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Since Lunafreya’s proposal was a failure, I saw some comments involving Aerith being rediscussed. After asking EmeraldBlade’s permission, Aerith will indeed be a success.

What’s the work?

Final Fantasy VII is a large video game franchise of Final Fantasy universe created by SquareEnix. The game featured the main protagonist, Cloud Strife, and his AVALANCHE team to stop Shinra Inc. and the threats of Sephiroth.

Who is the heroine?

Aerith Gainsborough is one of the main character of the series. She is the last of the Ancients and Cloud Strife’s love interest and sidekick.

What has she done?

Aerith likes to protect nature, as she likes to peddle flowers and grow them in her gardens. She is also against Shinra Inc.’s behaviors like AVALANCHE.

Upon greeting Cloud, Aerith cheered him while he was fighting Reno. She then helped him continued his journey of finding his friends. She is nice to her mother, and even children around her neighborhood. She only fights when it is necessary, as when it comes to Rude, she said he was not that bad, until Rude showed his bad side.

When it comes to Tifa, a Pure Good candidate, Aerith is not envious with her. Instead, she and Tifa got along, as Aerith told Cloud to save Tifa from Don Corneo and his goons. She risked herself in danger, showing that she is highly selfless and protective over her friends. This also proved that she is not very obsessed with Cloud either.

Before Aerith was kidnapped by Shinra, she willingly chose to save Barret’s daughter Marlene from Shinra forces and destruction, proving more of her selflessness. Then she fell victim to Professor Douchebag - that is what I like to call him. Still, she was not corrupted by the Professor herself.

It is sad when Aerith got killed by Sephiroth, but to let her achieve the rank of a Pure Good, she helped the team to fight against Sephiroth in the remake. It was an epic battle. She fights him when it was necessary also, because he wanted to “save” the planet.

Corrupting Factors?

Aerith is in love with Cloud, but once again, it was not obsessive, and she got along with Tifa on her way. In the remake, she said “shit” once, but that does not detract anything, because she does not cuss much.

Admirable Standard?

Unlike most other protagonists, who are violent in their own ways, Aerith doesn’t, and she never contributed herself in bombing at all. Tifa is Pure Good because she tried to protect the planet, while I think Aerith should be a qualifier because, she loves nature, is nice to children, is supportive to the team, is merciful to Tifa, and fights when necessary.


I will say yes.