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Good days everyone, I hope you are very well because today, I bring a new proposal of Pure Good and our candidate is Pidge from Voltron: Legendary Defender, after finished to watch the series, and analyzed the character, i notice has a role very similar to that of Mulan.

What's the work

Voltron: Legendary Defender is an Korean-American animated series produced by Dreamworks Animation and Studio Mir and distributed by Netflix, is an reboot of the classic animated series of the same name.

Who is Pidge?

Katie Holm whose name alias is Pidge Gunderson, is an Voltron Paladin, who piloting the Green Lion, and destined to protect the galaxy against the Garla Empire lead by the Emperor Zarkon, Lotor and Sendak, when she learns of the disappearance of his father and his brother, he pretends to be a boy in order to have the mission of rescuing them.

Admirable Standard/Goodness Zone

Pidge has shown her goodness zone and admirable standard and these are below:

  • She manages to scan, analyze and hack, computers of the enemy bases, especially of the Garla.
  • Helped her parterns and the Princess Allura to defeat Haxus and Sendak, when invaded the Castle of Lions.
  • Helped defeat Zarkon in the end of the season 2.
  • Helped the Paladins to destroy Galran fleet.
  • With the help of Te-osh gave her the code to know the location of his brother to reunited and then save him from a hunter.
  • Help to defeat Sendak when invaded the Planet Earth and saved millions of innocents.
  • Defeat Lotor who piloted his Sincline Mech inside the Quintessence Field.
  • She's save the world from a Giant robot piloting by a unnamed Garla who planned to blow up the middle of the Earth.
  • Save the alternate realities together with the Princess Allura save trillions of lives and defeat Haggar and that in the end she will redeemed herself.
  • Corrupted and hacked the wormhole in a junk nebula with the help of Space Caterpillar to save the life of Coran and that of the mice.
  • Helped Olkari people so that She could reconnect with the Green Lion.

Corrupting Factors

Pidge may have several corrupting factors, but not to strongers, sometimes yells to his partners by pay attention, or in the first episode of the Season 8, she was punishment by her mother after running away from home for several years or the attempt to impress an owner who sold clothes, impersonating and imitating his classic version, She had also lied at a certain point in the series, but unlike Lance and Keith, she's no have jerkish, brute or selfish moments.

Final Veredict

I say yes, Pidge is selfless, loyal, honorable and brave, and is your decision for vote, for the next time, i gonna make proposal of Hunk and Shiro in the future, so stay tuned.