to find out who he truly is and just enjoy life. I like him more than Sora in all honesty.

Xion - She is a likable character who was especially fun to watch with her friends. I was upset in all honesty when she was killed off.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - A cool warrior who has to stop many villains from becoming godlike and remaking the universe.

Siegfried Schtauffen - A warrior who will stop at nothing to make amends for his previous acts and to destroy Soul Edge.

Pyrrha Alexandra - A young lady who will avoid fighting whenever possible.

Kairi Sisigou - A cool mage who forms a bond with Mordred even encouraging her wish and praising her courage.

Ruler / Joan of Arc - A fair and skilled warrior that does her best to remain impartial despite even being attacked by a side.

Saber / Arturia Pendragon - An honorable and cool leader who will wants to help her master and change the fate of her people. An interesting take on king Arthur who in this version mascaraed as a male in her previous life and I find her more likable than most versions of the famous king.

Saber of Red / Mordred - A more heroic take on an enjoyable villain who in this version seeks to prove herself right by taking a test so that her "father" would ultimately have to admit she was worthy of being "king". I really enjoyed the idea of making Mordred a heroic figure after reading on how the original one was a tragic young man that had a good reason to hate King Arthur.

Rider of Black / Astolfo - A warrior willing to do anything to protect the innocent and obtain their wish.

Berserker of Black / Frankenstein's Monster - An entity that seeks to find her place and seemingly a lover in this world.

Rider - A cool conqueror who wishes to rule the world and always lives life to its fullest.

Waver Velvet - A person who wants the grail so he can prove his skill and worthiness as a mage.

Irisviel von Einzbern - A truly compassionate woman who only wanted to help her husbands obtain his goal.

Lancer (Fate/Zero) - A cool spear user and overall warrior who I enjoyed watching.

Lancer (Fate/stay night) - A playful character I enjoyed especially when he hit Shinji during his assault on Rin.

Rin Tohsaka - A interesting teenager who fights to restore her family honor.

Shirou Emiya - A teenager that seeks to fight for justice and to protect the world.

Archer (Fate/Stay night) - A sarcastic heroic spirit that want's to prevent Shirou from becoming like him.

Kiritsugu Emiya - A man who wants to save as many people as possible.

Kariya Matou - A man who will go to great lengths to save a girl from his evil father.

Berserker (Fate/stay night) - A powerful and destructive spirit who I found entertaining to watch.

Illyasviel von Einzbern - A tragic young girl who lost her family and is more than willing to be lethal if needed to get what she desires.

Gilgamesh - A powerful and legendary spirit who thinks everything in the world is his by right and considers himself the only true king.

Sesshomaru - A demon that wants to gain more power but not the easy way and test his might against the strongest opponents possible.

Inuyasha - A half-demon that wants to find love and to stop the forces of evil.

Kagome Higurashi - A young woman who falls in love with a half-demon that wants to help destroy a powerful demon that seeks absolute powerful.

Sango - A skilled fighter who will stop at nothing to kill evil demons who threaten her group and the world.

Miroku - A cool monk that wanted to stop a curse placed on him and his family who admittedly could be a pervert at times.

Goblin Slayer - A skilled warrior who will stop at nothing to exterminate the goblins as revenge for all their victims including his sister.

Priestess - A skilled young lady who wants to help all those she can especially when it involves stopping monsters.

Guild Girl - A beautiful young woman who wants to keep new adventurers safe when they asks for quests and hates when some arrogant adventures only take they higher paying ones due to wanting fame.

Cow Girl - A cool childhood friend who wants to help Goblin Slayer when he needs comfort.

High Elf Archer - An elf who is somewhat naïve to the darker aspects of the world and prone to outbursts.

Dwarf Shaman - A fun loving man who will comfort some buy also will tease them when things calm down.

Lizard Priest - A cool reptilian hero who often is calm and respectful but has a comical love for cheese.

Hiei - A powerful demon who while having some honor can be rather ruthless to all those who cross him.

Yusuke Urameshi - A young man that fights to decide his place in the afterlife and to grow stronger.

Genkai - A fun teacher who is a firm believer in the old ways especially in terms of strength with no issue voicing her complaints.

Botan - A fun take on the Grim Reaper who helps keep balance in the setting when she can.

Kazuma Kuwabara - A cool but brutish warrior who has no problem doing the right thing with a strict personal code.

All Might - A cool hero who wants to find a successor and to save anyone he can despite his failing health.

Shota Aizawa - A stern but caring teacher who does expect a lot yet will also protect his students.

Izuku Midoriya - A caring young man who has always dreamed of becoming a hero and protect others that is now making it a reality.

Ochaco Uraraka - A caring young woman who is always striving to help others and her ability to manipulate gravity was cool.

Tsuyu Asui - A cool young lady who comes across as a realist in term of how things will work out but still strives to help where possible.

Shadowman - A man who must protect the world of the living from evil forces mainly from the world of the dead.

SWAT Kats - A cool vigilante duo who do what they can to protect their city.

  • Jake "Razor" Clawson - An entertaining and fun loving genius who goes out of his way to protect his city.
  • Chance "T-Bone" Furlong - A skilled fighter and willing to use more reckless tactics if he believes it will protect his city.

Callie Briggs - An intelligent and more talented Deputy Mayor who supports the SWAT Kats and their fight for justice.

Guy-Am-I - A skilled inventor who eventually warms up to people and new situations after being reluctant due to past experiences.

Sam-I-Am- A man that just wants to make friends and find his mother who left him when he was a kid.

Penelope Pitstop - A charming racer who often befriended the others and tried to see the best in people.

The Ant Hill Mob - A fun group that could try to be helpful to others but often were a bit too competitive.

Fred Flintstone - While he had a temper he did love his friends and family to the point he would do what he could for them.

Wilma Flintstone - A loving wife and mother who often tried to let her husband do things how he wanted but could blow up at him over some issues.

Pebbles Flintstone - It was fun to see how she grew during the franchise.

Barney Rubble - A loving husband and father that could be a bit mischievous.

Betty Rubble - A loving wife and mother that often had to bail out her husband due to the events they got themselves in.

Bamm-Bamm Rubble - It was fun to see him grow up in the series and was super strong.

Johnny Bravo - A fun pervert who likes to think himself a hit with the women he flirts with.

Gary Goodspeed - AN eccentric man who started off as a prisoner who fights to stop a tyrant and godlike entities from destroying the dimension.

KVN - A humorous robot that often annoyed those around him.

H.U.E. - A humorous A.I. that bonds with Gary and shows his feelings despite being rather stoic.

Benton Quest - A fun scientist and protective father who tries to protect the world when he can.

Jonny Quest - A young adventurer who travels the world with his family and helping protect the world.

Race Bannon - A cool agent who travels with his employer and his own family.

Jessie Bannon - A mature young lady who wants to help her father and friends whenever she can in protecting the world.

Hadji Singh - A smart and reserved young man that deeply cares for his adopted family.

Rusty Venture - An entertaining scientist who just wants to make himself richer.

Brock Samson - A badass and violent bodyguard who will protect his friends.

Shore Leave - A hilarious badass that can hold his own in nearly any situation often being witty while doing it.

Colonel Gentleman - A cool retired adventurer who enjoys fighting.

Pete White - An intelligent but lazy and sarcastic individual who rather just relax with his friend.

Billy Quizboy - A genius man who seems to want to be wanting to prove his worth to the world and help his friends.

Charlie Magne - A demon princess who wants to help other demons redeem.

Vaggie - A demon who is protective of her girlfriend

Angel Dust - A hilarious and perverted demon seemingly trying to redeem.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) - A sadistic demon who admittedly says he's helping only due to being bored.

Husk (Hazbin Hotel) - A cynical demon that reluctantly helps the others seemingly to feed his addiction to alcohol.

Cherri Bomb - A fun demon that wants to make a name for herself in Hell.

Jangle - A fun and mischievous spirit of Halloween that seeks to have fun and experience the joys of Christmas as well.

Jingle - A loving and fun spirit of Christmas that wants to spread cheer to all those around them.

Rick Sanchez - A fun mastermind that's selfish but can have a couple heroic and genuine moments.

Morty Smith - A teenager that often goes on crazy adventures with his grandfather but is not afraid to call anyone out on their actions when he feels the need.

Gwen (Camp Camp) - An entertaining counselor that often is sarcastic or blunt with her responses.

David (Camp Camp) - An optimistic young man who just wants the campers to have a fun and safe summer at camp.

Max (Camp Camp) - A rebellious child that primary has fun with messing with all authority figures and fellow campers.

Nikki (Camp Camp) - A young child that merely seeks to have as much fun as she can at camp with her friends.

Bob (ReBoot) - A cool heroic program that will do whatever he can to protect the mainframe from an evil virus.

Robotboy - A naïve robot that wants to protect the world from all evil threats.

Tommy Turnbull - A cool and responsible kid who has to help protect a powerful robot from the forces of evil.

Lola Mbola - A smart girl who has a crush on the main character and wants to help him save the day when possible.

Gus Turner - A selfish but funny kid who will do whatever is best for himself.

Fred Jones - A cool leader of his friends that enjoys capturing criminals.

Daphne Blake - A fun young lady who often just likes relaxing or helping solve the mysteries her friends get themselves involved in.

Velma Dinkley - A character that grew on me but I liked that she was the smartest and could be sarcastic at times.

Shaggy Rogers - A fun young man that just wants to goof off and eat but often is used to lure the villains into traps.

Scooby-Doo - A fun dog that will often try to get out of danger but will do what it takes to save his friends.

K.O. - An enthusiastic young hero in training wanting to build a name for himself by helping others.

Enid - A sarcastic young lady who seems to enjoy slacking off at her job whenever possible.

Radicles - An insecure alien that does his best to hide it under an egotistical outward attitude to a point he'll rarely admit it should he make a mistake.

Carol - A loving mother who will support her son when needed but will not hesitate to punish him if he crosses a line or fight villains.

Mr. Gar - A powerful mentor and employer who while strict will stand up for his employees.

Juniper Lee - A young woman that protects the magical world and the human one but can't leave her home town.

Ray Ray Lee - A cool little brother who will do anything to help his sister.

Monroe - A seemingly immortal dog that has a extensive knowledge of magic though he seems very limited in preforming it.

Jake Long - A protector of the magical world and mortal one who must do all this while balancing a normal life.

Luong Lao Shi - A cool mentor who helps train his grandson so he can mater his abilities and save both worlds.

Randy Cunningham - A teenage ninja that protects his school and world from an ancient evil but is often overconfident.

Howard Weinerman - A cool sidekick that while rude is fun to watch.

Luz Noceda - A human who didn't fit in in her world but after accidently wondering into a magical world decides to stay and become a witch.

Eda Clawthorne - A cool witch that tends to attract attention either through breaking the weird laws or due to other monsters finding her attractive. She ultimately wants to help teach Luz magic and cure herself of a curse that was placed upon her.

King (The Owl House) - A fun demon who wants to reclaim his supposed role as ruler of all demons but truly values his friends.

Willow Park - A shy witch who specializes in plant magic.

Amity Blight - A witch that develops a crush on a human and becomes nicer to those around her over time.

Emira and Edric Blight - A pair of pranksters that love to tease their younger sister but will do anything to protect her from harm.

Principal Bump - A somewhat sadistic principle but does keep his deals and will keep secrets from tyrants as long as those who he'ds doing it for don't cause him problems.

Dipper Pines - A young preteen that wants to uncover the mysteries of the town he is visiting for the summer and helps save reality from a near omnipotent demon.

Mabel Pines - A young preteen that seeks to find a boyfriend and adventure over her summer break.

Stanley Pines - A fun con man who will do anything to protect his family from danger.

Ford Pines - A cool scientist who wants to stop a near omnipotent demon and protect his family.

Wendy Corduroy - A cool teenager that just wants to have fun with her friends and helps stop a powerful demon that wants to remake the universe in his image.

Pacifica Northwest - A former bully who eventually redeemed herself after disobeying her abusive father to save others.

Courage the Cowardly Dog - A loyal dog who will do anything he can to protect his loving owner and even her bully of a husband to keep her happy if needed.

Muriel Bagge - A kind older woman who inadvertently get dragged into strange circumstances.

Bender Bending Rodriguez - A hilarious egomaniac that is shown to look down on organic life namely humans.

Phillip J. Fry - A dimwitted and lazy man who when he wakes up in the future adapts fairly well.

Turanga Leela - A cool and badass mutant who can be rather arrogant and stubborn but generally gets the job done.

Stewie Griffin - One of the only characters I find likable or even enjoyable in the show. A mastermind who used to be obsessed with taking over the world and killing his mother before basically redeeming himself.

Homer Simpson - A hilarious idiot but loving father who struggles with his anger at times.

Marge Simpson - A loving wife and mother who tends to not take on adventure when it can be avoided.

Bart Simpson - A fun and mischievous kid.

Daria Morgendorffer - A sarcastic and cynical young lady who has some issues making friends due to her views thus doesn't try to bond with many so to avoid pain.

Jane Lane - While sarcastic and cynical like aria which is the main reason they became close she can blend in more often when she wants to.

Trent Lane - A lazy young man but can at times be insightful and helpful when his sister needs him.

Eric Cartman - A greedy and generally sociopathic kid who has committed many crimes but hilarious to watch as he does so.

Kenny McCormick - An immortal child who primarily just wants to have fun but is willing to help others if needed.

Stan Marsh - A kid that realizes how much life can suck yet continues to try to help his friends when they need it.

Kyle Broflovski - A kid who often tries to stand up for the right thing but can lose his temper in situations like dealing with Cartman.

Craig Tucker - A stoic child that seems to of learned how to keep his emotions in check in later seasons.

Tweek Tweak - A paranoid child that typically overreacts to his current fear.

Quasimodo (Disney) - A gentle young man who has been treated as an outcast due to his deformities yet still tries to see the best in people.

Fa Mulan - A young woman who joined the army to help protect her land from invaders and bring honor to her family.

Belle - A young lady who is at first unconcerned with finding a man and more interested in adventure along with reading that eventually falls in love.

Beast (Disney) - A formerly selfish prince who over a long period of time of being curse softens up and falls in love.

Tarzan (Disney) - A man who after losing his biological family as an infant is raised by gorillas before meeting the woman he falls in love with.

Jane Porter - A young woman who wanted to study gorillas but later came to fall in love with a man who was raised in the jungle.

Hiccup Horrendus Haddock III - A young Viking who ultimately befriends a dragon and eventually helps his people learn to accept some rather drastic changes.

Astrid Hofferson - A fun female Viking that eventually fall for the main character and helps him in whatever he needs to succeed.

Fishlegs Ingerman - A nervous young Viking that seems to love learning about dragons and will help whenever needed.

Stoick - A cool father and Viking that gave whatever it took to help his people.

Gobber - An awesome blacksmith that had no problem arguing with his leader if he felt like it.

Toothless - A fun dragon that after being helped by his master does whatever he can to protect them and their loved ones.

Shrek - A cool ogre who saved the woman he fell in love with but at first just so he could get his swamp back.

Princess Fiona - A cool princess that could fight back when needed.

Aladdin (Disney) - A thief who became royalty and must stop others from gaining magical artifacts or powers before they can destroy all he loves.

Jasmine - A cool princess that will do anything to protect her kingdom.

Simba (Disney) - A lion who lost everything and had to fight to regain his birthright.

Emperor Kuzco - An egotistical ruler who over time learns on how he can become a better ruler.

Pacha - A loving father and husband that does everything he can to help those around him.

Milo James Thatch - A cool and intelligent man who wanted to prove Atlantis was real which leads to him protecting it from Evil mercenaries.

Kida Nedakh - A warrior princess turned queen that wants to protect her people and restore Atlantis to its former glory.

Mr. Incredible - A former superhero who wants to relive his glory days and very protective of his family.

Elastigirl - A loving wife and mother who wants to live a normal life but also saves the day when required.

Violet Parr - An insecure young lady but does try to fit in and/or help when she can.

Dash Parr - A humorous little brother who is very protective of his family.

Jack-Jack Parr - A godlike baby that is fun to watch.

Woody (Toy Story) - A loyal toy who wants to help his friends and stay with them no matter what.

