Hi. I am the user known as Misry6, but you can simply call me Misry. I am here to do constructive work on this wiki and improve it. I am also here to suggest ideas for articles, and I am currently planning to create the Legendary Heroes Wiki for all legendary heroes.

Reasons for Creating the Legendary Heroes Wiki

These are my reasons for creating the Legendary Heroes Wiki:

  1. This wiki is for fictional heroes only. Some people (including Christians like me) believe many of those heroes to be real, and adding them to a wiki that is only for fictional heroes would be offensive to them.
  2. If I add Legendary Heroes to the Real-Life Heroes Wiki (if there is one), that would be extremely offensive, since a lot of people do not believe such heroes exist.

My Pure Good Proposals


None so far.


None so far.


None so far.


  • Steel (Max Steel 2016 film) - Although he is from an evil species (the Ultralinks), he is a heroic character who is willing to help others, and although he is a rebel against his own kind, he does care for them. He gives very cautious warnings to Max McGrath (the main protagonist of the film), such as his Turbo energy being about to explode if he (Steel) is not around. Basically, he's there to protect Max not only because they need each other to survive (literally), but because he knows that's the right thing to do. Although he suggests he and Max kill Sofia (Max's girlfriend in the movie) because she is mind-controlling him, that is a sarcastic comment. He also doesn't use profanity, unlike Max who uses the f-word once in the movie.

My Page Checklist

  • Jesse (Minecraft: Story Mode) - Hopefully, no vandalism will be done to his/her heroic acts during Season 2.
  • Holley Shiftwell - There started to be an edit war on whether she is Female or Genderless. Holley is an Artificial Intelligence, and all AI are genderless.
  • Mater - Again, an Artificial Intelligence cannot be Male or Female. He/she/It has to be Genderless.
  • Tyra - This article is definitely on my watch list. I know about the user who kept inserting nonsense/gibberish into that page, and it's something very serious. It's supposed to be about those comments for the Dino Time movie. I will not tolerate it. The chances of it being on that article should seriously be 0%.
  • Steve (Minecraft) - Since videogame charity potential doesn't equal as heroism because just because a character can do heroic acts doesn't mean they did any, I'm hoping this page is not recreated.
  • Alex (Minecraft) - Same reason as above.
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