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Hello there guys, yes I am back with a new proposal, and yes you saw the title the Re:Propoal of Kaede Akamatsu. Now the reason I am making a re:proposal is because after some time, my friends said that she shouldn't even be rejected in the first place since they believed that her getting rejected with stupid reasons is unfair, and that she needs a re-Proposal. Another reason is that some people in the NPG server think Kaede is possibly PG, which probably explains why she hasn't gotten a proposal yet, since some believe her rejection was nonsensical, and guess what, I agree with them since I don't even get why she ws even rejected in the first place. If your wondering yes I got permission from AlexHoskins on discord.Cap.pngScreenshot 2021-08-15 221649.png

What’s the work?

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the third main installment to the Danganronpa game series. It was released in Japan in January 2017, and in North America and Europe by NIS America later on in September 2017. The game continues the tradition of previous installments by focusing on 16 high school students, who are forced to participate in a mutual killing game. The students are told that there is a serial killer amongst them, and must determine who is that killer, who is then promptly executed. However as a sinister twist, if an innocent person is accused and convicted, they are promptly executed. If the students are unable to determine who is the killer, one by one they are eventually murdered by the true killer.

Who is she? What has she done?

Kaede Akamatsu is the central protagonist of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. She was the main protagonist of the prologue and the Chapter 1 of the game until she was executed at the near end of the first chapter and Shuichi Saihara takes over the role of being the real main protagonist. She is willing to save everyone from the killing game and not let anyone die. She told everyone they should cooperate and not fight each other She tries to help everyone escape by going through a tunnel that gonta found. She was remorseful for putting everyone in exhaustion in the tunnel and blames herself Despite everyone being rude to her, she still remains positive and still wants everyone to get out safely After monokuma activates a time limit, she tries to keep everyone together but everyone ignores her except shuichi since he told him about the hidden door in the library. Tries to reconsider Ryoma to not sacrifice himself for everyone telling him to escape together. When Shuichi told her about his title of the ultimate detective and said that he is afraid of revealing the truth, she holded his hand and said that she was actually afraid, but with Shuichi standing by her side, she didn't hesitate to catch the mastermind. She told him that he needs to hold his head up high, and the fact that she believed in him effectively gave Shuichi the courage and strength that he needed. While everyone went into the elevator to start the trial, told Shuichi not to avert his eyes from the truth anymore and that he had to fight for it even if it is frightening. She also tells him that if he was scared, he should borrow the strength of those who would be there to help him and let that be his strength, believing that Shuichi is capable of doing such a thing. When Shuichi gets pinned as the culprit for killing Rantaro, she denies and proves Shuichi's innocence which succeeds. When Shuichi blames himself for making Kaede kill, she denies again and tells him everything isn’t his fault. While Shuichi did criticize her for giving up, she reassured him that she wasn't and that her wish would still be carried out. She told him that she believed in him and everyone to survive and end the killing game, and that he should believe in himself before being dragged to her execution. She alongside the other students was actually the reason why shuichi became more confident and revealing the truth. Despite Danganronpa's high standards, I believe kaede stands out to them even when she only appears in the first chapter, and has made a big influence in the game.

Corrupting Factors

Here we go then, let's hope I can convince you guys on how she qualify by debunking corruption qualifies that you guys misunderstand, and let me correct them. First up is her trying to kill the mastermind. Some of you may say she doesn't qualify since she tried to be lethal, well I'll explain why that's not a prevention, is this action justified or not? I believe it is, allow me to demonstrate. Kaede is not lethal, she is more of a "righteous killer", and why you may ask? This action that she just did was justifiable, if it wasn't for her "lethality" every participant would have died due to the time out. So in conclusion it was the right choice, and she feel remorse for that. Now this is something I should have mentioned in my previous it's this "Her being brainwash". Let me assure you right now that brainwashing is not a prevention. You see some PG who are brainwash but still qualifies, and you rejected her only because she was brainwashed and with a new personality. Let me clarify that their new personalities have intelligence and moral agency just like the old one, and yet they chose it. Not to mention that this is not confirmed, so as long as this isn't true, we cannot say that this is a prevention. Lastly, while Shuichi is obviously more heroic, Kaede had less time and she still somehow did a lot of heroic acts within only two days even though the series has high standards and I think that she stand out a lot even though she only appeared in one chapter.


With all those reasons aside I believe she qualifies right now. Also happy birthday to my good friend JacobKyleF wish you have a wonderful day today since I am actually releasing it on your birthday the same day on Tanjiro's proposal.