Buzz Lightyear - A cool character who had delusions in the main movie and is a pretty cool outright hero in the cartoon.

Iron Giant - A cool giant robot who most of the time is friendly provided he doesn't see weapons and ultimately befriended a kid.

Cale Tucker - A bitter young man that is one of the last surviving members of humanity that seeks to find a way to save it and other aliens that are being attacked by energy beings.

Akima Kunimoto - A passionate pilot and one of the last humans that seeks to find a way to preserve humanity and save the galaxy from hostile energy beings bent on dominating it.

Moses (The Prince of Egypt) - A man who wants to save his people though he also dislikes it as he is forced to go against his adopted brother that he still cares for.

Miguel (Road to El Dorado) - A fun loving hero who at first pretends to be a God to get the locals gold decides he rather just live in peace and save them when he realizes they are in danger.

Tulio (Road to El Dorado) - A greedy adventurer who just wants to con locals by pretending to be a God so he can get all their gold but ultimately decides he to sacrifice the gold to save said locals.

Mrs. Brisby - A loving mother who faces her fears to save her children and help her people when needed.

Po (Kung Fu Panda) - A humorous warrior who will help others but can also be rather lazy at times.

Tigress - A skilled warrior who while nice isn't the most sociable yet willing to put her life on the line for others at any time.

Shifu - A wise teacher who wants to protect his village and often puts himself in danger for his students.

Jeannie Nelson - A beautiful and mischievous genie that I've always found very entertaining.

Anthony "Tony" Nelson - A man that falls in love with a genie named Jeannie and tries to limit the amount of magic is used due to not wanting to raise any questions.

Samantha Stephens - A fun witch and loving woman who will tries to respect her husband's wishes to live a normal life but also will call him out at times.

Darrin Stephens - A man who wants to live a normal life despite being married to a witch thus often has issues in doing so.

The Doctor - An immortal and godlike alien who with each regeneration changes somewhat drastically yet almost always stops universal threats.

The Doctor's TARDIS - A fun A.I. that can travel time and space to help the Doctor on their adventures.

Captain Jack Harkness - A flirtatious immortal who isn't sure that he likes the fact he can never truly die but keeps a decent sense of humor.

Severus Snape - He was probably my favorite character in the series and entertaining overall with his personality.

Harry Potter - A young man who grew up in a less than ideal household and had to fight an evil wizard before he could commit mass genocide so he could rule the world for all eternity.

Albus Dumbledore - A cool elderly wizard who was considered one of the most powerful ones of all time.

Hermione Granger - An intelligent young woman who loves to learn and does what she can to protect the world with her friends from an evil wizard.

Ron Weasley - An insecure wizard that wants to help his friends protect the world.

Bilbo Baggins - A fun man who helped stop a vile dragon and some other threats when younger before retiring as a writer.

Gandalf - A powerful and immortal wizard who played a part in saving the world from Sauron twice.

Aragorn - A king who would gladly do anything in his power to protect the innocent.

Legolas - A fun elf who liked to fight somewhat and could take down multiple enemies.

Gimli - A comedic dwarf who seemed to enjoy battle and being competitive on how many he could take down.

Merlin (BBC Series) - A under younger take on a classic wizard that helped Arthur mature and become a legend.

Arthur Pendragon (BBC Series) - A young king that while still somewhat arrogant matured a lot over the series to become a legend.

Tommy Oliver - A cool leader who started out evil but quickly redeemed himself.

Ryuga Banjo - A somewhat arrogant hero who occasionally gets violent in his way of saving the world.

Kuroto Dan - A man who desired immortality and to rule as a God but later tried to redeem himself.

Aria H. Kanzaki - An entertaining anti-heroine that can be immature and over react to certain situations.

Kinji Tohyama - I enjoyed his overall personality especially how at first he only wanted to live a normal life then becomes partners with a somewhat immature young lady.

Riko Mine Lupin IV - I found her to be humorous to watch and enjoyed her screen time.

Zhang Fei - A character I've always enjoyed playing as and enjoyed his more rash personality when compared to his brothers.

Guan Yu - Another character I've enjoyed playing as and enjoyed his overall personality.

Zhuge Liang - A strategist that was probably a bit too arrogant given he underestimated some of his enemies.

Sun Jian - A cool and laid back leader who seemed to enjoy battling alongside his troops.

Sun Wukong - An arrogant and violent entity who fought all of Heaven and its Gods to be recognized as the strongest and desired immortality which he eventually achieved.

Alex Mercer - A man turned into a near invincible creature that at first wanted to redeem himself but now wanted to basically take over the world and give humanity a second chance as a superhuman species.

Dana Mercer - A fun hacker who was a bit narcissistic but cared for her brother and helped Heller as well to expose a corrupt organization. She does turn on her brother when he goes too far but only to save humanity.

James Heller - A revenge seeking protagonist that will brutally maul anyone who stands in his was. I found him fun to play as and enjoyed when their were people so depraved even he refused to absorb them.

Father Luis Guerra - A cool priest who helps James Heller find by providing information and assistance against a corrupt corporation.

Delsin Rowe - A young man who has no problems using his power to do what he wants and to avoid anyone trying to limit his freedom.

Cole MacGrath - A man who seeks godlike power and to do whatever he sees fit with the world.

Joel Miller - A man who became misanthropic after losing his daughter and now will go to extreme lengths to survive and protect a child he now has a father-daughter relationship with.

Tommy Miller - A man who at first had issues with his brother due to his violent acts due to being more of an idealist but after some time they bond again which leads to him seeking vengeance when his brother is murdered in front of him.

Ellie - A young woman that turns out to be immune to an infection that turns people into zombie like creatures and does nearly anything to survive.

Bill - A paranoid survivalist that was fun to watch as he did all he could to survive in an world of infected-zombie like creature.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad - An assassin who was dedicated to learning and preserving his group for generations.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze - A cool assassin that generally seems to respect some of his enemies, even sparing Rodrigo Borgia on the condition he left him be but later comes out of retirement to finish what he started when Cesare Borgia decides to make a fatal mistake of provoking him.

Ratonhnhaké:ton / Connor - A man who will destroy any form of tyranny he is arounds and tries to avenge his people when they are slaughtered.

Kassandra - A skilled immortal warrior that wants to create a free world and willingly gives up her immortality after living for over a thousand years.

Lara Croft - A thrill seeker who will kill if necessary to complete her adventures and save the world.

Doom Slayer - A powerhouse and badass that regularly kills demons that tried to invade his world to the point even the forces of Hell fear him.

Master Chief - A soldier that constantly fights against hostile aliens and parasites to protect humanity.

Cortana - An A.I. that helped protect the galaxy but later goes rogue to take over under the theory she could help organic life grow into a utopia under her guidance.

Knight Artorias - A tragic fallen hero who was corrupted by an ancient evil to where he was forced to be its puppet. Before that he was described as very noble and willing to do anything to protect others including his beloved wolf companion: Sif.

Sif - A cool giant wolf that after losing its beloved master guards the land he once served and the graveyard but ultimately is killed by the player.

Guile - A soldier who wants to avenge his deceased friend and will use any means to win a fight.

Ryu - A powerful warrior who tries out of pride and to somewhat test himself.

Ken Masters - A warrior I enjoyed because he is more interested in fighting to for the fun of it rather than honor. It was fun to see that despite growing up rich he could still work hard to become the fighter he is today.

Chun-Li - She was a fun fighter who would always be willing to risk a lot in her pursuit of justice.

Cammy White - I loved how she was willing to get more violent with certain villains but as a whole tended to only go as far as needed to win.

Sagat - A proud warrior who does respect some opponents when they prove their strength and lives for the challenge.

Edward Richtofen - He was a comedic villain who later redeemed and tries to change the future into a better one.

Tank Dempsey - A marine who wants to survive a future plagued with zombies and to change the past to save the universe.

Takeo Masaki - A samurai that is determined to change the timeline for the better after the universe is put in danger due to dark forces.

Nikolai Belinski - A violent soldier who enjoys killing his enemies though decided to help change the past to save the universe.

Bill Overbeck - A fun badass survivor that can take on hordes of enemies and still come out as the victor.

Scorpion - A vengeful spirit that wishes to avenge not only his own death but that of his clan and family after they were brutally slaughtered.

Sub-Zero - A cool warrior that can generate ice based attacks that seeks to protect the world and his clan.

Raiden (Mortal Kombat) - A God that will do what he can to protect his world from the forces that threaten it.

Kung Lao - A monk that will stop at nothing to protect his world from powerful warriors bent on taking it over though he has a rivalry with one of his allies.

Liu Kang - A monk granted a form of immortality after saving the world from an evil sorcerer.

Kitana - An immortal princess of another dimension that fights against tyranny.

Jax Briggs - A careful soldier that wants to retire but also determined to save his world whenever needed.

Sonya Blade - A soldier that wants to end all crime and criminal originations while also protecting against dimensional threats.

Raziel - A character I found interesting and he is a person who while standing by his morals is doing part of it out of a desire for revenge.

Kain - A good example of an entertaining protagonist who seeks to rewrite his fate and his entire world's by manipulating time itself along with later defeating a God.

Corvo Attano - An interesting protagonist and definitely enjoyed using and unlocking his abilities.

Emily Kaldwin - A daughter of the former empress and Corvo, Emily is a child who after many hardships in a short time has to adapt and mature quickly. Later she will do what she can to save her father and kingdom before reality is forever changed.

Daud - An interesting Assassin with amazing powers who seemingly is fed up with killing people and holds some regrets.

Billie Lurk - A fun a second-in-command with cool powers and wishes to succeed her boss.

The Outsider - A cool godlike entity that grants people who interests him great power just to see what they will do with said powers.

Big Daddy - A gigantic protector of Little Sisters who will stop at nothing to protect them.

Jack (BioShock) - A cool and nearly silent protagonist that after being manipulated killed said manipulator.

Subject Delta - A cool guardian who will stop at nothing to protect his "daughter" and even after being fatally wounded was more concerned with her than himself.

Eleanor Lamb - A tragic individual who suffered a lifetime of abuse from her mother and even witnessed the Delta die before having him revived a decade later.

Little Sisters - A group of little girls who depend on a Big Daddy to protect them and they declare affection for them.

Dollface - A character I really enjoyed and felt bad for. I like how at the end it's heavily implied she'll become a vigilante that will kill those who hurt the innocent.

No-Face (Twisted Metal) - A former boxer who after losing a match had his face mutilated by a doctor who lost money due to a bet. He now seeks to get his revenge on said doctor. Not going to lie his appearance creeped me out some when I was a little kid.

Raven (Twisted Metal) - A young woman who seeks revenge on the bullies who killed her best friend and later tries to help her hometown with magic voodoo dolls by killing those who hurt the innocent.

The Hunter (Bloodborne) - A fun and brutal hero who will stop at nothing to kill the monsters of their world along with finding a cure for their disease.

Raiden (Metal Gear) - A man who became a cyborg and enjoys killing his enemies though does it partly to protect the world.

Chell - A cool heroine who will do whatever it takes to survive and earn her freedom.

Cloud Strife - A skilled warrior who had to stop a former ally before he can gain godlike power and remake the world.

Noctis Lucis Caelum - A member of royalty who wants to reclaim his kingdom and treats his companions as equals.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia - A stoic man who will do anything he can to protect those around him and has a passion for cooking.

Gladiolus Amicitia - An honorable warrior who puts the needs of others first though he will call others out should they not be giving it their all.

Prompto Argentum - A man who will often joke around and want to make others happy but is willing to help his friends in their fights.

Sly Cooper - An honorable thief who will do almost anything to avenge his family and stop worse people.

1983 Victim - A tragic kid who is relentlessly abused by his older brother and ends up dying because of it.

Michael Afton - A man who was tricked by his father to the point he ended up an immortal with a rotting body that just wanted to put an end to his own life while also stoping his father.

Viola (The Witch's House) - A tragic young woman who was tricked by a witch to switching bodies out of a desire to help them but betrayed thus tried to take back her body.

Lucina - A reserved warrior that cares deeply for her family to the point she will do anything that they wish to keep their home alive.

Cale'anon "Cale" Vatay - A cool elf who wants to prove people that he can be a hero and will put himself in danger to save the lives of others yet befriends a dangerous warlock.

Richard the Warlock - A hilarious mass murderer who is immune to traditional torture but will occasionally show a softer side to his friends and will do what he can to stop worse people.

Sandra North - A young lady who is protective of her friends and is willing to go on crazy adventures with her talking pet raccoon who she will do anything for.

Richard North - A loving father who after losing his wife seems to have a hard time dating but doesn't seem to mind much and enjoys spending time with his daughter when he can.

Woo - A funny talking raccoon who after being saved from an abusive owner will do anything to protect Sandra from people who may hurt her.

Cloud Williams - A cool young man that will protect those who can't defend themselves.

Ye Thuza Williams - A hilarious mother who supports her kids and wants them to be badass often somewhat mocking her son when he tries to make an excuse.

David Williams - A fun and somewhat immature father who loves playing video games along with spending time with his family.

Larisa Korolev - A young lady who learns she'll die young so she decided to do reckless acts and not care much but still cares enough to do what she can to save her best friend.

Joshua Nolan - A former soldier who will do whatever it takes to protect or benefit himself and adopted daughter but draws the line at some things the government is willing to do.

Irisa Nyira - A young woman that is very protective of her adopted father and will do whatever it takes to protect him.

Sukar - An alien that will do whatever to protect his people and their culture.

Meh Yewll - A sarcactist alien doctor that is seemingly haunted by what things she had done in the past.

Datak Tarr - An alien who is a crime lord that is willing to fight others including corrupt individuals to protect his family.

Stahma Tarr - A manipulative female that does care for her family and seeks to gain power whenever possible.

Alak Tarr - A young man that just wants to be able to make his own decisions and be respected as an individual. Unlike his family he believes all cultures should be considered equal.

Rafe McCawley - A rich man and overprotective father that will do anything to protect his family even if through some questionable means.

Amanda Rosewater - A politician that genuinely wants to help keep the peace between the groups of her town but is blunt when asked personal questions.

Alex Rider - A cool teenage spy who has to go undercover to protect the world from all sorts of terrorists.

Darren Shan - A young man who became a vampire to save his friend but now must stop said friend who seeks to destroy him and fears a prophecy that claims no matter what it will end in the apocalypse.

Larten Crepsley - A vampire and mentor who wanted to help guide Darren in the ways of vampires.

Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) - A hilarious and enjoyable take on such an icon of horror.

Mavis Dracula - I found her rather entertaining and enjoyed the character a lot.

Jonathan Loughran - A fun human who enjoys hanging with monsters.

Héctor - A former musician who just wants to be remembered so he can continue to exist until he is reunited with his daughter.

Coraline Jones - A teenager who fights off a demonic entity that wants to trick her into staying so it can prolong its own life by eating Coraline's body and soul.

The Puppets - I enjoyed all these little guys especially: Blade, Jester and Pinhead. All of recurring ones had a charm and or design that enjoyed. They might not talk but damn are they fun to watch.

Medic - A morbid doctor who made himself nearly immortal and will do whatever he can to satisfy his morbid curiosity.

Mercy - A fun pacifistic scientist that will heal others whenever possible.

Ash Ketchum - An arrogant trainer who plans to become the best in the world.

Brock (Pokémon) - A skilled trainer who tends to lust after most attractive women he meets yet often stopped from pursuing them.

Misty (Pokémon) - A trainer who wants to become a gym leader and be the best one she can be.

May (Pokémon) - A trainer who aims to earn enough competitions to become a respected champion.

Max (Pokémon) - A kid who was rather intelligent and arrogant but fun to watch.

Dawn (Pokémon) - A trainer who cares deeply for her Pokémon and helps stop one evil man from destroying the universe and remaking it as he saw fit.

Serena (Pokémon) - A fun childhood friend who had desired to confess her feeling and ultimately does right before she left the group.

Cynthia (Pokémon) - A kind yet ambitious trainer who wants to help stop a terrorist from destroying and remaking the universe.

Darkrai - While I personally don't play the games I really enjoy the design, powers and how he at least in one version wanted to plunge the world into eternal darkness. He was amazing to watch during the movie.

