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Good Day, here's a new proposal of Pure Good in these case our candidate Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan.

Who is she?

Jane Porter is a young lady who lives in London alongside with his father Archimedes Q. Porter, in his travel during the jungle, meets Tarzan after rescue her from a Baboons' pack, later that she ends up in love with her savior.

Admirable Standard

Jane's good acts, helped Tarzan stop Clayton to capture the gorillas alongside his friends and the Baboons, She's also a very talent artist, drawing Tarzan both on a notebook and on a blackboard and a Bird, Also rescue Kala from one of Clayton's mens.

Corrupting Factors

During the second act of the film, the only corrupting factor in Jane is that she takes away a baby baboon, a drawing that she had made and makes him cry bringing a baboons' pack and almost ends up scared, luckily Tarzan came to rescue her So I think this Jane doesn't have a lot of corrupting factors.

Final Veredict

I said yes, Jane she's pure good.