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Some Facts About Myself

  • I was born April 13, 1998.
  • I was named after both the Ryder Cup and the golfers Ben Hogan and Ben Crenshaw.
  • I have Asperger's syndrome.
  • I also have an account on Wikipedia, YouTube, and Deviantart.

My favorites

  • Animals-wolves, dragonflies, falcons, hawks, eagles, ospreys, owls, ravens, dragons
  • Sports Teams-Minnesota Vikings (NFL), Minnesota Twins (MLB), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), Georgia Bulldogs (NCAA football), Minnesota Golden Gophers (NCAA basketball), Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
  • Food-pizza, breadsticks, pretzels, hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, ice cream
  • Beverage-Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, root beer, milk shakes
  • Bands-Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, Scorpions
  • Videogames-Call of Duty, Minecraft, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto, Happy Wheels
  • School subjects-history, biology, algebra, English
  • Websites-YouTube, Wikipedia, Wikia, Deviantart, Facebook

My least favorites

  • Animals-wasps, not a big fan of roaches or spiders either
  • Sports Teams-Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and Chicago Bears (NFL), LSU Tigers (college)
  • Food-Peas, asparagus
  • Beverage-Capri sun
  • Bands-any modern musical band
  • Videogames-Any game that's E rated, a retro game, or both.
  • School subjects-physics, geometry
  • Websites-Unknown

My Favorite Users

User Watchlist

  • User:Ohad7672-from what I can tell, he's had a bit of a plagiarism problem on both here and Villains Wikia.
  • User:The Incredible Superman-currently blocked for impersonating an admin. If you ask me, that's rather insulting to admins who had to claw their way to the top in order to gain those rights.
  • User:Ngh93-a bit of a picture spamming habit on here, The Evil Wikia, and Villains Wikia.
  • User:Bigblujay-spamming the Pure of Heart category and breaking his promise to me about it.

Category Watchlist

  • Pure of Heart-it's kinda starting to turn into the Complete Monster of Heroes Wikia, as in many people are abusing it.
  • Femme Fatale-some people on this wiki are using it for female heroes but not necessarily knowing how to use it on them.
  • Ingenue-for the same reason as the Femme Fatale category.

My PG Proposals and Removal Proposals

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