Mewtwo - I enjoyed the powers, design, and personality in the first anime movie.

Gardevoir - I enjoy the design and abilities of this Pokémon a lot. This Pokémon was one I always enjoy seeing on the rare occasion I watch this anime.

Eric Draven - A vengeful man who returned from the dead to get back at those who killed him and his lover.

Harry Callahan - I loved the film Dirty Harry and enjoyed how he did whatever he felt was right regardless of the personal risk and whether or not the law agreed with him.

Walt Kowalski - A racist old man that ultimately changed his ways somewhat and defended a family at the cost of his life.

Sidney Prescott - A woman who's constantly lost those she cared for yet continues to fight for herself and others.

Gale Riley - A reporter who ultimately befriended some survivors and helped them stop the killers whenever she could.

Dewey Riley - A cool officer who does whatever he can do to protect his friends and other innocents.

Randy Meeks - A hilarious horror geek who pointed out the rules the rules of horror and dies due to insulting a killer's son who was a previous killer in another massacre.

Kirby Reed - A cool tomboy who is a fan of horror films and tries to help stop a massacre.

Robbie Mercer - A funny horror geek who pointed out the rules the rules of horror and dies due to breaking them.

Ellen Ripley - A woman that constantly must fight off violent aliens and corrupt individuals that plan to use the aliens despite the clear danger involved.

Ripley 8 - A clone of the original Ripley mixed with the alien blood making her have superhuman abilities.

Rebecca "Newt" Jorden - An orphan that tried to survive against some aliens with the help of marines but ends up dying.

Eli (The Book of Eli) - A badass survivor who was religious and secretly blind.

RoboCop - A cyborg cop that even after nearly being killed will stop at nothing to uphold the law.

Tommy Jarvis - An intelligent survivor who wants to make sure Jason stays dead.

Ash Williams - A comedic hero who constantly thrown into zombie outbreaks and problems.

Hansel and Gretel (Brothers Grimm) - A pair of children who are abandoned by their family and have to outsmart a cannibalistic witch.

Gretel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) - A woman who with her brother tries to find and kill all evil witches she can due to wanting to avenge her mother and family who were attacked by them.

Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) - A man who loves to kill witches with his sister to get revenge on the evil ones who attacked his family.

Little Red Riding Hood (Brothers Grimm) - A child who was trying to deliver food to her grandmother before being attacked by an evil wolf.

Chris Washington - A young man that has to fight off a cult of racists that want to steal his body to allow a member to cheat death after his girlfriend trick him into meeting her family who run said cult.

John Wick - A vengeful hero that when crossed will stop at nothing to see his enemies dead.

Jack Reacher - A skilled soldier who wants to prevent causalities and stop terrorists at any cost.

Jensen Ames - A man that was framed for the murder of his wife and kidnapped his child that seeks revenge.

Carrie White - A truly tragic young lady who suffered too much.

Miss Desjardin - A gym teacher that was disgusted on how cruel the other students were to Carrie and tried to put an end to it.

John Coffey - A tragic man that just wanted it to help those he could.

Roland Deschain - A man who is obsessed with revenge against an evil immortal sorcerer tp the point he is willing to sacrifice even members of his group to attain his vengeance.

Nick Andros - A man who tries to survive in an apocalypse despite being unable to hear or speak and does rather well until eventually killed by a group worshipping an immortal sorcerer.

Tom Cullen - A sweet man who while mentally challenged successfully survives an apocalypse and a cult lead by a powerful immortal sorcerer.

King Leonidas - A skilled warrior and ruler who is willing to fight for his people despite knowing the odds are against him.

Frankenstein's Monster - While some versions downplay his intelligence he is almost always interesting in the fact he can be rather kind despite being a powerful immortal yet not fully aware of his own strength.

Rodney Skinner - A mischievous hero who helps partly out of self interest.

Allan Quatermain - A cool leader and excellent marksman who can be humorous with his sarcastic wit.

Roy Pulsipher - A comedic cop that makes sure the dead don’t cause issues with the living.

Nick Walker - A cop that after becoming undead enforces the laws to ensure the dead don’t cause problems for the living.

Dark Alessa - An entity with godlike powers that seeks revenge against some vile cultist. I found this character to be rather entertaining to watch and enjoyed the design

Alessa Gillespie - A young lady who was sacrificed by a vile cult and plans to remake the world and now seeks vengeance.

Rose Da Silva - A woman who after trying to help her adopted daughter was dragged into an alternate dimension full of demonic monster yet will stop at nothing to save said daughter.

Sharon Da Silva - A reincarnation of a tragic young lady that now just wants to live her life with her adopted family.

Owen - A young boy who was bullied by peers but he falls in love with a vampire who helps him learn how to defend himself.

Abby - A tragic vampire that befriends a young boy and teaches him how to defend himself.

Connor MacLeod - A skilled immortal warrior who longs to gain the "prize" which he plans to use it to become mortal so he can finally grow old and die.

Katniss Everdeen - A cool young woman who fights to protect those she is close to and to put an end to the violent game people are forced to play for the corrupt government.

Peeta Mellark - A compassionate young man who dislikes fighting and avoids it when possible yet if needed he will.

SCP Foundation - A controversial group that captures all sorts of supernatural creatures and objects to ultimately protect humanity.

SCP-999 - An adorable creature that will do anything to help others and stop the destruction of reality.

Elphaba Thropp - A young lady who was mistreated by most people yet tried to stay good until she believed she lost everything.

Glinda Upland - While she stated off as a popular student that thought only about herself but eventually became a better person.

Jesse Custer - A former criminal turned preacher who is given the power to make people do whatever he wants but tries to do what is best and plays a part in killing an evil version of God.

Eugene "Arseface" Root - A young man who was falsely accused of harming someone and even when abused tried to do what was right but wants revenge for being sent to Hell by Jesse when he called him out on abusing his power.

Violet Baudelaire - An entertain inventor who just wants to live with and protect her siblings.

Klaus Baudelaire - An intelligent young man who just wants to keep his sisters safe and to live a safe life.

Sunny Baudelaire - A humorous infant that learned to cook and merely wants to be with her siblings at all costs.

Buffy Summers - A fun to watch heroine who tries to maintain a regular life despite often fighting vampires and demons.

Joyce Summers - A loving mother who struggled to adapt to her daughter being the Slayer but would do anything to protect her.

Dawn Summers - A source of magical energy that became human that wants to bond with her new family while adjusting to the world.

Spike - A cool smartass vampire that eventually redeemed himself.

Xander Harris - He is a enjoyable young man that while completely normal often helps his friends stop the forces of evil from wreaking havoc.

Rupert Giles - A cool leader that often provides knowledge on the occult and supernatural in general.

Willow Rosenberg - A powerful and often kind witch that wants to help her friends fight the forces of evil.

Angel - A vampire who was given back his soul and works to redeem himself despite when losing his soul being forced to let his evil side take over.

Jennifer "Jenny" Calendar - A cool teacher that fell in love with Giles who knew about the supernatural but ended up being killed when trying to stop an ancient evil.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - A cool sarcastic young man with a dry sense of humor that wanted to control his abilities as a werewolf.

Faith Lehane - A Slayer who has gone back and forth on choosing between good and d evil before redeeming herself.

Anya Jenkins - A former demon that had to adjust to her being rendered human again but fell in love before being killed.

Tara Maclay - A powerful witch that was somewhat insecure but willing to do anything to keep her friends safe.

Riley Finn - A soldier that does what he can to kill supernatural threats to humanity.

Caesar - A good example of a messiah. I enjoyed his arguments for the coexistence between man and ape as well on how he actually had inner conflicts at times.

Maurice - A fun and likable character that was always looking out for others and trying to promote peace even when he was at risk.

Nova - A child that seeks to help the apes survive against a corrupt military leader bent on wiping them out.

Rocket - An ape that remained loyal to Caesar and will do whatever it takes to further his cause.

Harry Hart - A fun super agent that is willing to do practically anything to save the world if required.

Marcus Wright - An entertaining cyborg who seeks to redeem himself for his former life of crime once he is revived in the future.

Blair Williams - A strong soldier in a resistance to stop humanity from going extinct all while falling in love with a cyborg.

John Connor - A kid who will grow up to be a resistance leader to overthrow an evil robotic empire that wishes to wipe out humanity.

Judge Dredd - An officer who will enforce the law to the letter but to such an extent it can be very controversial.

John Spartan - A skilled officer that wants to ensure the safety of civilians but also encourages freedom especially after waking up in the future where people aren't allowed to do much.

Nicholas Flamel - An immortal alchemist that seeks to save humanity at any costs and if possible to live forever with his wife.

Perenelle Flamel - An immortal sorceress that wants to save humanity and live forever with her husband.

Sophie Newman - A powerful sorceress who may be nice but will do whatever it takes to protect her brother and humanity.

Josh Newman - A protective brother who will do anything to prove himself and save humanity.

Harrison Bergeron - A young man who grows angry at his oppressive government and how they tried to restrict everyone to make everyone "equal" so he tries to start a revolution to liberate everyone.

Roger Rabbit - A comedic toon who was fun to watch.

Jessica Rabbit - A seductive toon who will stop at nothing to save her beloved husband.

Wolf W. Wolf - A fun reporter who wants to help discover who is stealing all the recipes from local shop owners.

Red Puckett - A young woman that wants to help her grandmother and her business from those who would try to ruin it or those who would hurt her friend.

Granny Puckett - An elderly woman tat wants to have fun while also keeping the family business open.

Kirk the Woodsman - An actor who wanted to get the part for a commercial but ends up in an adventure to save the forest from a thief.

Neo - A cool character that becomes basically a messiah of an artificial world when machines keep humanity as basically batteries with their minds simulating a modern day world.

Morpheus - A cool mentor who will do anything he can to successfully train Neo so that they can overthrow the machines.

Ghost (Matrix) - A cool stoic individual who is trying to free humanity from an artificial world.

Ichabod Crane - A cool protagonist who after being revived over a hundred years from his time must help prevent monsters seeking to unleash an apocalypse in the modern era.

Abbie Mills - A fun detective who must work with Ichabod to prevent the apocalypse and the two grow close over the seasons.

Bobby Singer - A cool mentor who I enjoyed watching. He's gathered considerably large amounts of info on the Supernatural during his lifetime and put good use to it.

Castiel - A strong and enjoyable angel who wanted to do what was right.

Crowley - A sarcastic and enjoyable demon.

Death - He is portrayed as an entity that just did his job of maintaining the natural order and even admitted its not always easy doing it but he has to do it or else worse things would happen.

Dean Winchester - His more aggressive tactics and mischievous personality is enjoyable to watch. That said he will do anything to keep his loved ones safe.

Sam Winchester - He is the more intelligent and expressive of his emotions when compared to his brother. He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family and entertaining overall.

Gabriel (Supernatural) - A comedic angel that was fun to watch.

Drew Saturday - A loving mother and wife who uses a mystic sword when she's fighting to protect her family along with the world.

Doc Saturday - A loving father and husband who unlike his wife uses weapons he created due to preferring science over magic. He will do anything to protect his family and to stop Argost from taking over the world.

Zak Saturday - A young man that was born with great powers and must save the world from Argost before the madman can gain the power to become a God and rule the world.

Doyle Blackwell - A sarcastic uncle that due to losing his parents at a young age can be distant towards others and willing to do some morally questionable acts if the price is right.

Leonidas Van Rook - A greedy mercenary who values money above practically everything else even to the point he is willing to fight a woman he has feelings for. Ultimately he redeems himself by sacrificing his life to save Drew's life.

Fiskerton Saturday - A fun cryptid and adopted brother figure to Zak.

White Knight - A brutal extremist I grew to enjoy over time.

Agent Six - I remember I enjoyed this character and loved that when onscreen he would remain mostly stoic plus he could kill you in a heartbeat.

Rex Salazar - He was entertaining on how reckless at times he could be and enjoyed his power a lot.

Caesar Salazar - A cool older brother and scientist that helped in the Nanite Project that inadvertently caused the series to happen.

Dr. Rebecca Holiday - A brilliant scientist who wants to cure E.V.O.s and protect the world.

Ben Tennyson - A hero who can transform into various aliens with a device which he uses to protect the universe but at times is rather arrogant.

Gwen Tennyson - A overall decent heroine that uses her abilities first portrayed as magic to help her cousin save the day while also pointing when he's in the wrong.

Max Tennyson - A cool grandfather who uses alien technology from his former job to help protect his grandchildren from threats and tries to bond with them. Also he reminds me of my late grandfather in appearance and personality who I was close to.

Kevin Levin - A former villain and later anti-hero that had cool powers along with dealing with an inner struggle at times on what to do.

Professor Paradox - A powerful immortal who will do all he can to protect reality and time itself from powerful threats.

Ed - A humorous horror movie and comic book fan that is tremendously strong.

Edd - An enjoyable well-mannered and intelligent character.

Eddy - An enjoyable con artist.

Carl Fredricksen - A bitter old man who after losing his wife wants to be left alone due to still missing her while also planning to take their house to the place they always dreamed of visiting.

Ellie Fredricksen - A loving wife who while dreaming of adventure was content with spending time with her loving husband.

Russell (Up) - A kid that wanted to help an elderly man to get a badge but also seemed to enjoy spending time with him.

Nick Wilde - A fun con artist turned cop who due to some mistreatment now tries to not get too close to anyone.

Judy Hopps - A cool law enforcer that became friends with a now former con artist and solved a case that nearly ruined the lives of some innocent people.

Lilo Pelekai - A fun kid who befriended an alien and wants to reunite him with the rest of his family.

Stitch - A cool alien who tends to be destructive.

Pleakley - A humorous alien who will follow the rules most of the time to a ridiculous degree.

Jumba Jookiba - A fun alien scientist who created a lot of living weapons just because he could.

Gantu - An alien officer who has changed sides after being fired only to later go back to said job.

Reuben - A lazy individual who rather just make sandwiches and eat than do anything else most the time.

Kim Possible - An enjoyable super spy teenager who constantly saves the world.

Ron Stoppable - A fun male sidekick that has overall good intentions even if not always the most helpful individual.

Chip and Dale - A fun duo that often go on insane adventures.

Monterey Jack - A mouse obsessed with cheese and can be protective of his team.

Gadget Hackwrench - A cool mouse who often helps save the day with her inventions.

Inspector Gadget - A comedic and near indestructible agent who often takes credit for his niece's work.

Penny Gadget - A young lady who often helps her uncle save the world from an evil mastermind.

Nick Fury - A badass secret agent that helps fight global threats.

Melinda May - A strong and non-superhuman badass that regularly helps save the world.

Phil Coulson - A comedic leader that is loyal to his team and regularly willing to sacrifice his life for said members.

Skye - I cool former hacker that now helps protect the world from evil.

Leo Fitz - A fun scientist than can be sarcastic but will do anything to protect his team.

Jemma Simmons - A charming young scientist that falls in love with an old friend and is protective of her team.

Prince - I've enjoyed playing the games, find his sarcasm humorous and found him interesting overall.

Princess Farah - A princess who after being taken as a slave breaks free and begrudgingly decides to help Prince fight an stop an evil Vizier from obtaining absolute power.

Elika - A powerful princess seemingly empowered by her God, Ormazd, to stop the Ahriman from taking complete control of reality.

The Warrior - I found him a cool boss and liked how he only joined Ahriman to save his people unlike most of the others who joined for selfish reasons.

Finn Mertens - A young hero that's quest for adventure can be entertaining.

Jake the Dog - A cool magical dog that can be selfish at times yet still overall likable.

Marceline Abadeer - An enjoyable vampire queen that just enjoyed messing with anyone possible. It is also fun to hear her songs throughout the show.

Flame Princess - I found the character overall enjoyable and enjoyed watching her set things on fire.

Princess Bubblegum - I won't lie I wasn't a huge fan at first but have grown to enjoy overall.

Simon Petrikov - A tragic character who as the story progresses we get to learn more about. He's a comical character that I've enjoyed watching.

Kiva Andru - A soldier from the future who is trying to get used to the modern era with hopes of returning to her own time to save humanity from an alien invasion.

