Averyspecialuser Averyspecialuser 7 September 2020

PG Removal: Rapunzel

Today I will be creating a Pure Good Removal for Rapunzel.

Rapunzel is the main protagonist of Tangled and its follow-up series, Tangled: the Series. She had been abducted and imprisoned in a tower by Mother Gothel for 18 years, before being rescued by Flynn Rider. The series focuses on Rapunzel's quest to become Queen.

  • In "Cassandra v. Eugene", she locks Eugene and Cassandra in a jail cell to make them spend time together and get along so their bickering won't bother her. Regardless of how bad their arguments are, there were far better ways to handle the situation than putting them in danger, undermining Selfless and having no corrupting factors.
  • She never makes any attempts to get through to Lady Caine, despite supposedly believing there's good…

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Averyspecialuser Averyspecialuser 3 May 2020

PG Proposal: Varian

This is a Pure Good proposal for Varian from Tangled: the Series.

  • 1 What's The Work
  • 2 Who is He/What Has He Done
  • 3 Corrupting Factors
  • 4 Admirable Standard
  • 5 Final Verdict

Tangled: the Series is an animated series that follows the events of the movie Tangled.

Here, the adventures of Rapunzel and Eugene continue as they attempt to unlock the mystery of the black rocks. The series introduces new characters, such as Cassandra or Lance.

Varian is the son of Quirin and a brilliant alchemist and inventor. In the series, he is a major character, who also served as a minor recurring character in Season 1, before turning evil as a result of Rapunzel's inability to save his father and becoming the antagonist of the second half of the season. In Season 3, he redeems …

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