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"When the time has come...you will not be ready."
~ ~M-NUva

Every villain claims they are the best, the greatest, the smartest, the best looking...but who really has any of that. I mean it may be true that a villain is best at something but you shouldn't believe it until they prove it. I am not the best at everything but I am good at giving you the information you seek.

M-NUva's Ice Cream Social

Hey I have created a new forum for the wiki to use called M-NUva's Ice Cream Social. It acts as a universal talk page and if any one has questions feel free to leave your remarks there! Check it out!

Who Am I?

The person you would rather have as an ally instead of your enemy.

Top Ten Hero(Not in order)

M-NUva's Story

M-NUva used to be a normal man. His name was Tueor. As a teen Tueor wanted nothing more than to help others. But one day when trying to help someone, the person he was helping fell off a building and died. Tueor, ashamed and afraid of going to jail, ran to a remote place, hoping to escape from the world.


Tueor when running away came across a strange object in an unexplored place. It looked like a crystal, but when he went over to get the crystal he was transported to another planet and blacked out in the process. When Tueor woke up he was in a field of grass the color of the sea. Tueor stood up and told himself he would never help another person to prevent what happened and called himself M-NUva. He gave himself a new identity so no one would know who he is, or was.


On the planet, M-NUva found that he was able to manipulate certain elements by communicating with body movement. Only two elements would listen...ice and wind. M-NUva, on the remote planet, slowly went mad. He used the power of wind to return to planet earth where he met with one who called himself Arbiter. Becoming friends, M-NUva saw the side of a villain's and thought it sounded fun and thrilling. But soon, Arbiter had to leave to find the Secret of Order and Chaos, and left.


M-NUva tried the life of villainy but couldn't bring himself to harm people. So he decided being a hero was what he was meant to do. M-NUva went around the world saving people but never accomplished being a popular hero. He had to be happy being a unknown hero and doing so thought of himself as no one important. One day though, M-NUva crossed Arbiter but he wasn't himself...so M-NUva engaged him in a duel. M-NUva tried to fight but was too weak and inexperienced and so left with shame.


M-NUva in shame went off by himself to hide once more. But while trying to hide met up with two people who he would later call friends, Saber-X and Rune. Saber was in a life of villainy, but M-Nuva had known him before...when M-NUva was only known as Tueor. After catching up, M-Nuva left him alone because of the friendship they shared. On the case of Rune, M-Nuva saw her saving people lives and decided to help. M-NUva in watching Rune started having feelings for her. A female hero...but knew it wouldn't work out. M-Nuva also cam across one called Fallen Angel, who went around saying that that she was the girl for him and M-Nuva did not want to get in the way.


One night, when M-NUva was walking under the stars, a pink figure appeared in front of M-NUva. "Who are y-," M-NUva started to say when the figure put her slender finger on his lips to quiet him. "I just want to help you see the light." The figure then disappeared. A pair of green eyes were watching from a distance. M-NUva continued on his way, baffled by what just happened. He had so many questions. What just happened? Who was that? What did she mean? Questions like these continued to float through his mind as he finished his walk under the stars.


After a while, M-Nuva ran into a robot named Groxious. Groxious said he was there to kill and finish M-Nuva, referring to him as a living being capable of creating chaos and war. M-NUva had to defend himself from the robot that would stop at nothing to kill him. Then M-Nuva had an idea; he would create a little ice cream party that would bring peace. By doing so, Groxious would not be able to kill him, because M-NUva was creating what he was trying to create, so Groxious went back into his factory to fix his programming to kill him.


While bored one day, M-Nuva came across a group of friends he new well, but they were all fighting each other. Curious M-Nuva walked into the battle field and came to find that Deathwalker was trying to destroy the universe and create one with Order. M-NUva, enraged, joined Saber and Hero in a exhausting battle to stop Arbiter. But during the fight, Hero was able to convince Arbiter otherwise, and he was able to get them back to safety. Malovus, the first Lord of Science who had started the war, then appeared and attacked. He had not died, unlike many of the other lords, and was going to destroy the universe to obtain the power of Balance.


The battle was long...longer than any other. M-Nuva was barely alive when the fight was over. During the turn of events, though, his two friends Arbiter and Saber died. Hero and M-NUva struggled against the Lord, and in the end, Hero was able to vanquish Malovus. After the fight, Arbiter returned from essence to human body, and brought Saber back to life. Hero went off with Deathwalker to do who knows what, but M-NUva asked Saber to come with him and help rebuild what had been destroyed in the course of the fight. Saber took his hand and agreed, starting a lifetime mission to bring peace to the universe.

The Secret

While Saber and M-Nuva were rebuilding the cities, M-Nuva spotted the Secret destroying them. M-Nuva went to stop him, when Groxious arrived and decided he wanted to settle the score from earlier. M-Nuva, outnumbered two to one, would have died quickly had Hero not come in to help out. As the fight continued, more fighters help and fought bravely. But the Secret split into seven beings. The secrets of Light, Life, Order, Darkness, Death, Chaos, and Luck. When the secret of Death flew to make a trap, M-Nuva fell for it. Death simply turned around and knocked M-Nuva to the ground. Realizing who he was up against, M-Nuva said good bye to Hero, and with a blast from Death's hand, was vaporized on the spot.

The Return

As the fight continued on, the friend of the secret of Light, Life, brought M-Nuva back from the dead. M-Nuva with realization of what Death had done, flattered him and saved Angel's life. Death left, but M-Nuva discovered a wing on his left side--a mark indicating that he had been killed by Death himself. M-NUva went back down to the group and warned them that the war had just begun. When Light came down, M-Nuva went up to thank her, just to find out that she was supposed to kill all of the fighters. M-Nuva was able to prevent her from hurting everyone except Hero and himself. When Light started to faint, M-NUva tried to help the one who had given him his best power, saved his life, and more times than he cares to recall.


When Light was recalled M-NUva knew he could no longer help the one who had helped him and started to break down. All of a sudden, Chaos appeared, and M-Nuva knew he had no choice but to fight him. M-NUva attacked and was confused when Chaos disappeared. It turned out it was only a clone of the chaotic being.

Will He Ever?

M-Nuva continues to fight for his life against the secrets. Hoping that he might someday become a known hero.