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The Lorax

So it has been a while for me to propose a character to Pure Good, and now I wanted to propose this guy, The Lorax. Since Ted was approved, let it be another shot.

What is the work?

The Lorax is a 1971 book written by the famous children's author and poet Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. A short animated film based on the book was made the following year. In 2012, a CGI animated movie based on the book was made with a more unique take on the book, focusing more on the boy (whose name is revealed to be Ted Wiggins in the film), who wishes to learn the truth to why his hometown of Theedville doesn't have any living trees or other plantlife.

Ted travels outside the town (despite warnings from Mayor O' Neal), and learns from The Once-Ler that the area around Theedville use to be filled with trees, until his selfishness for demand of its leaves led to him becoming greedy and destroying the forest.

Who is the he? What has he done?

The Lorax is the titular character from Dr. Seuss' Book with the same name and its short and movie adaptation. He is the caretaker of the Truffula Tree Forest and the protector of nature.

Ok, so let me remember, the Lorax showed to care about nature, and I mean, literally. This was shown when he did all he could to stop the Once-ler from his deforestation, which failed. Even if he tried, the Lorax failed and left the Forest after Once-ler destroyed it all. This would made Once-ler turned his back and gave Ted the seed to rebuild the Forest.

In the movie adaptation, the Lorax can be seen hugging an elderly Once-ler, meaning that he forgave him for his past actions. He would continue to protect the new forest after there.

Lorax also cares for the animals, I suppose, as he was seen waving goodbye to the birds whose homes are destroyed.

Corrupting Factors

While the Lorax may seemingly appeared to be strict with Once-ler, he was trying his best to prevent him from such greediness. Other than that, maybe there are none.

Admirable Standards

The Lorax's character portrayal would teach kids about protecting nature from deforestation like these. I mean, without him, Ted would never existed to rebuild his own place. He made the Once-ler realized that the latter was the villain, so he indirectly made him redeemed himself, by giving Ted the seed. Everything like this was built by the Lorax, so yeah, I would say he deserved a spot.


I have not been making Pure Good proposals for a while, and as I would make it, I'll say yes. I just wanted to wait on others' opinions though.