Michael Jordan

Important note: This proposal only apply to the Space Jam incarnation of Michael Jordan.

After watching Space Jam and checked out his article, I decided to make a Pure Good Proposal for him.

Who is the hero?

As most of you know, Michael Jordan is a popular basketball player, and one of the supporting protagonists of Space Jam.

What has he done?

From all my perspective, he was once retired from basketball to baseball player, and from a baseball player to a golf player. Until then, the Looney Tunes characters dragged him to their world and begged him to help them defeat the boosted Monstars. He accepted to help them, even if his experience of basketball playing was low.

He seems to care for his family, although not always being on-screen.

In the end of the film, he helped the former basketball players to regain their skills, and played with them, despite refusing to play with them at first, then being convinced.

Corrupting factors and Goodness zone

The basketball game may sounds like a little cheating, but due to the fact all of the Monstars cheated by stealing the basketball players' skills, he, alongside with the team, has to find another way to fight them back.

Even if he gave up playing basketball at first, he enjoyed playing it in the end of the film.


Yes, and only this incarnation.

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