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Hey guy's I'm back been a while since I have done a PG proposal, but I'm gonna do a character named Ibuki Mioda.

I'm not sure if she could qualify or not, but let's see. This is also my fourth proposal right now so yeah. Since she was undecided in NPG wiki, I'll try and see if she get's approved as PG or not.

What's the works?

Danganronpa 2 is the second main installment to the Danganronpa game series. It was released in Japan on 2012 and was released in north america in 2013. The game tells the story about a boy named Hajime Hinata, who alongside fifteen other "Ultimate" students are marooned on a supposed class field trip on an unknown island. They learn that there is a murderer amongst themselves and must identify who they are, in doing so, they are tried and executed. However, if the murderer is not identified in time, the other students are sentenced to death, while the murderer gets away scot free.

Who is she? What has she done?

Ibuki Mioda is a character in the Danganronpa franchise

  • She played a racing game with Chiaki, Chisa, and Hiyoko.
  • Is one of the few people who is deeply affected by the deaths of Sato and Natsumi Kuzuryu.
  • She was angered when Chisa is transferred to the Reserve Course after the bombing incident in the gym.
  • She and the rest of her class planned a surprise party in celebration of Chisa's return from the Reserve Course, and was extremely pleased to see her.
  • She's overwhelmed and excited over seeing Pekoyama and Fuyuhiko act like a mature couple. When Teruteru makes a perverted joke about them she reprimands him.
  • When Hiyoko inquires into Mikan's whereabouts, she explains that Mikan went off with Ryota, Ultimate Imposter.
  • She along with her class attempted to rescue her teacher.
  • While she was the most shocked when the Imposter unmasked himself, she came to accept it quickly.
  • Is worried for her teacher's safety.
  • When the Ultimate Imposter elects himself as the leader she's the only one who agrees and is impressed by his skills. She was also really excited to go to his planned party.
  • She was deeply saddened after the Ultimate Imposter's death stating that she misses "Byakuya" a lot.
  • She's the key to finding out the culprit in the first trial: given she is Ultimate Musician and has a keen hearing as evidenced when she heard everyone's conversations during in the black out.
  • Gets the idea to gather the other girls to a beach party, including Hajime and Nekomaru, to set off fireworks.
  • If we give a Toy Camera, she, along with Hiyoko and Chiaki, will do a performance in memory of Mahiru and all the other deceased students.
  • She invites Hajime to come to the supermarket to come and see the fireworks at night. When Hajime says he'll be all by himself she assures him telling him that he will not be all alone saying that she invited other students as well.
  • After Fuyuhiko has healed due to his injuries in Chapter 2, she invited everyone to the music venue and performed for his return.
  • She maintains a positive attitude throughout the Killing Game.
  • Unlike most characters in free time events, she is the only character to actually helped Hajime.
  • She, along with the rest of her class, saved the Future Foundation from being brainwashed by Ryota Mitirai.
  • Helped to convince Ryota to abandon his plan to brainwash the world and happily accepted him into his group.
  • She and her classmates shouldered the blame for the Final Killing Game in a broadcast for the Future Foundation, relieving the organisation of any wrongdoing.

Admirable standards

While there are other characters who has done a lot of good things in the series, I believe she manages to stand out to others.

Corruption factors?

She honestly lacks any corrupting qualities unlike most characters in the series alongside chiaki and sonia. So in conclusion she has no corruption qualities I can think of.

Final Verdict?

Your choice