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All right, there's a new Proposal of Pure Good and our Candidate is Hogarth Hughes from The Iron Giant, I noticed this character has not been officially approved yet.

Hogarth Hughes.jpg

Who is he?

Hogarth Hughes is a 9 years old boy, who lives in Maine during The Cold War in October 1957, then one night, Hogarth meets a Giant Robot and and after save his life, they turned a new friend who what to hide, from a Paranoid Agent and a whole Army.

Admirable Standard

Hogarth is a very kind and selfless boy, who's showing the Giant that guns kill, after they were shocked by hunters shooting a deer, then he explains to them that pure souls never die, and fro the climax of the film, When the Iron Giant was in rage mode and about to destroy a warship, he asks him to regain his sanity and he can choose what he can be and he gladly accepts and at the end of the film I discovered that the gift that the general gave him, was moving calling to the pieces implying that the giant came out unscathed from the bomb that was about to fall in Maine and opens the sale to the screw saying that we will see each other again.

Corrupting Factors

In the beginning of the movie, Hogarth brought a squirrel to the restaurant where his mother works who makes a mess and watches a scary movie so late and puts laxative in Kent's milkshake, making him think it was a Chocolate bar, but I'm not sure there consider are such corrupting factors.

Final Veredict

Okay, i wanna say is Pure Good, and i hope will be approved.