Harold "Coop" Cooplowski - A young man who is rather destructive in his methods of saving the day but fun to watch.

Jenny Wakeman - I find her hilarious and enjoyed her as a character who does her best to help yet has some selfish moments.

Nora Wakeman - An enjoyable mother that is willing to put her own life on the line to protect her child.

Sheldon Lee - He is a funny character and reminds me somewhat of myself especially the hard time with getting a date and nervousness around the women we love.

Brad Carbunkle - A humorous everyday man that often flirts with female regardless of the amounts of rejection and wants to help his friends.

Tuck Carbunkle - Sure he can get annoying at times but overall he's a humorous little brother.

G.I. Joe - A group of soldiers that help protect the world from a group of terrorists who will stop at nothing to take over the world.

  • Snake Eyes - I always enjoyed the character due to how skilled of a warrior he is and the mystery that sometimes surrounds him. He's probably my favorite hero of the entire franchise.
  • Tunnel Rat - I mostly remember liking the Renegade cartoon version and enjoyed how paranoid he was. He was one of favorites of the show due to how comedic he could be.
  • Scarlett - A capable warrior and I've enjoyed watching her interact with others especially Snake Eyes over the years.
  • Roadblock - I recall mostly the Renegade cartoon version and enjoyed not only how skilled but his overall personality.
  • Duke - A skilled and caring leader that wants to protect the world from evil. I just enjoyed most versions.
  • Sgt. Slaughter - A tough and skilled soldier and drill instructor who will do whatever he has to in order to fulfill his mission.
  • Beachhead - A cool and fun soldier to watch who will do whatever he as to do for his team.
  • Gung-Ho - A bold soldier that seems to enjoy fighting a lot.

Shipwreck - A member of the Navy branch that be a bit of a flirt and arrogant but has his heart in the right place.

Baroness - I enjoyed how it kept her deadly yet occasionally flirtatious personality while adding some tragedy to the character.

Storm Shadow - A character I've always enjoyed especially since he is one of the deadliest characters in his setting.

Blade - A cool stoic anti-hero wanting to rid the world of vampires.

Abraham Whistler - A fun badass mentor who had no issue on if he died as long as his friend survived.

Hannibal King - He was hilarious to watch and enjoyed the general personality.

Sebastian Michaelis - An entertaining near invincible demon.

Ciel Phantomhive - An aristocrat I enjoyed watching that was consumed with a desire for vengeance.

Elizabeth Midford - A caring young lady who grew on me over the years and I enjoyed earning she was skilled with swords.

Grell Sutcliff - A hilarious character who spends his time chasing after other men and reaping souls.

Lelouch vi Britannia - A young man who could be ruthless yet planned to make the world a better place even planning on everyone hating him to do so.

C.C. - An immortal who at first made a deal to die but ultimately decided she would rather just assist the individual and learn to appreciate life.

Jonah Hex - I've enjoyed him in what I've seen especially his DC Showcase short namely for his attitude.

Raven (DC) - I always enjoyed her as a character and she was probably my favorite Titan overall.

Robin - A cool leader I enjoyed watching who could be overcompetitive and arrogant.

Damian Wayne - I've mostly known him from the animated movies but enjoyed how entitled and cut throat he could be.

Cyborg - He could be funny or serious when needed. The character always strike me as overall reasonable in most cases.

Beast Boy - While he could be annoying at times he definitely was a overall enjoyable character to me.

Starfire - An enjoyable and naïve alien that was fun to watch throughout the series.

Terra - A tragic young lady who snaps and decided to help a villain before ultimately redeeming herself.

Blue Beetle - The technology and capabilities always interested me.

Martian Manhunter - I enjoyed his stoic yet at times compassionate personality along with his various superhuman powers.

Ryo of the Wildfire - A caring young warrior who while at times stubborn does have the best intentions for his team.

Sage of the Halo - One of the more mature members of his team with a strong sense of justice.

Rowen of the Strata - A smart young man who generally stays calm but when pushed enough can get pretty violent.

Cye of the Torrent - A compassionate and gentle warrior who avoids fighting whenever he can.

Train Heartnet - One of my favorite anime heroes and found him an enjoyable gunman that desired to redeem himself.

Sven Vollfied - I enjoyed his personality and one of if not my favorite heroic bounty hunter.

Eve - A character I've enjoyed watching and felt bad for. She's a stoic young lady that's able to turn her body into weapons and was abused by an elderly man. That is until Sven helped her out and became her father figure.

Tearju Lunatique - A cool scientist who regrets some of her past actions.

Rito Yuuki - A hilarious accidental pervert who unintentionally falls into mishaps often.

Mikan Yuuki - A fun little sister that I found interesting.

Yami - A cool stoic assassin that I found interesting and entertaining.

Yami Yugi - An ancient spirit who often helps the person who freed him in duel that often have lives on the line.

Yugi Muto - A nice young man who isn't always confident in his own skill despite being a good duelist.

Téa Gardner - A fun character who often is the voice of reason in the original and the parody is also pretty funny.

Joey Wheeler - A comedic and arrogant duelist who will do anything to help his family and friends.

Tristan Taylor - A young man who rarely trusts those around him that aren't his friends though he get somewhat better over time.

Bakura Ryou - An individual who is constantly possessed by an evil spirit bent on obtaining as much power as possible to rule the world.

Seto Kaiba - Yes he can be an ass but it generally can be enjoyable on how protective he can be when his brother is in danger.

Mokuba Kaiba - A fun little brother who admires his older sibling.

Jaden Yuki - A young man who has his heart in the right place but often thinks of it as everything can be settled by a duel.

Alexis Rhodes - A talented duelist who despite knowing she is attractive doesn't generally get arrogant or use it to her advantage.

Chazz Princeton - An arrogant rival that eventually grows to become a friend of his main rival and grows as an individual.

Gomez Addams - A loving husband and father who despite not fitting into the norms of society just does what he sees as natural.

Morticia Addams - A beautiful and charming woman in her own way who loves her husband and family above all else. That and she simply wants to uphold family tradition.

Lurch - A loyal butler that takes pride in his job to the point his employers consider him part of their family and close friend.

Fester Addams - A loving member of the family who is not only fun to watch but also seems to enjoy helping his family whenever possible.

Wednesday Addams - I like both takes where she's sweet but a bit morbid and the one where she's a dark almost emotionless little girl out to kill her brothers.

Pugsley Addams - A deviant who tries to mess with his sister with the habit of stealing signs.

Thing (The Addams Family) - A helpful character and can be funny though it can't speak.

Tom Cat - A humorous scapegoat I always felt bad for.

Jerry Mouse - A mischievous mouse who will go to great lengths to make Tom miserable.

Edgar (Edgar and Ellen) - A fun mad scientist and prankster who tends to be the more emotional between him and his sister.

Ellen (Edgar and Ellen) - A smart and mischievous young lady who is quick to lose her temper when thing don't follow her desires.

Ronan Heimert - A man who is generally calm and speaks very little but will when needed. He is also a very gentle man until crossed yet will risk anything to protect his family and friends.

Madame Dahlia - A strong and confident woman who will call out anyone's behavior but also will do absolutely do anything to protect those she cares for.

Pet - A fun pet who enjoys playing pranks with his owners.

Miles Knightleigh - A nice kid who gets bullied by his family but eventually befriends Edgar and Ellen after spending time with them.

WOOHP - An organization of secret spies that help protect the world from threats on a daily basis.

  • Jerry Lewis - A cool founder of a secret organization who tends to joke with and be civil to his agents yet also doesn't seem to mind picking them up for missions at random regardless of what they are doing. Also despite not doing it often he has proven himself a skilled fighter.
  • Sam - A smart and skilled leader who often comes up with the plans and is the more serious of the group.
  • Clover - A young agent who loves to flirt with males in her age group while also tending to be somewhat distracted and vain yet her heart is in the right place.
  • Alex - An athletic and naïve young agent who while arguably the healthiest loves to eat and the most clumsy.

The Center - A secret organization that protects the world from both alien invasions and supernatural threats.

  • M.O.M. - A hard working and strict leader who calls out her agents when they mess up or ruin her experiments that was fun to watch.
  • Billy - A former alien warlord that redeemed himself and tries to make up for his past actions by protecting the world and even befriending the agents he helps.
  • Martin Mystery - An immature thrill seeker who loves to go on missions and playing pranks on his team.
  • Diana Lombard - An intelligent young lady who tend to freak out in some of the situations and loses her temper with Martin and his pranks.
  • Java - A hilarious caveman that tries to adapt to the modern world and helps his friends protect the world from any threats that come across.

Lincoln Loud - A humorous main protagonist that is forced to deal with somewhat realistic problems in a chaotic household.

Luna Loud - A cool older sister with a love for music that I have always enjoyed.

Lucy Loud - A character I enjoy especially since she may have supernatural powers.

Luan Loud - A fun character with a love for puns and pranks.

Leni Loud - A enjoyable older sister with a good heart even though she's not the brightest bulb.

Ronnie Anne Santiago - A cool kid that often is willing help with pulling pranks or take care of her family.

Runt - A lovable dog that will go out of his way to protect his friend. He might not be the smartest but he is one of the most loyal friends you can have.

Rita - A lovable cat that is smart, sarcastic and loyal friend who is willing to sacrifice a possible home in order to find a home where they both could have together.

Slappy Squirrel - A hilarious retired character who outsmarts any foe she comes in contact with.

Yakko, Wakko, & Dot - A hilarious and chaotic trio that always got a good laugh out of me.

Dr. Scratchansniff - A humorous psychiatrist that tries to keep the Warner's in line.

Pinky - A humorous sidekick who helps his friend in his quest of taking over the world though often he causes the plan to backfire.

Brain - A mouse that wants to take over the world hoping to make it a better place.

Minerva Mink - A humorous Femme Fatale who when she finally sees a guy she is attracted to acts similar to her admirers that she mocked for acting the way they did.

Felix the Cat - A mischievous character who was fun to watch and in the movie helped save an entire dimension.

Blossom - An intelligent leader who despite being a kid tends to be rather mature though at times arrogant and will do what she can to protect others.

Bubbles - A good-natured and sweet kid who wants to help protect those she can.

Buttercup - A fun and somewhat violent child that while she will defend and protect her sisters whenever needed.

Dil Pickles - While as an infant not much can be said in the spin-off he is a funny and eccentric young man that was entertaining to watch.

Tommy Pickles - In both the original and spin-off he's a fun leader who wants to have fun and go on adventures with his friends.

Chuckie Finster - While somewhat of a coward he goes on adventures to be with his close friends despite making it clear he's not a fan of what's going on.

Kimi Watanabe-Finster - A fun sibling that wants to enjoy everything she can and have freedom at times when she feels restricted.

Chas Finster - A loving father and husband who will do anything to keep his family safe.

Kira Finster - A loving wife and mother who even goes out of the way to save several kids from her evil boss.

Susie Carmichael - A fun kid who helps her friends learn and go on adventures though tends to be more cautious.

Lil DeVille - While close with her brother has no issue calling hi or her other friends out when needed.

Phil DeVille - A kid who while close to his sister will often argue with her and tends to prefer the more reckless choice for some adventures.

Betty DeVille - A loving mother and wife who encourages her children to be strong and independent while also going out of her way to protect them at times.

Howard DeVille - A man who generally does the house work but will do what he can to help his family when he can.

Discord - He's an all-powerful immortal God/spirit of Chaos. I love some chaos provided I am entertained and I can't help but find him hilarious.

Fluttershy - An all loving heroine who while often shy and timid is more then willing to stand up for her friends when needed.

Applejack - A interesting if stubborn heroine that will do what it takes to help her friends.

Twilight Sparkle - A fun protagonist that started out trying to learn about friendship but now seeks to spread it across the setting.

Princess Luna - A princess who was banished for a thousand but now has returned and redeemed herself.

Ichigo Kurosaki - A powerful warrior who will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones and reality from supernatural threats often striving for more power to do so.

Rukia Kuchiki - A skilled warrior who while modest will step up to protect anyone when needed.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi - A fun mastermind and sociopathic character who does everything for science.

Hal Jordan - I enjoyed how he could be reckless and arrogant yet always knew when he had to put that aside.

Kilowog - A cool warrior who acts as a drill instructor often and will not stop until he achieves the mission.

Razer - I enjoyed his stoic and overall cold yet snarky personality and just about everything about him. He probably was my favorite character on the show.

Aya - A cool A.I. that falls in love with a former villain.

Nano - I always felt bad for him as a villain but as a hero I still enjoyed him and was happy to see him redeemed.

Agent Bishop - A government agent that wants to stop alien invasions but goes about it the wrong way.

Karai - An honorable warrior that has standards though most of the time helps her father.

Raphael - A cool brutish hero who enjoys fighting.

Michelangelo - A comedic individual who tends to joke even if not the most appropriate time.

Donatello - An intelligent individual that wants to advance his team and examine the advanced technology.

Leonardo - A cool leader that does occasionally get in arguments and lets his anger get the best of him.

Master Splinter - A wise and honorable mentor who care about his adopted sons and will stop at nothing to protect them.

April O'Neil - A cool ally that can fight when needed.

Renet Tilley - A powerful young woman who gains more control over her powers to manipulate time itself who’ll do what she can to protect it.

Lord Simultaneous - A nearly all-powerful ruler of time and space who is a strict but fair teacher who’ll protect the universe any way he can.

Daimyo of the Battle Nexus - A powerful warrior that enforces the rules of a dimensional contest who clearly loved his son.

Sterling Archer - Fun to watch and hilarious protagonist.

Ray Gillette - An entertaining character who has become a cyborg as the series has progressed.

Dr. Krieger - An amoral scientist that often crosses a line for his own amusement or profit.

Lana Kane - An interesting secret agent.

Pam Poovey - A fun to watch perverted and brutish lady.

Bob Belcher - A father and business man I've found entertaining so far.

Conan the Barbarian - I find of what I've seen and read on him enjoyable: violent hero that does things mostly for personal gain.

Kratos - Played most if not all the games now and find him enjoyable enough and enjoyed killing some of the Gods namely Hera and Zeus.

Atreus - The son of Kratos who acts primarily as a morality pet for his father and struggles to not only bond with him but also to come to terms with his divine nature.

Hades (God of War) - Much like myth he was more likable, that and was willing to do whatever it took to get revenge on Kratos for killing some of his family.

Hades (Camp Half-Blood) - Of what I read and researched a very likable God that is protective of his kids and has a temper towards those who have wronged him.

Hades (mythology) - I find him one of the most likable Gods of the Greek myths and possibly of any religion I've personally read. I mean he was strict but fair and truly loved his wife even though he went about the wrong way to get to know her after he became smitten. Plus even the Gods feared him due to his ability to basically take away immortality.

Persephone (mythology) - A loving Goddess and I enjoy the take where she is the one who came up with a way to stay with her husband due to truly loving him despite his mistakes and how he originally brought her to his realm.

Hestia (mythology) - A benevolent Goddess that was never petty and even some of the vilest Gods were protective of due to how loving she was.

Hercules (mythology) - A fun demigod that loved to fight and kill his enemies yet also was at times very clever.

Zeus (mythology) (Rarely) - While I overall hate him its mainly due to how media glorifies Zeus as some extremely benevolent God despite being a rapist while demonizing Hades as some super malevolent God when that's far from accurate. On the rare occasion he punished the deserving and showed care for his family by doing them favors when they asked he was somewhat likable.

Poseidon (mythology) - A God that would often argue with his little brother (Zeus) for power and had no major issues testing his limits.

Demeter - A Goddess that loved her daughter so much she threatened to wipe out humanity when kidnapped and even misses her when the daughter spends months at a time with husband.

Hermes (mythology) - A God who loves to pull tricks and delivers messages to the other Gods.

Thor (mythology) - A brutish God who loved to fight and drink.

Percy Jackson - A young man who finds out he is the son of a God followed by being dragged into helping stop threats to both the Gods and mortals.

Grover Underwood - A comedic character who I loved seeing him fight with the crutches in the film as it reminds me of how my father fights.

Tyson - A childlike individual that was fun to watch especially when he wanted to bond with his brother.

Annabeth Chase - A cool competitive individual that was fun to watch.

