aka Maxwell Rochette

  • I live in Vancouver, Washington
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Courtesy Clerk at Safeway
  • I am Male

Better known as Maxwell Lee Rochette, I am a high functioning autistic person who loves Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, & doing impressions of characters from those categories that are just mentioned, like Bruce the Great White Shark from Finding Nemo. I also like to help out others as much as I possibly can, and my dream career is hopefully becoming an actor for movies and television. Plus, I hope to have a girlfriend of any kind someday.

My Favorite Pages

  • Villains Wiki
  • Heroes Wiki
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • IMDB

My Imagination

I have a wonderful imagination, that I tend to imagine things, originally, otherwise and a hybrid of both.

For example 1: I imagine a teenage blonde superhero who lookslike me named Otto Timber Samson, who ears a green shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and green cape with the following superpowers: Super Strength, Flight, Teleport/reality warp, Accelerated Healing, Precognition (similar to Spider-Man's Spiey Senses), shapeshifting and elemental controls between earth, fire, wind, water, and ice.

For Example 2: I have a story remake similar to the Twilight Saga, but instead of vampires and wrewolves, its with mermaids and fairies; especially when a young dude in college (who is cute to the girls), who has a curvy girlfriend who is a mermaid with powers: Strength, Speed, Accelerated Healing, and even being a multiplier, who also becomes his wife and ave a hybrid kid the sameway seahorses go through birth and the mermaid saves his lifeby turning him into a merman through numerous love bites all over his body.

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