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I haven't created another heroine to Pure Good so this is my proper opportunity, being Elizabeth Liones. I am guaranteed that this will be a success.

What's the work?

Seven Deadly Sins is a manga series about the titular organization that needs to be united to protect the Kingdom of Liones from various threats, especially the Demon King of the Demon Clan. The series get adapted into the anime of Netflix, which currently has five seasons.

Who is the heroine?

Elizabeth is a member of the four archangels and the third princess of Liones. She was under the curse alongside Meliodas due to their close bonds. She also participated in the Holy War.

What has she done?

Back in the past, as I watched the series, she saved both Monspeet and Derieri from their full power's side effect because she does not want to see them being corrupted and still see their goodness in them. Later in the series, the two redeemed themselves, with Derieri helped the heroes to stop Estarosa.

Elizabeth was kind and compassionate to her fellow companions, the Seven Deadly Sins, as she checks upon them, and that one moment, she helped Diane with her relationship with King. She cares for Meliodas as well, regardless of the difference.

Being a healer, I always see Elizabeth stands up and helps the wounded with her powers. As I evaluated, she does care for the innocent, even young ones too.

Corrupting Factors?

Even if Elizabeth is an (arch)angel, she has a moral agency and knows what's right and wrong. Regardless of being dissociative due to the curse, her kindness remains the same. While Meliodas is perverted, Elizabeth is not, so you get the idea.

Goodness Zone

All of the Seven Deadly Sins are aggressive and violent, but Elizabeth is not. But as I mentioned before, Elizabeth always comes and helps the innocent in danger. The actions sound generic, but she let two demons be redeemed and realized that there is still goodness in them. Elizabeth is not too hostile either by telling people to stop fighting and involving themselves in violence. She is suitable for the category.


I would say yes, but what about you?