Asura - A powerful demigod that will destroy anyone who harmed his daughter even if he must take down basically God himself.

Rosalina - A powerful princess who will do anything in her power to save others.

Mario - While arrogant and at times can be a jerk still a fun protagonists.

Luigi - A likable man that despite often ben afraid will do what he can to save the setting from any danger.

Princess Zelda - A ideal loving and wise leader who doesn't just strike me as a typical "Damsel in distress".

Link - Strikes me as a likable and classic hero who is somewhat laid back but knows when to get serious when he needs to be.

Mega Man - A hero who shows mercy but also shows he remembers all the previous calling out his archenemy when he does the same begging time and time again.

Zero (Mega Man X) - A robotic warrior who will stop at nothing to protect the setting.

Sonic the Hedgehog - A fun hero who occasionally gets arrogant or lazy but ultimately will do what he can to save the world.

Shadow the Hedgehog - A violent immortal who will do anything to achieve his goals.

Samus Aran - An amazing video game heroine who seeks revenge against the group that killed her family.

Pit - A comedic angel that will do anything he can to protect the mortals.

Palutena - A powerful Goddess that wants to protect humanity.

HUNK - A skilled soldier who will do anything to accomplish his missions. I enjoyed his overall personality and design.

Chris Redfield - A soldier who regularly fights terrorists and zombies to save humanity.

Jill Valentine - A strong and loyal partner that regularly saves the world and humanity from terrorists.

Alice (Resident Evil) - A skilled and borderline immortal fighter who does everything she can to survive the zombie apocalypse and help the innocent.

Dan - A petty and vindictive guy but is hilarious to watch.

Chris - Just a good guy who gets dragged into some of the weirdest situations.

Elise - Basically a super spy and loving wife who looks out for her husband's well being.

Pickles Oblong - A woman who gave up her life of luxury to live with the man he loves but hates her former "friends" for looking down on those less fortunate.

Bob Oblong - An optimistic man who despite lacking any limbs always looks on the bright side and tries to make sure his family is happy.

Biff and Chip - A pair of conjoined twins that often bicker with one another and want to live their own lives but also get along some.

Milo Oblong - A kid who has grown up miserable and while he tries to be positive has a hard time staying that way due to the way he lives.

Beth Oblong - A little girl who feels left out and seems to most adjusted of her family.

Creepy Susie - A dark and cynical girl who is obsessed with death but still cares for her friends.

Gumball Watterson - A humorous kid protagonist that often spreads chaos

Darwin Watterson - A kid who has his heart in the right place.

Nicole Watterson - A controlling but loving mother and wife.

Richard Watterson - A lazy but loving father and husband.

Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) - An intelligent child who seeks to continue his experiments in secret.

Jimmy Neutron - A genius who often miscalculates how far his inventions will go.

Sheen Estevez - A kid obsessed with a fictional superhero and was a blast to watch.

Libby Folfax - A kid obsessed with fashion but grows as a character over the series.

Chowder - A lazy apprentice who loves to eat and was fun to watch.

Mung Daal - A passionate chef who thinks that the ladies love him though he genuinely loves his wife.

Truffles - A short-tempered but caring individual that was fun to watch.

Shnitzel - He is a character I've enjoyed due to his strength, easily being frustrated personality due to all the strange problems the group gets stuck in.

Flapjack - A kid who wants to go adventures but is often conned by his mentor.

Bubbie - A mother that will do anything to protect her adopted son.

K'nuckles - A lazy pirate that often cons anyone he can to get some candy or money.

Sunny Bridges - A famous musician who after losing his passion and gets it back through teaching others what it takes to be a professional musician.

Li'l D - A skilled musician for his young age but can be arrogant and greedy at times.

Madison Papadopoulus - An optimistic and cheerful kid that wants to have fun with her friends while also being a skilled in some instruments.

Philly Phil - A skilled inventor who is awkward at times but fun and skilled at playing a couple instruments.

Eddie Lawrence III - A rich kid who doesn't always understand how the world works but loves to play music and hanging with his friends.

Tamika Jones - An athletic kid that will bully her friends sometimes but will defend them from others.

Kam Chin - A kid that loves to learn and tries to remain mature despite being one of the youngest but will at times go along with his friends crazier plans.

Kim Chin - A kid that is obsessed with fashion but also a skilled musician that was fun with.

Ami Onuki - A fun musician that can be immature at times.

Yumi Yoshimura - A fun muscian that can be a bit selfish and rude but when needed.

Cosmo - A hilarious idiot that despite loving his family can be reckless.

Wanda - - A loving wife and mother that while strict does it because she wants to help them and make sure they stay out of trouble.

Timmy Turner - A clever kid who while he doesn't think his plans through is rather entertaining to watch.

Jack Fenton - A comedic father who has shown some surprising skill when he knows his family is in danger and needs protection.

Maddie Fenton - A cool mother who could if needed fight fairly well.

Jazz Fenton - An uptight older sister who will do anything to protect her family even though they often embarrass her.

Danny Phantom - A cool half ghost that often makes comedic comments regardless of the situation.

Tucker Foley - An intelligent friend that tries to help his best friend in both normal life and even when he is saving the day.

Sam Manson - Danny's best friend and love interest who I found enjoyable most the time.

Chiro - A young leader who upon being given powers helps save the universe from an undead tyrant and others.

Antauri - A wise individual that helps those he can both with emotional issues and physical ones.

Otto - A comedic individual who's optimistic outlook on life was entertaining.

Sparx - An individual with an ego but will do whatever it takes to protect his team.

Nova - A individual that keeps a tough appearance whenever she can though rather caring for all her teammates.

Gibson - The scientist of the group that tends to go on long speeches.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - A skilled warrior who wants to help protect the galaxy and bring balance.

Yoda - A peaceful mentor who just wants to ensure order and peace across the galaxy.

Chewbacca - A cool and loyal friend who helps those he can.

Han Solo - A cynical and reluctant hero who will do what is needed when needed.

Leia Organa - A member that will do anything to save the galaxy even if she has to fight with people she doesn't trust.

R2-D2 - Despite not being made to be a fighter can hold his own due to being resourceful.

C-3PO - A cultured robot that was amusing.

Spock - A cool stoic alien who wants to help save the entire universe from various threats.

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - A fun and at times sarcastic engineer who just wants to keep those on his ship safe.

James T. Kirk - A confident leader who will use whatever resources he can to save the day.

Jean-Luc Picard - A dun captain that does what he can to protect the universe for hostile threats.

Q (Star Trek) - A godlike trickster who was amusing to see mess with everyone.

Jack O'Neill - A man with a dry sense of humor and tends to keep level headed in alien invasions and does whatever he can to protect his world.

Teal'c of Chulak - An alien that can be rather blunt and can be at times humorous.

Dr. Daniel Jackson - A man who prefers peace when possible but not afraid to stand his ground and has a habit of seeming to die only to turn out to of survived.

Spider-Man - A interesting smart-ass who just wants to save people.

Gwen Stacy - A love interest who you could see why they loved one another and in the movies did a great job with her and having her being important and useful towards the plot.

Spider-Gwen - A cool alternate take of the classic Gwen who now can and will do whatever it takes to save the multiverse and get back to her own universe.

May Parker - I enjoy this take of her especially with how she knows about her nephew's secret and helps him.

Michelle Jones - I actually find her far more entertaining and likable than Mary Jane Watson who I found very bland.

Miles Morales - A fun and caring young man that wanted to prove he could help and ultimately helped stop the potential destruction of the multiverse.

Venom - A vengeful character who has switched sides somewhat often and even occasionally helps the heroes if there is a great enough threat.

Black Cat - A fun thief who often changes sides.

J. Jonah Jameson - A wrathful man who hates superheroes due to believing they probably have a darker side they hide due to his experience with his abusive father, even when he is against the heroes he rarely went across certain lines. I do like when he has a softer side for his employees like Peter Parker even though he hates Peter's alter ego.

Chloe Decker - A fun detective who falls in love with Lucifer and has him help solve cases.

Trixie Espinoza - A child of a detective that is fun to watch interact with Lucifer.

Lucifer Morningstar - An entertaining immortal entity who seeks to gain true freedom but willing to work for either side and tends to have a softer side than most might think.

John Constantine - An anti-hero who helps but often for the wrong reasons in hopes of being able to escape his possible damnation.

Batman - Love how he is a hero with no powers and yet can beat some of the most overpowered superheroes around.

Bruce Wayne (Gotham) - I loved how it gradually built up how he grows up to be the world's greatest detective.

Nightwing - I've enjoyed most versions I've seen and the design isn't that bad overall.

Tim Drake - A fun sidekick who would often do what he could to do the right thing but with at time step out of line.

Annie - A fragment of a deranged villain that as she got farther away gained enough sentience to become her own but sacrificed herself to save her only friend.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) - I felt he had some valid points within the film and found him interesting.

Alfred Pennyworth - An interesting butler especially when he used sarcasm and can fight in some versions.

Lucius Fox - A fun and at times sarcastic employee and ally aware of his employer's secret life of fighting crime.

Catwoman - A seductive thief who has at times joined Batman to fight worse people.

Selina Kyle (Gotham) - A street child who is willing to do anything to survive though she bonds with a rich kid over time though they do get on each others nerves.

James Gordon - A cool cop that wants to clean up the corruption and alarming crime rate of his city.

Harvey Bullock - A cool cop that despite not always following the law tries to help his partners and his city.

Nathaniel Barnes - A captain that only seeks to help cleanup the city though he eventually became a delusional killer.

Thomas Wayne - I found him a total badass and reminded me of why I like characters similar to him and Punisher so much.

Terry McGinnis - I recall enjoying him and the fact he wasn't afraid to use dirty tricks to win the fight or taunt his enemy's.

Wonder Woman - A powerful warrior that could give Superman a challenge with her brute strength.

Aquaman - I've enjoyed some versions due to his powers and occasionally due to his personality.

Iron Man - I have enjoyed every movie he's been in and I like his comics to a degree.

War Machine - A cool soldier given a powerful armor that will do anything to protect the world from threats.

Pepper Potts - A woman that in many versions if not all loves Tony and will help protect the world anyway she can.

Captain America - Every movie has been enjoyably and the comics he's generally a cool character and leader.

Black Panther - A cool king who actually seems humble and willing to do anything to protect the innocent.

J.A.R.V.I.S. - A humorless A.I. servant.

Thor Odinson - A powerful entity worshiped by ancient humans as a God that was always fun to see in action.

Hulk - A powerful brute who seeks to be left alone for the most part but also is shown to enjoy fighting at times.

Vision - A cool robot that desires to protect humanity despite recognizing how flawed they are.

Heimdall - A cool godlike entity that takes his job seriously and will do anything to protect the universe.

Scarlet Witch - A powerful young woman who after helping an insane robot chose to save the world and later universe.

Nebula - A tragic individual who seeks revenged on her adopted father who replaced parts of her body with robotics.

Yondu Udonta - A fun space pirate who cares for his adopted son and ultimately sacrifices himself to save said son.

Rocket Raccoon - A funny asshole that is willing to do morally questionable things to get what he wants.

Groot - I found the character entertaining especially in the sequel.

Doctor Strange - A powerful sorcerer who helps fight off godlike threats and could be at times arrogant.

Hawkeye - A cool archer and loving family man that will risk his life for the team.

Crystal - A cool young woman with the power to manipulate elements and had a low opinion of humans at first but softened up some as time went on.

Lockjaw - A gigantic dog that is surprisingly intelligent, can teleport himself and others. He is also adorable in my opinion.

Karnak - A cynical but entertaining man that can predict nearly any outcome with superhuman accuracy.

Medusa - A loving wife and queen that can manipulate her hair with deadly precision that will do anything to protect her people.

Black Bolt - A king that loves his wife and people but cannot speak as his voice is so powerful that it can be catastrophic with a mere whisper.

Gorgon - A loyal but impulsive warrior that will do anything to protect those he cares for.

Hercules (Marvel) - A fun brutish immortal that enjoys fighting and drinking more than anything.

Hellboy - A demon who while said to one day bring about an apocalypse fights the forces of evil to protect humanity and to fight his supposed destiny.

Abraham Sapien - A enjoyable genius who helps Hellboy stop supernatural threats.

Johann Kraus - An interesting and somewhat cynical character that could be a bit sarcastic.

Liz Sherman - A woman who wants to learn to control her powers and help prevent cataclysmic events.

Beetlejuice - A funny character I remember enjoying whenever I saw the movie and show.

Lydia Deetz - I enjoyed both versions but especially the cartoon one where she was somewhat of an outcast in the human world but rather popular in the afterlife.

Donald Cragen - A former police captain that tries to keep his team in line.

Olivia Benson - A compassionate officer later police captain that always shows compassion to the victims.

Elliot Stabler - An officer that will do anything to find the rapist even brutally assaulting them to get information.

John Munch - A fun conspiracy theorist and officer that was interesting to watch.

Odafin "Fin" Tutuola - A fun detective that will do anything to get justice for the victims.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs - A cool leader of that will do whatever it takes to protect his team while also calling them out for goofing off at times.

Abigail "Abby" Sciuto - A cool and funny forensic scientist that I loved watching.

Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo - A cool special agent who often goofed off but knew when to get serious.

Ziva David - A badass agent who did what she felt was right even if she had to kill her family member who was a terrorist.

Timothy McGee - A cool and somewhat geeky special agent who wanted to prove himself at times.

Donald "Ducky" Mallard A hilarious and fun medical examiner who often talked to those he had to autopsy.

Spencer Reid - An intelligent and awkward man that who help profile the killers for the team.

Penelope Garcia - A humorous woman that helps with computers and tracking down the suspect while rarely getting physically involved.

Derek Morgan - A cool officer who will show compassion towards others but also has no issue taking down dangerous criminals by himself.

Emily Prentiss - A level headed officer who will do what she can to stop any criminal.

David Rossi - A cool leading officer who jokes with his team and writes in his free time.

Gregory House - A questionable doctor who tends to be rather arrogant.

Dan Conner - An overprotective father and husband that deeply loves his family.

Roseanne Conner - A hilarious mother who loves to tease her family but would go to great lengths to protect them.

Darlene Conner - A cool daughter and later mother who often used sarcasm when dealing with situations.

Jackie Harris - A hilarious woman who struggles with relationships but is always trying to help her family.

David Healy - A shy man who ultimately means well and loves his family.

Mark Healy II - A cool little kid that is fun to watch interact with his family.

Harris Healy - A sarcastic teenager who despite often bickering with her family she will defend them.

Geena Williams Conner - A cool and supportive mother that served her country.

Ben - A reasonable man who keeps it professional even when having a problem with a woman he was dating at work.

Philip Banks - A loving father and uncle who will do anything for his family and despite his wealth stays reasonable to all those around him.

Vivian Smith-Banks - A loving wife and mother who despite marrying a wealthy man still likes to work and encourages a good work ethic.

Will Smith - A young man who grows over the series and still is entertaining to watch.

Geoffrey Butler - A hilarious butler who I enjoyed seeing.

Niles - A hilariously sarcastic butler who probably was my favorite character in the show.

Archie Bunker - A bigoted man who seems to not entirely realize it at times but will stand up even for some he is against if they are in trouble.

Edith Bunker - A loving wife and mother who is generally supportive of her husband but will occasionally call him out.

Red Forman -A fun veteran who tries to teach his son responsibility while also being rather sarcastic.

Kitty Forman - A loving mother and wife that does what she can to maintain stability of the family.

Eric Forman - A lazy young man who barely takes anything serious and rarely takes responsibility either unless forced.

Steven Hyde - A sarcastic young man who refuses to take most things seriously.

Jackie Burkhart - A spoiled young lady who matured some throughout the show.

Donna Pinciotti - A fun young lady that tries to keep her friends and boyfriend more grounded to reality.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - A kid who is in love that wants to have fun with her crush and other friends as much as she can.

Phineas Flynn - A kid that I found entertaining that merely wants to have fun with all of his friends before summer comes to an end.

Ferb Fletcher - An intelligent kid that rarely speaks though when he does often it involves some sarcasm.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz - A humorous mad scientist who takes pride in being "evil" and is bent on taking over his local area but is also a loving father.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - A daughter of a mad scientist that truly loves him though can be annoyed with his schemes.

