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October is already here to celebrate Halloween and throw us marathons to see movies and series of the Terror genre, Our candidate is the Hero Boy from The Witches of Roald Dahl, but I am not going to talk about interpretations of the original novel or the movie of the 2020, if not I'm going to talk about his version of the 1990 movie, since here it is much more heroic.

Luke Eveshim.jpg

What's the work

The Witches is a fantasy film directed by Nicolas Roeg with executive production by Jim Henson, it is based on the novel of the same name written by Roald Dahl.

Who is He?

Luke Eveshim is a young boy, who discovers a witch society led by the Grand High Witch alias Evangeline Ernst who plans to turn all the children of England into mice, now together with his grandmother Helga who knows something about witches must foil the plans of the Grand High Witch and save the day.

Corrupting Factors

None, Luke is a very kind boy with a good heart willing to save children's lives under the clutches of witches.

Admirable Standard/Goodness Zone

Luke has generous acts, such as rejecting the offering of a witch who was offering him a candy bar and a snake as a pet, also saving the life of a sweet baby who was in a cart and about to fall off a cliff because of work of the Grand High Witch.

Also warning some children to be careful with witches when I get to school, stealing one of the potions called Formula 86 in Eva Ernst's closet and putting it in the soup and so she ate it turning it into a rat, while her companion (except Susan Irvine which this resigned being Eva Ernst's assistant and became a Good Witch) are transformed into mice.


I think that these are the qualities that this Luke has, even being turned into a mouse shows greatness, it is in your decision to vote.