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Planned pages

  • A set of pages for heroes from Metal Armor Dragonar.
  • Pages for characters from 1985's Legend.
  • Pages for characters from the game Glorious Saviour.
  • Pages for characters from Asdivine Cross
  • Pages for characters from Ys Strategy
  • Pages for characters from the Necromance manga.
  • Pages for characters from Saturday Supercade.
  • Pages for characters from Secrets of Grindea, provided it is released.
  • Pages for Micro Cabin's Xak series.
  • Pages for Lagoon by Zoom.
  • Pages for Oceanhorn by Cornfox & Bros.
  • Pages for Kartia: The Word of Fate.
  • Pages for Shin Kugyokuden.
  • Pages for Luminous Plume.
  • Pages for Red Ash: Gearworld.
  • Create pages on characters from Twilight Q.

HFH Candidates

Won't try to propose again.

HFH History

Year Month Proposed Candidate Status
2021 March Strider Hiryu Failed
2021 April Strider Cain Failed
2021 May Strider Sheena Failed
2021 June Lefance (Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys) Failed
2021 July Karna (Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys) Failed
2021 September Fighter (Goblin Slayer) Pending