Jeremie Belpois - An intelligent young man whom helps guide the other heroes across the virtual world in order to stop a rogue AI from taking over the world.

Aelita Schaeffer - A character who is for a while bound to a Super Computer and is needed to undo any damage the rouge AI from killing off humanity and or taking over the world.

Ulrich Stern - He is a fun character who while not the most open and expressive person he is shown strong and very loyal towards his friends.

Odd Della Robbia - A hilarious character who was probably my favorite of the group due to his mischievous personality.

Yumi Ishiyama -A smart, sarcastic character who is willing to do anything she can to help save the world from chaos, destruction and despair. She is shown to be a skilled warrior who when she gets to know and trust you is rather friendly.

Yugo - A cool kid that will stop at nothing to protect the world from powerful threats with the power to create portals.

Ruel Stroud - A greedy old man that while skilled at fighting prefers to not do so.

Evangelyne - A skilled and mature young lady that helps protect those around her.

Sir Percedal - An arrogant and impulsive warrior that was fun to watch.

Amalia - A princess that can manipulate plants and has an extended lifespan.

Grougaloragran - A cool immortal dragon that wanted to protect the world from evil forces.

Chibi - An immortal that was killed in a past life is a bit mischievous upon his reincarnation.

Alibert - A loving father that was more than willing to risk his life to save his adopted son.

Dustin Henderson - A kid I couldn't help but enjoy and want to give a hug when people bullied him.

Mike Wheeler - A optimistic kid that was willing to risk everything to save his friends.

Lucas Sinclair - A cautious but enjoyable kid who was willing to do whatever he could to protect his friends.

Will Byers - An awkward yet likable kid who puts others before his own safety.

Jonathan Byers - A cool older brother who will do anything to protect and help his family.

Joyce Byers - A mother who is protective of her family to the point she will go against anything to ensure they remain safe.

Steve Harrington - A fun case of character development to where he started off as an asshole but then became a likable character who protected those he grew closer to.

Eleven - A kid who went through a lot and has issues due to being raised as a weapon.

Jim Hopper - A cool cop who becomes overprotective of Eleven when he becomes her guardian due to losing his actual daughter years ago.

Daffy Duck - A classic cowardly hero in a amazing comedy series.

Tina Russo - A Tomboy I enjoyed watching especially due to how sarcastic she is.

Bugs Bunny - A classic sarcastic individual who usually out smarts his enemies.

Grouchy Smurf - A hilarious misanthrope who does have moments where he will lighten up even if he won't often admit it.

Papa Smurf - A wise leader who will help others but will also often acknowledge the risks.

Squidward Tentacles - A individual that generally wants to be left alone and I find him entertaining.

SpongeBob SquarePants - A character I am honestly mixed about as I find him entertaining half of the time and annoying about the other half.

Arthur Read - A kid who often is patient and likes helping others yet realistic flaws and can lose his temper with his little sister.

Buster Baxter - A fun kid who often wants to eat whatever he can get his hands on but also can be observant and hold himself back when needed.

Francine Frensky - A competitive kid that often tries to help but if she feels like she is being criticized will leave if she feels too offended.

Binky Barnes - A bully who occasionally shows his softer side and can be friendly.

Alan "Brain" Powers - A smart and polite kid who loves to build machines and help his friends where he can.

Arnold Shortman - A fun and somewhat stoic kid who while he is willing to help others does have his limits with no issue calling others out when they cross a line with him.

Grandma Gertie - A wise but slightly insane elderly woman that was fun to watch.

Grandpa Phil - A fun and wise elderly man that will offer advice when needed.

Gerald Martin Johanssen - A kid who sees the world from a more pragmatic view than his best friend and loves telling stories whenever possible.

Helga G. Pataki - A bully that has a crust on the one she bullies the most because he was the first one to be nice to her.

Phoebe Heyerdahl - A timid young kid that will do anything to help those she considers friends.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd - A spoiled child that can be a jerk but will also show a softer side on rare occasions.

Harold Berman - While he can be a cowardly jerk he is a fun character to watch with occasional hints he may have some more depth.

Gaia (Captain Planet) - A powerful Goddess that wants to make humanity learn and protect the plant before they doom both.

Captain Planet - An immortal elemental guardian that wants to save the world and teach people how to do the right thing before they damage the planet beyond repair.

Ma-Ti - An orphan who always tries to see the best in people and tries to make them see the error of their ways.

Linka - A calm and collected young woman that at times looses her temper with the situation but always tries to help the world improve.

Gi - A kind and caring young woman that tries to lighten the mood with some humor who just wants to save the world.

Kwame - A strong and skilled leader that often tries to be the voice of reason in their missions to save the world.

Wheeler - A young man who seems to rush into fights without thinking them through and tends to try to have more fun with less work.

Rocko Wallaby - A timid man who is often dragged into adventure by his friends.

Rudy Tabootie - A kid who is a talented artist that receives magical chalk that allows him to enter a dimension were those drawing come to life.

Penny Sanchez A- A kid who helps Rudy keep the secret about the magic chalk and accompanies him on his adventures.

Snap - A fun drawing brought to life that wants to go on adventures with his creator in a dimension where other drawings are also brought to life.

Popeye - A fun hero who often has to fight a brute to protect the woman he loves.

Robert Freeman - A grandfather that loves his family but is often lazy ad irresponsible.

Riley Freeman - A kid who while doesn't think things through can be rather resourceful.

Huey Freeman - A stoic and responsible kid who often thinks things through and can be a bit blunt.

Thing (Marvel) - A powerful hero who while primarily uses brute strength isn't as stupid as some might think allowing him to improvise when needed.

Invisible Woman - An intelligent woman that from what I recall is kind until pushed too far by others.

Human Torch - A cool hero that can generate fire to help fight and often taunts others.

Mr. Fantastic - Not going to lie I'm not a huge fan of all versions but a couple seemed to be entertaining with how occasionally he'd be more excited or impressed by the circumstance than the fact they are in danger. I liked when he was a bit scattered brained with his experiments.

Silver Surfer - A godlike alien who gained his powers through a deal to save his planet but now fights his former master and others to protect the universe.

Emily (Corpse Bride) - A tragic soul that was coldly murdered by a greedy man and only seeks to find love.

Victor Van Dort - A shy young man that just wants to find love and unintentionally gets dragged into more than he bargained for.

Jack Skellington - A fun mascot who got sick of his holiday and wanted a change of pace before learning to appreciate what he had.

Sally - A loving individual who tries to get Jack to appreciate what he has while also being encouraging.

EVE - A robot I found entertaining especially since as the movie moves forward and we see her fall for the hero yet very capable of protecting herself.

WALL-E - A caring and interesting main character that falls in love yet definitely the weaker of the two.

Wreck-It Ralph - A man that wants to be respected for who he truly is over only hated for his job as playing the role assigned.

Vanellope von Schweetz - A young girl who's been an outcast most her life that merely wanted to be able to race and be accepted as herself.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. - A humorous and fun character that seeks to stop his game from being shut down.

Sergeant Calhoun - A badass warrior who wants to protect the arcade that holds her game from parasitic monsters.

Rapunzel - A princess that wants to help as many people as possible but at times has issues keeping her word when the unexpected happens.

Flynn Rider - A comedic individual who goes from a thief to a princess' lover who will do anything for her.

Cassandra - A female warrior wanting to become part of the Royal Guard and help her best friend. Unfortunately after some conflicts she gets corrupted by a desire for power to fulfill her "destiny".

Varian - A teenage scientist and alchemist that wanted to help those in his village but unfortunately was prone to mistakes, one of which cost his father his freedom. Upset after being turned away by his friends and kingdom when he asked for help during a crisis he decided he would take revenge on the kingdom before ultimately redeeming himself.

Captain of the Royal Guards - A loyal captain who will do anything to enforce justice and adopted Cassandra due to feeling she deserved a better life but now must fight his beloved daughter.

Xavier - A wise blacksmith who often helps when it comes to the supernatural threats.

Queen Arianna - A loving wife and ruler who tends to try to find a middle ground and do what is the best for her people.

King Frederic - A compassionate king who will do anything to protect his family and kingdom.

King Edmund - A protective king and father who could be humorous due to being somewhat awkward.

Queen Elsa - A stoic individual that keeps her feelings in check in an attempt to control her powers.

Queen Anna - An energetic princess later made queen that seeks to help her sister, to find love and ultimately prevent her kingdom from suffering an eternal winter.

Sofia the First - A princess who wants to help everyone she can and be the best person she can be.

Prince Naveen - A prince that at first just wanted to have fun and a bit lazy but over the course of the film grew as a person to where he wanted to help the person he fell in love with.

Tiana (Disney) - A hardworking young woman that worked for everything she has ever had and never gave up on her dream yet still took time to spend time with her loved ones.

Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff - A generous man who may spoil his child but also very generous with people in general.

Charlotte La Bouff - An overall pleasant person and friend that is willing to give the man of her dreams to her best friend after realizing they were in love.

Louis the Alligator - A fun and friendly alligator that wants to share his love for Jazz with humans.

Ray the Firefly - A helpful and comedic individual that fell in love with a star and ends up being united with her in death.

Mama Odie - An elderly mentor with an enhanced lifespan presumably due to her magic that offers some decent advice along with her help.

James P. Sullivan - A monster that wants to get a human child back to their family and later helps solve an energy crisis.

Mike Wazowski - A monster that tries to save a human child by getting her back to her family and to earn recognition for his work.

Big Hero 6 - A fun team dedicated to saving their city from any danger that presents itself.

  • Hiro Hamada - A teenage genius who does try to save the city but occasionally lets his desire for revenge blind him.
  • Baymax - fun to watch robot that will do what he can to protect others but tries to avoid any violent method.
  • Honey Lemon - A charming and passionate scientist that wants to make her city a better place.
  • Go Go Tomago - A sarcastic young woman who is determined to help her city despite not being a fan of authority.
  • Wasabi - A fun hero that wants to maintain order at all costs and can be a bit insecure in areas.
  • Fred (Big Hero 6) - An energetic young man that wants to help his friends in any way he can and is pretty charitable with what he has.

Remy - A rat that is a talented chef and wants to cook whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Alfredo Linguini - An insecure young man that has a passion for cooking yet lacks the needed skill to do it himself.

Colette Tatou - A strict cook that has a passion for her occupation.

Anton Ego - A cynical but passionate food critic who is willing to admit when wrong.

Lion-O - A cool leader who tries his best both to protect the world and uphold the way of his people's code of honor.

Panthro - A noble warrior who was smart as well as strong.

Man-At-Arms - A cool warrior who cares for his adopted daughter and will do whatever takes to stop any evil from obtaining power and ruling the universe.

He-Man - I prefer the 2002 cartoon where he was a bit cooler in personality than the older cartoon.

Sorceress of Castle Grayskull - A cool Sorceress who guards a great power from all kinds of evil.

Teela - Much like He-Man I prefer the 2002 version and like how she is a skilled warrior and not afraid of insulting royalty when she mistakes Adam for being cowardly when in reality he's turned into his alter ego: He-Man.

Adora / She-Ra - A fun soldier that later learning of the horrors of her kingdom defects to another to put an end to the tyranny.

Queen Angella - An immortal queen that while strict eventually warms up to everyone and ends up sacrificing herself or minimum her freedom to save the world.

King Micah - A king that was banished by the Horde after being captured but will do anything he can to reunite with his family and free his world.

Glimmer - A powerful magical princess turned later queen that wants to fight off an invasion to protect the world.

Bow - An intelligent and optimistic archer that wants to help protect the world from a tyrant.

Sea Hawk - A comedic captain that proudly boasts and exaggerates his adventures.

Mermista - A powerful, sarcastic and blunt princess that can manipulate water.

Perfuma - A peaceful princess that can manipulate plants to fight when needed.

Huntara - A former soldier turned outlaw that while first reluctant decided she would save her new home.

Spinnerella - A caring and competitive princess that is trying to protect her world alongside her wife.

Netossa - A princess that is responsible yet has a playfully competitive attitude with her wife and can manipulate energy.

Catra - An ambitious young lady who felt betrayed by her former friend who she was secretly in love with and gleefully helped a tyrant take over the world but ultimately saw the error of her ways and redeemed herself.

Entrapta - A scientist who cared more about making science than morality given she has worked for both sides but ultimately goes back to the side of good with the implication she fell in love with Hordak who had redeemed himself.

Hordak - An affable and insecure tyrant that wanted to prove himself worthy of his creators approval but ultimately decided to redeem himself.

Scorpia - A naïve and friendly princess that while willing to fight for a tyrant is genuinely likable overall with her even redeeming herself.

Kyle - A comedic scapegoat that defects to become a hero after being fed up with being abused by the Horde.

Lonnie - A tough female soldier who despite having issues showing her feelings cares for her friends.

Rogelio - A strong reptilian soldier that seems to care for his friends though we can't understand what he is saying.

Wrong Hordak - A comedic and childish alien clone that after being given a life free of his abusive master decided to help the heroes stop his former master.

Goliath - A interesting leader that wants to help his clan and the city from a variety of evil individuals.

Elisa Maza - A detective that gets wrapped up in a battle to protect her city from some evil individuals after power and immortality.

Hudson - A older and wiser gargoyle who had no problem fighting to protect his clan.

Brooklyn - A fun gargoyle who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

Lexington - A more naïve and trusting of the gargoyles who was fun to watch.

Broadway - A gargoyle who was loyal and owned up to his mistakes while more often interesting in either eating or keeping himself entertained.

Bronx - A feral gargoyle that functions more as a pet.

Halcyon Renard - A man who has a lot of integrity and not afraid to call anyone out but once went on a rampage to obtain an immortal body before ultimately redeeming himself.

Magus (Gargoyles) - A sorceror that after cursing the gargoyles greately regretted it to sacrificed his own happiness and life to make amends.

Piccolo - A great Papa Wolf character (Despite the kid not being his son) who is my favorite main character of the series. The abridged version is rather enjoyable as well.

Krillin - A character that while strong is underpowered when compared to most the team. The abridged is enjoyable as well due to it retaining his butt-monkey status.

Tenshinhan - A side character who I enjoyed especially since he not only had a code of honor but atones for his former deeds from when he was a more ruthless fighter.

Chiaotzu - A side character I remember enjoying and was willing to sacrifice his life in order to protect those he cares for.

Gohan - A character who I enjoyed over the years and how he's been able to save the day and still focus heavily on his studies.

Android 18 - She's a character I always enjoyed watching and thought it was interesting how she was once a normal person that was transformed into a powerful cyborg.

Android 16 - A peaceful android that I found entertaining.

Vegeta - An egomaniac who eventually redeemed himself though often let his ego get the best of him.

Bulma - A cool intelligent character that her inventions often help with whatever purpose raw power cannot take care of.

Trunks - A arrogant kid that eventually mellows out a bit as he grows older.

Future Trunks - A warrior from an alternate timeline that seeks to prevent androids from ruining our world.

Yajirobe - A funny and cowardly swordsman I enjoyed overall.

Beerus - An enjoyable God of Destruction yet still both a powerhouse and comedic.

Whis - A powerful entity that I enjoyed watching especially with his calm way of training his students.

Broly (Dragon Ball Super) - A far less evil version than the original who was tricked into targeting the heroes but ultimately redeems.

Cheelai - A fun alien who while working for a tyrant just wants to survive with her friends.

Superman - I prefer when they decide he's less of a boy scout and I feel better when he's not as overpowered as some versions.

Chloe Sullivan - A young woman I loved watching in the show especially during her geekier moments.

The Question - A amazing conspiracy theorist who I just loved watching in Justice League Unlimited.

Huntress - A entertaining martial artist who has held her own against superhuman characters despite lacking powers herself.

Green Arrow - The fact of how he wanted to help everyone including the little guys that most seemed to miss and tried to tackle some problems diplomatically was interesting to watch as a child and I appreciate it more now that I'm older.

Black Canary - She was an entertaining heroine who's power I don't often see used and she was a skilled fighter even when not using her powers.

John Stewart - A man who takes his role as a hero very seriously and seemed to look at himself similar to a soldier who just wants to protect those around him from the forces of evil.

