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In a few short months my life changed forever. I know my easiest days are behind me, but I don't want them back – not now. My name is Knighthood45, and I am an Assassin. I am an Assassin.
~ Knighthood45

Equipment, Powers and Skills

  • Eagle Vision: Since he is the descendant of many Master Assassins and even the Isu people, he has the power of Eagle Vision, a form of supernatural senses.
  • Seemingly Inhuman Condition: Since he has picked up all of Ezio's physical abilities, he is also capable of performing every physical feat that Ezio can perform without effort. He also has all the strength, mobility, acrobatic prowess, endurance & metabolism to peak-human condition, maybe even slightly beyond it, due to Ezio's memories.
  • Martial Artist: He has all of Ezio's physical combat skills, thereby making him a one-man army, similarly to Ezio.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: He has a heightened wisdom & intellectual capacity, that he got from Altair's memories inside his genes. He even has all of Altair's knowledge about everything that Altair gained from the Apple of Eden.
  • Escape Artist: He was able to escape form the grips of Abstergo Industries, after he gained the physical & mental abilities of his Ancestors.
  • Master Assassin: Despite his assassination training, he is adept in stealth, marksmanship, assassination & even thievery.
  • Gadgetry: He has access to a vast set of tools, weapons & equipment at his disposal, the main weapons being his Hidden Blades.
  • Apple of Eden: While using the Apple of Eden, he has a vast of psionic abilities, ranging from telepathy, mind control, empathy, limited telekinesis & even accelerating his movement speed, giving him a form of slowed down time.
    • Mind Control: Knighthood45 was able to use he Apple's mind control properties in order to cause a guard to shoot Warren Viddic and then commit suicide himself. He even used it to cause avery guard guarding the exit into committing suicide.


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