• I live in Aprilius City, PLANT
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is 2nd Year College Student
  • I am Male
Weeaboos are the next stage in Human Evolution...

I always research about Heroes and Villains. Also my standards for a Hero to qualify as PG are pretty high, same goes for a Villain to qualify as PE. Even though I hold high standards for a character to qualify, the standards don't necessarily apply to me, though, because after all, what I think is OK and what's OK based on PG standards are still technically separate, though there are some overlaps(ex. Being kind is an overlap; what's not an overlap: killing a PE; even though willingly killing a PE is fine by me, willing to kill any villain (PE or not) is still techinically a violation of Reluctant to Kill; even if the villain they kill is a PE, the PG hero must still meet the criteria for if they do end up taking a life while at the same time not ignoring the evilness of the villain. But, other than that, willingly killing a PE; the act of it by itself is fine by my preferences). Plus, I'm not a PG myself either, but still at least in the Light Side.

My favorite pages

Interests Triforce:

                                                  Mobile Suit Gundam

                        The Legend of Zelda                      Minecraft

Favorite Gundam pilots:

  • Heero Yuy (One of my favorite Anti-Heroes)
  • Kira Yamato (tho, I don't like some of what he did in Destiny)
  • Shinn Asuka (Yes, you heard me, Shinn haters. Come at me. Also one of my favorite Anti-Heroes)
  • Setsuna F. Seiei (Even in spite of the stupid things he and his team did in S1)

Favorite Gundam ships:

  • Heero x Relena
  • Shinn x Stellar
  • Shinn x Lunamaria
  • Lunamaria x Stellar
  • Setsuna x Marina
  • Mikazuki x Kudelia
  • Shiro x Aina
  • Kou x Nina

Favorite Mecha Pilots in general:

Favorite Aldnoah.Zero Ships:

  • Inaho x Inko
  • Slaine x Asseylum
  • Inko x Asseylum (Possibly)

Favorite Love Live girls:

  1. Umi Sonoda <- Waifu for Raifu
  2. Kotori Minami
  3. Hanayo Koizumi
  4. Nozomi Toujou

Favorite Love Live Ships:

  • Me x Umi
  • Umi x Kotori
  • Hanayo x Nozomi
  • Eli x Maki (Probably, or possibly Rin x Maki)

Other ships:

  • Link x Zelda
  • Yukkine x Hiyori
  • Aoba x Hina


Aldnoah.Zero for SRW

Gundam SEED Destiny - worse than Aldnoah.Zero Season 2



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