Hawkgirl - She was interesting to watch and enjoyed how she had to re-earn the trust later on.

Hawkman - A violent hero that wants to be with his love no matter what and protect the world from any threat.

Brainiac 5 - A cool and super intelligent cyborg that wants to help his idol become the best hero that he can be after taking the teenage version into his time.

Saturn Girl - A compassionate young heroine who wants to protect the universe from many threats that endanger it while also helping guide a young version of Superman.

Daredevil - A cool vigilante wanting to protect his city from various threats.

Foggy Nelson - A good friend and lawyer who is out to make were he grew up a safer place.

Luke Cage - A near indestructible hero who helps those he can but will ask for payment so he can survive legally himself.

Jessica Jones - She can come across as a bit cold but part of the reason she is closed off is due to a traumatic experience that she is struggling to overcome.

Rorschach - A interesting paranoid and brutal vigilante that I enjoyed.

V (V for Vendetta) - An intelligent anarchist that wishes to tear down a corrupt government so that the general public can be better off.

Richard B. Riddick - A violent protagonist who often does any of his actions out of either some standards or a personal vendetta.

Merle Dixon - While I generally hate racist characters I have to admit I found a few of his jokes like leaving a zombie with Glenn saying the zombie would be hungry in a hour funny. I also admired his loyalty towards his brother.

Daryl Dixon - I enjoy his level headed, almost stoic personality and loyalty.

Rick Grimes - A good leader in a zombie series though I miss the "Ricktatorship" he once held.

Carl Grimes - A true badass who will do anything to protect the people he loves even if he must kill individuals who are threats to them.

Michonne - A great swords-woman who surprisingly is a terrible shot with firearms.

Carol Peletier - A character who will do anything to protect the group and herself even if it means killing humans as well as zombies.

Morgan Jones - A person who tries to avoid killing humans and wants to protect the group no matter what.

Rip Hunter - A cool hero out for revenge against a monstrous immortal.

Leonard Snart - I've enjoyed this take of the Captain Cold character more than any previous version. He's a hilarious villain turned hero that was willing to sacrifice his life so as to not let anyone else control his destiny.

Captain Cold - A more realistic villain motivated more with financial gain and revenge than anything else but seemingly has been redeemed or at least willing to fight worse people.

Mick Rory - He seems like an interesting thug overall. I liked how he is a smart-ass that does redeem himself but was more focused on gaining money then saving the world originally.

Ray Palmer - A person while not my favorite of Legends of Tomorrow I liked him overall especially his desire to help people.

The Flash - He's a interesting Speedster to watch and I find him likable overall.

Cisco Ramon - I find him very likable and entertaining overall. I also enjoy the powers he's been shown to have so far.

Static - A cool superhero that just tries to balance his daily life and saving his city.

Gear - A loyal friend turned fellow superhero.

Robert Hawkins - A loving family man and social worker who will do anything to protect anyone he can.

Tohru - A cool brutish warrior that later redeems and shows a softer side.

Uncle Chan - A wise wizard that often disciplines his nephew when he messes up or ignores his warnings.

Jackie Chan - A friendly and polite martial artist who often is needed to save the world.

Jade Chan - A little girl that helps her family save the world despite her uncle's attempts to stop her.

Lord Death - A funny, powerful and let me just say amazing Shinigami.

Spirit - A funny pervert and loving father.

Franken Stein - A mad scientist who was hilarious to watch.

Marie Mjolnir - I found her desperation for a husband hilarious. I also enjoyed how caring and forgiving she could be.

Death the Kid - A funny perfectionist with amazing power.

Elizabeth Thompson - I found her an entertaining character though her fear of ghost was something I didn't find entertaining.

Patricia Thompson - She's a funny childlike character.

Soul Eater Evans - A cool laid back character who turns into an awesome scythe which is one of my favorite weapons.

Maka Albarn - A character I found interesting and thought that her stubborn attitude occasionally funny.

Blair - An entertaining magical cat that typically takes a humanoid form.

Crona - A character who's got a tragic past and who I enjoyed watching.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - She is a character I enjoyed and liked how she was a person who supported her partner.

Tohka Yatogami - I find her to be a cool, adorable and hilarious character.

Shido Itsuka - I find him a good example of a forgiving, all loving hero who only does what he thinks is best for all.

Kurumi Tokisaki - I think she is a great immortal Cosmic Entity and Femme Fatale. Not only that but she is an entertaining and murderous individual who occasionally helps the heroes.

Kotori Itsuka - I like her overall character, how she is secretly a Spirit and her being a commander of an organization designed to seal the Spirits powers.

Reine Murasame - I enjoy her and how while she cares for others she often is stoic.

Kyouhei Kannazuki - I find him hilarious and enjoy whenever he shows up.

Yoshino - She's an entertaining and adorable character that's rather shy.

Mana Takamiya - A tragic character who's lifespan has been shortened considerably. I find her rather entertaining overall and love her softer side.

Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai - I find these two hilarious and enjoy how despite acting like they hate each other in reality they deeply care for one another.

Natsumi (Date A Live) - A fun character who was insecure about her true form but eventually redeemed herself and befriended the heroes.

Origami Tobiichi - I find her stoic personality fun and her hilarious with how competitive she could get for Shido's attention.

Natsu Dragneel - A reckless young man seems to enjoy fighting and getting into adventures more for the fun of it.

Lucy Heartfilia - An attractive young lady who takes pride in her looks but is genuinely caring and will do what she can to protect her friends and guild even at risk to herself.

Erza Scarlet - A beautiful and powerful warrior who is strict with her guild but will put everything on the line to protect her guild.

Gray Fullbuster - A fun mage who tends to be relaxed but will get serious when those he cares for are in danger and cares more for his adopted family then some of his biological family.

Zeref Dragneel - A tragic and immortal nihilist who seeks to be killed and should that fail reset the world to give everyone another chance in a new world he'd make.

Jesus Christ - Not going to sugarcoat it: I have many problems with religion especially when it comes to the Old Testament but Jesus himself is one of the few religious leaders I have nothing but respect for. I just love his actions and messages as whole honestly.

Gautama Buddha - A former prince that gave up his position and turned loving spiritual teacher that merely wanted to help people find inner peace.

Budai / The Laughing Buddha - A charming spiritual figure that often is confused with the original Buddha but is a symbol of prosperity and contentment. He is believed to of been a wandering man that would help spread joy to all those he could.

Snowball (Animal Farm) - A wise leader who wanted to help the animals prosper and thrive free of oppressive humans that was betrayed.

Benjamin (Animal Farm) - A wise and cynical donkey that after his friend Boxer is betrayed will stop at nothing to put an end to the tyrant who betrayed them all.

Boxer (Animal Farm) - A hard working horse that just wants to help those around him.

Sherlock Holmes - A great example of a mastermind and an excellent detective that often does it more for fun.

Dr. John Watson - A cool sidekick that while not as intelligent as Sherlock is still fairly intelligent.

Tyrion Lannister - A hilarious pervert yet has standards.

Jaime Lannister - A interesting swordsman I enjoyed watching. His comedic moments definitely helped and I grew to like the character.

Arya Stark - A tragic and young heroine who I have found entertaining due to her desire for revenge.

Eddard Stark - An honorable man that wants to do the right thing which lead to him being betrayed and killed.

Syrio Forel - A skilled swordsman that had no fear of dying and was a badass for what little screen time he had.

Sandor Clegane - A warrior who not only has suffered greatly in his life but retains a degree of honor.

Samwell Tarly - A person I've felt bad for due to the mistreatment he's had to deal with despite being a genuinely nice person.

Jon Snow - A cool hero that stands up for those who can't defend themselves and kills one of the most vile characters of the series. I like his overall character.

Daenerys Targaryen - A cool dragon tamer and found her interesting overall.

Agent K - A cool secret agent who will do whatever he can to maintain peace and prevent alien invasions.

Agent J - A sarcastic agent who will do whatever possible to stop an alien invasion.

Charles Xavier - I enjoyed seeing him and how he simply wanted equality for mutants.

Beast (Marvel) - A character who while a gentleman is willing to fight for equality when needed.

Magneto - A well-intentioned character I've enjoyed watching and reading over the years.

Colossus - A hero who despite generally being a nice and peaceful guy knows at times killing is necessary to save more people.

Bishop (Marvel) - A mutant from the future who wants to assist the heroes of the present to stop apocalyptic events.

Cable (Marvel) - Another mutant from the future who works to prevent the post apocalyptic world he grew up in from coming to pass but his brutal methods sometimes cause problems with other heroes.

Gambit - A cool mutant with an entertaining personality and can blow up just about anything.

Rogue - A powerful mutant that can absorb powers by touch that I found entertaining.

Nightcrawler (Marvel) - A cool religious hero who could be a great fighter when needed.

Nightcrawler (X-Men: Evolution) - A fun loving mutant that wants to have fun and hides his true form with a holographic device due to being insecure about his real appearance.

Jean Grey - A person that wants to help those in need but occasionally struggles with controlling her powers.

Cyclops - A leader who tries to keep his team more grounded but will occassionally let his emotions control him.

Angel (X-Men: Evolution) - A caring indvidual who just wants to protect those he can at all costs and int this one surprisingly doesn't become a brainwashed villain.

Wolverine - A hero I have always enjoyed hero who is willing to end the villains life in a heartbeat.

X-23 - I find her origin interesting and of what I've read and seen she seems like my type of character.

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde (X-Men: Evolution) - An optimistic young woman that can turn intanginable at will.

Quicksilver - An enjoyable character and speedster in my opinion.

Storm (Marvel) - A woman that while often trying to help others can summon a variety of weather based attacks if needed to defeat someone.

Storm (X-Men: Evolution) - Much like the comics she can manipulate the weather and caring of other but wants to make sure her nephew not only is safe but grows into a mature young adult.

Blink - A cool mutant who can teleport herself and others anywhere on the planet.

Deadpool - A comedic immortal who often switches sides and does whatever he can for money.

Puck (Marvel) - A man who gained great strength and borderline immortality that even when temporarily in Hell was able to overthrow one of the ruling demons before then returning to life.

Spawn - A former human who gained demonic powers and fights Heaven and Hell for the sake of humanity.

Ghost Rider (Marvel) - A man who made a deal with the devil but soon decided to stop him when he was tricked. Now he fights criminals and demons to stop them from taking over.

The Punisher - Favorite anti-hero ever especially due to the fact he kills his villains every chance he gets.

Gaz Membrane - A fun to watch yet dark heroine who is vengeful and seems to hold some dark powers.

Dib Membrane - A cool paranormal investigator and social outcast who wants to expose an alien invader to prevent him from taking over/wiping out the human race.

Professor Membrane - A cool though neglectful father that is often more busy working and trying to advance science even further.

GIR - A robot I found hilarious to watch and couldn't help but enjoy every moment that I recall seeing him onscreen.

Mandy - She's rather dark and a intelligent individual who you don't want to mess with.

Grim - A likable enough guy despite being the grim reaper and fun to see what antics he's forced into.

Numbuh 1 - A leader who seems to enjoy actually doing missions over traditional form of relaxing.

Numbuh 2 - A character I enjoyed with his habit of making bad puns and helping his friends.

Numbuh 3 - An entertaining character that seems to just want to have fun with her friends.

Numbuh 4 - An entertaining character who rather fight with his fists than come up with a strategy.

Numbuh 5 - A person who if needed can take charge but seems more comfortable just relaxing than leading others.

Numbuh 362 - A logical leader that seemed to care for her subordinates.

Pops Maellard - A charming older man who later is revealed a godlike entity that just wants to live a good life with his friends while stopping his evil brother,

Skips - An immortal groundskeeper who often gives wise advise to his much younger friends.

Benson Dunwoody - A wrathful boss that does care for his employees but has a hard time showing it.

Mordecai - A young man who tends to be more responsible than his friend but still can be rather lazy.

Rigby - A mischievous and lazy young man who rather goof off than do his job.

Heloise - A humorous and sadistic scientist who enjoys her job maybe a little too much.

Jimmy Two Shoes - A fun young man that seeks to bring joy and fun to all those he can.

Beezy Heinous - A lazy but fun loving demon that will do anything he finds fun even if it's not the brightest thing to do.

Omi - An arrogant but naive kid that seeks to protect the world.

Clay Bailey - A patient young man who despite being the strongest tended to be level headed.

Kimiko Tohomiko - An entertaining young lady that had a temper befitting of her power over fire.

Raimundo Pedrosa - A laid-back and often thrill seeking individual that could control air.

Ladybug - A compassionate hero who just wants to balance a social life and protecting everyone around her.

Cat Noir - A mischievous hero who wants to have fun along with those around him.

Crystal Gems - I find them a very enjoyable team to watch.

  • Garnet - A generally stoic leader that is enjoyable to watch and definitely very strong.
  • Pearl - A interesting and intelligent perfectionist that I find entertaining from time to time.
  • Amethyst - A cool laid back character that just wants to have fun.
  • Peridot - A enjoyable and hilarious character.
  • Lapis Lazuli - A character I've enjoyed now that I saw more of her.

Steven Universe - A fun character that wants to help people in any way he can.

Greg Universe - A fun and loving father that only wants to spend time and ensure his son is safe.

Connie Maheswaran - A fun to watch friend and love interest that wants to protect the main character.

Sadie Miller - An enjoyable to watch supportive character.

Lars Barriga - A jerk that I find entertaining.

Simon Seville - Based on what I've seen in the new version and read I like all the Chipmunks especially Simon. He reminds me of myself: smart, sarcastic but shy namely around the women we love.

Jeanette Miller - I enjoy the shy characters in general and based on what I've seen in the newest series I like the character.

L Lawliet - A great detective and mastermind.

Mello - A cool and intelligent person who seeks to bring down a deranged serial killer simply because it'd make him the successor to his former teacher.

Soichiro Yagami - A cool officer with a strong sense of justice.

Light Turner - I found this version of Light more entertaining and likable than the anime and manga where I found him to be only a selfish prick. Like the other version he seems to think he's a God but instead of focusing primarily on that he seeks to bring about a form of justice while not killing law enforcement.

Sadao Maō - A heroic version of Satan.

Emi Yusa - A heroine who understandably can't trust Satan after her father is thought to of died due to his army.

Suzuno Kamazuki - The old fashioned design and hard to adapt to the modern world was enjoyable overall.

Hanzō Urushihara - I found his love for technology hilarious and enjoyed the overall design.

Dante (Devil May Cry) - Probably my favorite comedic video game hero who fights off all the powerful demons and was fun to watch.

Sparda - A demon portrayed as a godlike figure that once saved the human world yet surrounded by mystery overall.

Trish (Devil May Cry) - A demon who after being betrayed by her master redeemed herself and will do what she can to protect humanity.

Lady (Devil May Cry) - A young woman who origibnally wanted to kill all the demons she could and her own fahter but evetually came to realize not all demons are necessarily evil thus only now targets the evil ones.

Nero - I loved his personality and powers especially how he refused to help the cult he grew up with.

Kyrie - A lovely young lady that believed in the person she grew to love and only ever wanted to help where she could unaware of the cults true goals.

Credo - A cool knight who believes his boss is out to make a utopia and once his sister is kidnapped he realized the truth and rebels against said boss.

Vergil - I like Vergil's power and stoic personality compared to his brother with the goals of gaining or surpassing his father's power which is regualrly described as godlike yet stood against worse people.

V (Devil May Cry) - Vergil's human half that when separated wanted to save his own life and prove his strength while also showing a softer side.

Dante (DmC) - While not as fun as the original he was an enjoyable character overall with a few funny moments.

Kat (DmC) - A fun psychic that wnts to help Dante stop a godlike demon and even helps him stand against Vergil after he revealed he would rule over humaniy depite caring for him.

Integra Hellsing - A cool leader that is willing to get her hands dirty if deemed necessary and in control of a godlike vampire.

Walter C. Dornez - A family butler and friend who while caring for them wanted to kill Alucard either out of jealousy or desire to prove himself thus leading to his act of treason.

Alucard (Hellsing) - A cool sadomasochist vampire with godlike powers.

Seras Victoria - A loyal vampire that wants to protect the world from evil forces yet never afraid to stand for her own beliefs.

