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Hello, recently I noticed that Bumblebee (DC Superhero girls 2019) is in the Pure Good Category, I figure that it’s time to make a Removal Proposal For Her.

What’s The Work?

DC Super Hero Girls is an American animated superhero television series developed by Lauren Faust and produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Cartoon Network. Based on the web series and franchise of the same name, the series premiered on March 8, 2019, the series follows the adventures of teenage versions of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Zatanna who are students at Metropolis High School.

Who is she?

Karen Beecher (also known as Bumblebee) is one of the main characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise.

She is a member of the Super Hero Girls.

She can be very shy and nervous. When she has to she is brave, heroic, and will never try, but do to save the day.

Why doesn't she qualify

She is a superheroine who wants fight supervillains, save the world and stay with her friends, but not always she's so kind, friendly and selfless:

In #ShockItToMe she with her friends but Diana laughs of Lois' humiliation. https://youtu.be/Q8IVqqnTFcg

In #CrushingIt she (alongside Green Lantern, Zatanna and Supergirl) attempt to kill Steve Trevor because Diana was constantly distracted by him.

Like Kara, she sometimes uses her superhero skills on people who annoy her as shown in the shorts #BuzzKill and #BigScreenBully. https://youtu.be/6BHprXCNPRI ; https://youtu.be/e88ywAG8enY

In #SuperWonderBatBeeZeeLanternMobile she fights her friends for the car, to the point of causing its destruction. https://youtu.be/trKVGq9eqzQ

In #EnterNightSting after being warned by a future version of herself, Karen begins to lash out verbally at her friends, who have a habit of failing to respect her and taking/using her possessions without asking. She relents upon finding an assortment of her favorite treats that they put together for her, so she apoligizes to the group and promises not to hold in her frustations. https://youtu.be/RJG2W6kUvME


She is kind, friendly and selfless but not enough to be a purely good heroine.

That's why i say cut.