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I like trouble but -I hate- chaos.
~ Mesektet

I am a regular contributor to Villains wiki. It is my hope to add to this side of the moral fence. I have been appointed as an admin of this wiki and will do my best to reinforce fair and practical standards for all of us. I have seen many vandals given the-benefit-of-a-doubt as a regular contributor to improve their articles with requests and clarifications only to find troll after troll and not only my changes changed back but no reason given for such troll work. So as an Admin I intend no quarter to be given for trolls. I apologize if this means some of you who genuinely did not know better get your work torn to shreds by me.

My Favorite Heroes

Ways to piss me off

  1. Putting Villain on this wiki: There is a Villain wiki for that, they have higher standards than this wiki so if you are adding one here logically that means you are just a troll that thinks they can get away with that here.
  2. Casually throwing around the term "Anti Hero": Anti-Heroes can't be anti-heroes if every single hero who ever gave someone a dirty look for all of 3 seconds get thrown into the category. Anti-Heroes are a rare garnish to be thrown into the mix, who avoid cliche's and are so morally ambiguous but still undeniably heroic despite their overt flaws.
  3. Half-assed articles: Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Look misspellings happen to all of us, and some times you may be pressed for time and only have time to put down a base idea of your article, that's fine it happens; But I sure as hell better not see any one sentence articles with misspellings, grammatical errors and no capitals or punctuations used.

Based on some troublesome users I have seen if any articles have any of the above I will automatically assume the writer/contributor of said mishaps is a troll and reserve the right to unapologetically tear the offenses to shreds!

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Big fan of City of Heroes and Greek mythology, so naturally with all the crazy costume options there...

For the record on their powers, Zeus: Electricity/ Storm Defender. Hera: Radiation/ Pain-Domination Corruptor. Poseidon, Mace/ Energy Brute. Hades: Necromancy/Darkness Mastermind. Demeter: Plant-Control/Ice-Manipulation Controller. Hestia: Fire-Control/Thermal Manipulation Controller.