Alexander Anderson - A man of both honor and faith who wants to kill a godlike vampire.

Trevor Belmont - I found him a fun protagonist that had a temper and mouth in the cartoon.

Alucard (Castlevania) - A cool vampire who is working to stop his father from destroying humanity.

Sypha Belnades - A wise and powerful young woman that will defend herself and others at all costs.

Lisa - A doctor who went to great lengths to find advanced science to save all she can and fell in love with Dracula and eventually gave birth to Alucard before wrongfully being killed by a corrupt bishop.

Toph Beifong - A person who overcame blindness and became one of the most powerful earthbenders in history.

Katara - A strong but motherly figure who can hold her own in battle and will do anything to protect those she loves.

Aang - A hero who despite wielding the most power of the setting is humble and loving.

Sokka - A funny, likable and helpful member of a group full of powerful benders despite having no powers himself.

Suki - A skilled young warrior that is confident in her skills and will do anything to protect the innocent.

Jet - A teenager who lost his family and now seeks to wipe out as many firebenders refusing to believe any could be friendly but ends up redeeming himself at the cost of his life.

King Bumi - A tough as nails character and at the same time silly occasionally. Despite being over one hundred years old and most of it during war times kept not only his body in tip top shape but his mind as well.

Uncle Iroh - A cool older man and amazing mentor. His loving side towards his family, friends and even strangers was something I've always admired especially considering how much of a threat he easily could be when needed.

Zuko - A tragic villain turned hero who just wanted his father to be proud of him but later decides he rather just be with his loving uncle and put an end to his father's reign of terror.

Ty Lee - A charming young woman who wanted to help Azula before deciding to redeem herself.

Tenzin - A good calm mentor and father that is interesting to watch as he deals with his family and friends.

Korra - I have enjoyed her as a character and her overall personality from starting off as somewhat entitled to a humbled character.

Asami Sato - I enjoyed the fact that despite being rich she wasn't portrayed as a stereotype rich girl. That and despite being a non-bender she was able to hold her own.

Bolin - A fun loving character that has kept his friendly personality even though he had a less than ideal childhood.

Jinora - I found her caring nature and passion to learn enjoyable to watch.

Mako - His willingness to threaten others and nearly stoic personality was enough for me to enjoy the character.

Bumi - His fun loving personality and compassion for the spirits was very entertaining for me.

Kai - This guy is entertaining to me due to how mischievous he can be.

Lin Beifong - An excellent police officer who wants to help those in her area remain safe even at the risk of herself. The fact she didn't even give up when her bending was temporarily taken was rather impressive in my opinion.

Varrick - His general character can be humorous to watch especially when compared to some of the more serious characters of the show.

Zhu Li - A loyal and highly competent assistant when compared to her cowardly boss was fun to watch especially when with said boss.

Desna and Eska - I found both enjoyable to watch especially when they were pretty calm after hearing their abusive father was killed.

Kouta - A caring young man who will always help those in need though not always naïve or exactly easy on getting over things from his tragic past.

Kaede / Lucy - A truly tragic heroine who has more then enough reason to hate and desire to end all mankind yet ultimately doesn't.

Bando - A violent man that in the manga was rather entertaining and protective when he bonded with Mayu.

Mayu and Wanta - A cute dog and tragic child who suffered far more than any deserves due to being sexually assaulted by her stepfather and her mother defending the stepfather.

Allen Walker - A overall kind young man who has to tr to save humanity from an ancient evil and said evil's creations before its too late.

Autobots - A group of alien robots that will fight their evil counterparts to protect the universe from them and other threats.

  • Optimus Prime - A great leader, icon and a protector of the universe.
  • Ironhide - A cool giant robot that I liked especially when he was insulting humans.
  • Jetfire - A cool and hilarious robot who will even give his life to make amends.
  • Bulkhead - A cool unintentionally destructive robot but has a decent amount of knowledge in certain fields.
  • Arcee - An alien robot who after suffering many losses prefers to work alone.
  • Ratchet - A veteran who knows the horrors of war and is rather cynical as a result.
  • Wheelie - A funny and perverted little robot.
  • Prowl - A cool alien robot who enjoys experiencing nature and working alone but sacrifices himself to save his allies.
  • Bumblebee - A loyal soldier who while he does enjoy goofing off will get serious when needed.

Sari Sumdac - A cool technorganic girl that wants to spend time with her father who often helps the heroes with a special key that can heal and upgrade them.

Rafael Esquivel - A young genius who helps get info when needed though understandably timid in situation involving fighting.

Jack Darby - A brave young man who is responsible and does what he can to help in the war against the Decepticons.

Miko Nakadai - A reckless young lady who is prone to jump into battle even when not necessarily the smartest move.

Edward Elric - A character who is just trying to make his brother whole again. He's got funny moments but not a person you'd want to anger or push too far.

Alphonse Elric - Much like his brother despite wanting to save the world simply wants to restore their bodies so they can live normal lives.

Winry Rockbell - A cool mechanic that helps with fixing up the protagonist when needed and can be funny.

Roy Mustang - An amazing military officer. He is a deadly fighter that will do what he believes is right and regrets his part during a previous war.

Riza Hawkeye - A loyal character that will do anything in her power to help and support her commanding officer that is also implied to be her romantic partner.

Maes Hughes - A cheerful officer and loving family man who is willing to do anything to protect his country.

Alex Louis Armstrong - A comedic alchemist that will often prefers to fight With a mix of brute strength and form of alchemy passed down through his family.

Olivier Mira Armstrong - A strict officer that demands respect from her subordinates.

Greed - My favorite greedy individual as he retained a likable personality and could hold his own in a fight.

Van Hohenheim - An immortal who was forced to leave his family in hopes of both finding a way to stop an ancient evil and get rid of his immortality.

Kirito - An amazing hero who will do anything to protect those around him. He is one of my favorite anime heroes ever. He's strong, smart and not the most social.

Asuna Yuuki - A great female warrior who can't just leave others in danger. I find her abridged version hilarious and definitely entertaining.

Kirito (SAO Abridged Parody) - I love how much of an ass he can be yet shows some acts of kindness on rare occasions.

Asuna Yuuki (SAO Abridged Parody) - A hilarious and sociopathic take that will hurt anyone she sees as getting in her way yet can hide it from some.

Star Butterfly - A cool happy go lucky character who doesn't annoy me and I like the show overall.

Marco Diaz - A fun normal person who wanted a little adventure in his life and actually got his wish when he became friends with a magical princess from another dimension.

Eclipsa Butterfly - A witch that despite her bad reputation loves her family and will do what she can to be reunited with them.

Meteora Butterfly - A former villain that now was reverted to an infant state thus given a second chance.

Globgor - A cool and loving monster who will do what he can to protect his family including remaining imprisoned for all eternity if needed.

Janna Ordonia - A cool teenager who just wants to have fun whenever she can.

Wander - Surprisingly I actually like this hero as he's entertains me. I swear I thought I was going to hate him for being such a Boy Scout for most of if not all of his character but I genuinely like the guy.

Sylvia - I enjoy her aggressive attitude especially when compared to Wander's personality.

Cat Valentine - A naive but lovable teenager who just tries to have fun.

André Harris - A fun young man and talented musician who often just wants to help others.

Tori Vega - A talented singer who was fun to watch with her friends.

Beck Oliver - A responsible and laid back young man who just tries to have fun.

Jade West - A mean but fun rival that had no problem fighting anyone.

Robbie Shapiro - An insecure young man that tries to do what he can to be of help though at times will get a little selfish.

Nina Martin - A transfer student that learns of her new school having a dark secret and has to discover it to save her new friends.

Mara Jaffray - An intelligent young lady that can be sarcastic yet wants to hep solve the deep mystery of her school.

Patricia Williamson - A student that can be blunt and confrontational but will do anything to protect those she grows close to.

Mick Campbell - A fun athlete who wants to improve his grades and will do what he can to help discover the secrets of his school.

Jerome Clarke - A student who enjoys playing pranks whenever possible but does help discover the secrets of the school.

Alfie Lewis - A prankster that will tease nearly anyone yet also put himself in danger to save his friends.

Fabian Rutter - A likable young man that starts off shy but becomes more aggressive as it goes on to dscover the secrets of his school.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. - A strict but fair man that wants to has cheated death for a while through an elixir but as he runs out desires to become immortal permanently. Even with that in mind he will do what he can to protect his students.

Drake Parker - A talented musician who can be a lazy jerk but often learns from his mistakes.

Josh Nichols - A nerdy but fun protagonist that in many ways I related with.

Megan Parker - A young lady who liked to pull cruel pranks on her brothers but would help them when things got serious.

Spencer Shay - An eccentric artist who has fun with his little sister and supports her and her friends where he can.

Carly Shay - A teenager who tries to help those she can and mainly just wants to have fun on her web-show with her friends.

Sam Puckett - A teenager who often was humorous due to her violent tendencies though on rare occasions showed a softer side to those wo get close enough.

Freddie Benson - A funny and nerdy teenager who will go to nearly any length to help any of his friends.

Cody Martin - An intelligent young man who can be insecure when it comes tp dating and relationships in general.

Zack Martin - A somewhat lazy young man that can be selfish but once in a while shows a kinder side.

London Tipton - A spoiled young lady who did bond with people who came from different walks of life.

Maddie Fitzpatrick - A young lady who works as hard as she can yet does not always get the deserved respect.

Carey Martin - A single mom who does everything she can to ensure her kids get the proper care and education.

Marion Moseby - A strict but caring manager who will do whatever he believes is in the best interest of those around him.

Bailey Pickett - A cool young lady who is rather charming in how she adapts to her new surroundings.

Theresa Russo - A mother who never having had magic tries to keep her children in line and to make sure they aren't too reliant on magic but has problems doing so.

Jerry Russo - A man who gave up magic to marry the woman he loved but wants to still teach his children how to use magic and to be responsible with it.

Alex Russo - A mischievous teenage girl who likes to use her magical powers to make things go her way.

Justin Russo - A responsible and intelligent young man who at times tries to keep his siblings in line but often it backfires.

Max Russo - A mischievous young man that often doesn't think things through when using his powers.

Zoey Brooks - A young student that tries to enjoy her new life and make friends at her new school.

Chase Matthews - An insecure young man that falls in love with one of his friends but has a hard time working up the courage to ask her out.

Michael Barret - A fun athlete who likes to tease his friends but also will immediately stand up for them.

Lola Martinez - A young lady who wants to become an actress and can be vindictive towards those who mess with her or her friends.

Quinn Pensky - An eccentric and intelligent young woman who has achieved some impressive feats when she put her mind to it.

Logan Reese - An arrogant rich kid who over the course of the series learns slowly but surely that money doesn't always get you what you truly want.

Might Guy - An interesting mentor who took Rock Lee under his wing to help encourage him.

Neji Hyūga - An awesome nihilistic hero who learned the error of his ways when he once bullied his cousin to get even at what he saw as an injustice by his family.

Tenten - I enjoyed how she wasn't one of Sasuke's fan girl and being a weapons expert always helps.

Rock Lee - A young man who drives to be a strong ninja and ally despite being unable to perform most techniques the others can in the series.

Kurenai Yūhi - A mentor that helped her team grow as people and listened to their issues when they needed to talk.

Hinata Hyūga - A shy and charming character who I really enjoyed. It was fun to see her be merciful despite being powerful and happy to see she did get the family of her dreams.

Shino Aburame - A character who was always one of my favorites as I enjoyed his personality and encouragement toward his team. His power with his insects was also very impressive and liked most of his outfits.

Kiba Inuzuka - An abrasive ninja that often goes for the most direct approach due to his wild personality.

Akamaru - A cool ninja pet that went from a small puppy to a gigantic dog that is loyal to his owner.

Hanabi Hyūga - A younger sister that looks up to her older sister and cousin but tends to focus on improving herself as a ninja herself. She also seems very strict when it comes to her students.

Itachi Uchiha - A man who for his village slaughtered all of his own clan except his brother and seemingly joined a terrorist group that desired to gain infinite power. In reality he's not wanting to harm the village but to keep both it and his younger brother safe.

Obito Uchiha - I liked the nihilistic villain turned evil God who ends up redeeming himself.

Jiraiya - A powerful and legendary character within the setting that is also a hilarious pervert.

Tsunade - A legendary character due to her great strength and being an excellent healer. She also is terrible at gambling often losing all the money she bets.

Kakashi Hatake - A entertaining mentor that not only could fight but can be blunt and seems relaxed most of the time.

Naruto Uzumaki - A person who was considered a outcast at first by his village due to having a demon sealed within him. Eventually over the course of the series gain respect for his deeds.

Sasuke Uchiha - He is a mixed one for me as I do like some of his fights and his desire for power but the fact he was so arrogant and didn't even learn what is his clan's specialty was annoying.

Sakura Haruno - I am not a big fan of her but there were moments I did find entertaining.

Sai - A young man who lacks a lot of emotions due to his harsh childhood and now struggles to regain it but hides it behind a cheerful façade.

Kankuro - A ninja I thought was entertaining especially with his use customized puppets.

Gaara - A tragic character who had depth and entertaining to watch.

Temari - A young woman who can be blunt and is a skilled ninja.

Asuma Sarutobi - A cool laid back mentor who can be a bit blunt with his students at times.

Shikamaru Nara - A lazy but entertaining genius I enjoyed seeing.

Ino Yamanaka - A confident young woman that will do anything to support her team though will occasionally mock her teammates.

Chōji Akimichi - A loyal friend who will risk anything to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

Anko Mitarashi - A fun instructor that would be blunt about the dangers while also being laid back.

Iruka Umino - A well-intentioned mentor that sees Naruto as basically his own son due to helping guide him ever since he was a small child.

Hiruzen Sarutobi - A skilled and powerful leader that is willing to do anything to protect his village from harm even if it would mean his soul can never find peace.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki - A God that wanted to create peace but ultimately was unable to do so due to how people abused his teachings in the pursuit of power.

Clarence Wendle - An optimistic kid that just wants to have fun but doesn't always realize how his schemes will turn out.

Ryan "Sumo" Sumozski - A kid who often has an unorthodox solution but can be at times the more rational between his friends.

Jeff Randell - A kid who has control issues and often overacts to small things.

Ice Bear - I find him humorous, interesting and very likable.

Grizzly Bear - A fun loving individual that just wants to make friends.

Panda Bear - An insecure young man that I could relate to somewhat.

Chloe Park - A selfless child that wants to make friends after she is put in college for being a prodigy

Owen - What can I say he's just a nice person I enjoyed watching.

Silent B - He may not or talked but I thought he was entertaining especially with what he could build.

Noah - I enjoyed his stoic and sarcastic personality for the most part.

Gwen (Total Drama) - A sarcastic young woman who will do what she believes is right though at times can struggle doing it if she feels guilty.

DJ - A kind young man that would do whatever he could for others.

Bridgette - A cool and easy going young lady who tries to see the best in people.

Duncan - A bully that could be rather fun to watch.

Dawn (Total Drama) - I loved the fact she was nature lover and implied to have supernatural powers.

Emma - I've enjoyed her "Must Win" attitude and determination to do so.

Nikki Wong - A fun sarcastic teen that often acts more logical than most teens.

Jude Lizowski - A hilarious teen who will do anything for some fun with friends.

Wyatt Williams - A responsible teen that also enjoys playing music.

Caitlin Cooke - A spoiled teenager who while naïve could be fun to watch.

Jonesy Garcia - A lazy an irresponsible teen that cares more for having fun that actually keeping a job to the point is a recurring joke.

Jen Masterson - A mature and hard working teen who takes her job very seriously though she still tries to have fun with her friends.

Mac - A intelligent kid that just wants to keep his oldest friend and to help those he can while having fun.

Frankie Foster - A cool young lady that does most the work and often just wants to be appreciated.

Wilt - A friendly Imaginary Friend that will do practically anything others want with little to no argument.

Eduardo - An Imaginary Friend who can easily be scared but often is very nice to everyone around him.

Bloo - An egomaniac that often will do whatever he wants without thinking of the consequences.

World - An Imaginary Friend that simply wishes to have a friend and be loved after being sealed away for a long time.

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